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Here at Avantio we’ve started 2023 as we mean to go on: continuing to evolve our tools and ecosystem to ensure maximum value and continued success for our clients! Let’s take a look at all the latest updates to your vacation rental management system and what this means for your short-term rental business.


Creating opportunities

We know that converting OTA bookings to loyal, repeat guests is one of the key objectives and challenges for many of our clients. Of course, there are many tips and tools you can leverage to help form that lasting connection with your guests, from informative and engaging guest welcome books, to the convenience of keyless access

If you’re familiar with our Opportunities Tool, you’ll know that this feature enables you to create custom proposals to send directly to your potential guests. By sending previous guests or new leads emails featuring properties that meet their criteria, and adding custom discounts, you’re boosting your likelihood of direct bookings.

This is one of the top tools that Avantio clients use to entice guests back to their properties again and again. 

Improved filters

As always, we’ve been listening to your feedback and have made a few updates to this tool to make it even easier to create proposals to send to your clients – increasing guest loyalty and boosting your revenue.

Firstly, we’ve improved the search filters, so it’s even easier to identify and share properties that meet your guests’ specifications or budget range. This means you can quickly find the perfect properties from your portfolio and share them swiftly with your guests.

Automatically completed

Now, when you send your proposals, the links automatically contain all details of your offer as you searched them in the system, including dates, number of occupants, etc. The proposal appears exactly the same to you as it does when your guest views the property on your website.

This makes it crystal clear to prospective guests why you’ve selected this property for them, and exactly what’s included in the proposal you’re making.

Upgraded designs

We know that a crucial step in the guest journey is desire to travel. That’s why we’ve made the proposal designs more attractive and with a more intuitive user experience. 

You can add any extras you may wish to upsell, then all that your clients have to do is click to book!

Conversion notifications from your vacation rental management system

Finally, you’ll now receive a notification each time an opportunity is converted. This means you can track your success and refine your strategy accordingly. After all, knowing which of your proposals are successful is the key to repeating the trick!


Automating Airbnb reviews 

As we know, Airbnb reviews are an essential part of building trust between guests and property managers. They’re the mark of a serious and seasoned guest or host, and properties and hosts with more positive reviews are significantly more likely to get booked. Furthermore, leaving reviews for your guests will often prompt them to do the same for you!

Of course, if you’re managing multiple guests each week, taking the time to leave reviews after each check-out can be a challenge. With our latest update, you can set up Airbnb guest reviews to be left automatically via the VRMS. 

The predefined message is a positive review that you can customize and even deactivate from your VRMS. This means that you don’t need to think of a unique message for each guest review or take the time to send it. It’s all done for you!

Leaving guest reviews makes your listings gain more visibility in future guests’ searches, which helps you better position your accommodations and potentially get more bookings. And of course, maintaining your reviews is essential for helping you maintain your Airbnb Superhost status!

To find out about how to get maximum value from your Airbnb profile, why not join us for our forthcoming webinar with Airbnb? We’ll be exploring several insightful topics including all the features and benefits of our new connection, plus the trade off between Length of Stay vs Nightly Price. Sign up here.


Offering owner flexibility

We know that sustainable business growth is a fine balance for many of our PMs. If one of your 2023 vacation rental KPIs is to increase your client portfolio, we’ve got you covered. We’re continuing to evolve our owner contracts, so you can offer more flexibility to owners and seal more deals!

Now, you can choose to configure settlements according to reservation date, check-in, or check-out –  as well as selecting the number of days for each option. This makes it much easier to accommodate the preference of your existing and potential new clients. Use this new feature to show your clients you truly understand the varying needs of their business!


Avantio Vacation Rental Software Latest News January


That’s a wrap

That’s it from us for January! We’ll be back soon with more updates to your vacation rental management system. 

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And of course, if you want to talk about all the features and functions of our tools, just drop us a message