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Optimize and streamline booking management

With multi-calendar, manage all your vacation rental bookings from every channel on a single platform. Easily see details of guests’ digital journey from booking to check-out. With our Unified Inbox, manage all guest, owner, and service provider correspondence from one platform. The all-in-one Property Management Software.

avantio vacation rental software multicalendar
avantio vacation rental Boost occupancy and revenue

Boost occupancy and revenue

With revenue planning, easily detect awkward gaps in your calendar to adjust prices and occupancy rules – all on the same screen.

Ensure strong owner relationships

Create each contract with custom commission and automatically calculate owner payments. Increase transparency and set personalized access permissions with the owner intranet.

avantio vacation rental software owner
avantio vacation renta software geographical location

Adapt to your geographical location

Easily export visitor documents and download custom financial reports for submission to official authorities in different countries.

Here’s what our customers say

Guest Experience: Designed to Simplify and Automate. The all-in-one Property Management Software.

A smooth stay

Automatic online check-in, contactless access with smart lock services, integrated smart home technology.

Consistent communication

With our message automation tool, guests receive timely and transparent messages throughout their customer journey.

Secure payment automation

Guests are assured that payments are encrypted and securely saved, receiving automatic notifications at every step.

Integrated instant messaging

Real-time communication with guests, owners, and service providers for swift responses and immediate resolutions.

Personalized guest area

Guests can easily access all information relating to their reservations, see destination guides, create repeat bookings, add extra services, and manage all correspondence.

Integrated reviews

Approve, respond to, and post guest reviews on Airbnb, and your agency website within the Property Management Software.

Payment processing software

Fully customize Avantio Payments to automate every element of the transaction process – including charges, refunds, and deposits.

Channel management

Update property details (photos, descriptions, rates and more) across all connected channels at the touch of a button.

Advanced operational management

Create operations tasks and assign to properties, bookings, internal team members or external service providers.

Simplified communication

Manage client, owner, and service provider correspondence from one inbox – resolving queries quickly and easily.

Increase profitability

Manage rates and set data-informed supplements and promotions through your own vacation rental website.


Instant task overview

Assign priority level to tasks, ensuring the most urgent are completed swiftly. Easily view the history of task updates to track progress.


Establish loyalty

Promote properties directly to repeat guests with personalized proposals, to encourage direct bookings.

Expand your branding

Customize documentation, communication channels, and intranet portals with your visual brand elements to extend and unify your presence to all stakeholders.

Customized templates

Streamline and automate communication processes with fully customizable email templates.

Online presence

Continue your visual branding across your own custom booking engine website.

Visualize trends

View statistics and insights relating to booking trends, with easy comparisons for quick analysis.

Deep learning

Customize and export reports for deep business analysis and identifying growth opportunities.

Leverage 3rd party tools

Through our Property Management Software, leverage smart data tools like Beyond, Key Data, PriceLabs, and Transparent for even deeper insights.

Extract details

Toggle advanced search filters to extract detail relating to all operational areas.

Third-Party Integrations with Avantio Property Management Software

Complement your business with leading international providers in the vacation rental sector

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About our Property Management Software

What is property management software?

Property management software is a digital system that is specially designed to facilitate the work of hospitality property managers who sell short and long-term rental stays on behalf of owners.

What does vacation rental property management software do?

Everything to do with vacation rental property management, such as coordinating, automating, and facilitating all aspects of the booking, including payment, confirmation, screening tenants, online check-in, guest services, check-out, staff workflows, cleaning, and reviews, as well as creating a paper trail for local compliance.

How much does Avantio charge?

We offer varied packages depending on your business needs. We charge zero commission on any bookings, and only charge a price per property, based on number of properties you have.

What should I look for in the best property management software?

It depends on the needs of your business and property types, but it’s important to ensure that your property management software is specially designed for your business model. It should be intuitive, easy to use, with significant integrations across industry programs and services, and offer excellent customer support. At Avantio, we pride ourselves on offering all this and more.

What integrations does Avantio offer?

Avantio integrates seamlessly with a host of tools specially designed to manage all aspects of short and long-term vacation rentals, such as accounting, check-in, insurance, and smart home technology.

How many properties should you have to use Avantio property management software?

Our software is best suited to property managers with 20+ properties.

Is Avantio the right property management software for me?

If your business manages at least 20 short or long-term vacation rentals, then we could be the right all-in-one property management software solution for you. We only charge a monthly fee and no extra booking fees or commission. Book in a discovery call to find out more.

If I sign up, how do I add my properties into the system?

Your property listings can be imported directly from your Airbnb account.