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Avantio’s Operations Management Tool.

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Avantio Operation Management Tool
Introducing Avantio’s
Operations Management Tool

Instant communication with all maintenance stakeholders, making task management for vacation rentals a breeze.

Flexible task management for vacation rentals

  • Create general tasks, unrelated to specific bookings or properties, and assign them to internal team members or external service providers, e.g. payroll contractors.
  • Alternatively, assign tasks to specific bookings or properties, e.g. ‘manage check-in at Casa del Sol’ or ‘change all lightbulbs at Pine Chalets’. 
  • Quickly edit task date, time, and assignee by clicking straight from the list.
  • Any booking extras can be easily managed with automated task notifications.
Avantio Flexible Task Management For Property Managers
Easy service provider access

Easy service provider access

  • Internal team members can take full control of their assigned tasks via the Avantio system.
  • External service providers access all task details in the intranet directly from the web app.
  • Easily sort the task list order according to assignee, deadline, or creation date.

Visual progress updates

  • Users can upload photos to the comments of any task to update on progress.
  • New tasks can then be created directly from these comments.
  • Photo updates can be used to highlight any new issues or unrelated incidents, enabling a quick resolution and optimized task management for vacation rentals.
Visual progress updates

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Reduce admin, save time, improve operations

Instant communication

  • Immediately inform all task stakeholders the moment a task is created, updated, canceled, or commented upon.
  • Internal team members receive alerts through the software, while external suppliers receive an automatic template-generated email.

Upgraded organization

  • Create generic tasks or reactive incidents.
  • Assign tasks to internal team members or external service providers.
  • Create different user roles, assigning levels of access and permissions as appropriate. 

Clear briefing

  • Add full written descriptions to tasks, ensuring instructions are clear.
  • Include images to specify instructions to service providers.
  • Users can leave task updates or report incidents via the comments function. 

Quick and intuitive

  • Create a single task and assign it to multiple properties.
  • Easily duplicate tasks with pre-loaded data.
  • Easily filter tasks according to type, status, and time frame.

Track Progress

  • Assign priority level to tasks, ensuring the most urgent are completed swiftly. 
  • Easily view the history of task updates to track progress.

Peace of mind

  • Receive instant confirmation that tasks are completed correctly, on time, and all processes are running smoothly.
  • Take a full overview of all operations related to task management for vacation rentals, and stay up to date wherever you are.
  • Export current progress reports for a full task status overview.

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How do external service providers see the tasks assigned to them?

External service providers can easily access their full task list via the web app. They’ll also receive an email each time a task is created, updated, cancelled, or commented upon.

Can I export reports to help me monitor operations development?

You can export pdf or Excel reports of all current tasks, and filter according to date, status, etc.

How do service providers know which tasks to complete first?

You can set task completion dates for each task, and also assign priority level for the most urgent tasks.