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Change your short term rental occupancy rates and rules directly from the Revenue Calendar

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Fill orphan nights for maximum occupancy

Easily identify your orphan nights on the revenue calendar and adapt your minimum stay accordingly, so your properties appear in more search results. Optimizing your short term rental occupancy rates.

Maximize your occupancy.

Change short term rental occupancy rates based on your ADR

See the occupation % of each of your properties and change your rates accordingly from the booking calendar. Compare how this relates to your average daily rate.

Make data driven decisions.

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Don’t miss a thing

With one interface, see the rates and occupation rules for each of your properties. Navigate easily through date periods. See future details, rates and occupancy, returning to today’s date with a single click.

Select the period you want to change and update rates and rules in three clicks. Easily check the record of changes made.

Ready to optimize your occupancy rates? Find out how our Revenue Calendar can transform your business.