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Referral Program By Avantio Vacation Rental Software

When you recommend Avantio

The company you recommend will also benefit from a 5% discount in their first year.

Avantio customers

Reward equivalent to 10% of the referred agency's fees for the first 12 months after they sign with Avantio.

Referred agency

5% discount from the moment they become an Avantio partner and for the next 12 months.

How does the referral program work?


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If they join us and stay for the minimum period, we’ll let you know about your reward

If you trust in Avantio as your technology partner,
we’d love to reward your loyalty

Recommend a friend

If you know a vacation rental agency for whom our services could be beneficial, recommend Avantio via our referral program.

Claim your reward

If they join us and stay with us for the minimum period, we’ll reimburse you the equivalent to 10% of the value of their activation fee and first 12 months’ fees.


You can invoice us this amount or we can deduct it from your fees, as long as the agency you recommend us to opts for our solution.

Let's grow our Avantio ecosystem and start reaping the rewards!

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