Protecting and optimizing the most sensitive
touchpoint of the guest journey

Discover what our payment software can do for your business

Discover what our payment software can do for your business

Payments By Planet Secure payment for your guest

Secure payment software for you and your guests

Protect your business with fraud-free payment software from Payments by Planet. Peace of mind that your business and clients are protected.

  • Two step verification enabled
  • Automatic card verifications and fund checks
  • Card details are encrypted and saved securely
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Effortless adaptation and automation

Payment software that effortlessly adapts to your business model. Choose how you want to automate and handle your payments.

  • Automate charges, refunds and deposits according to your booking conditions
  • Automatically notify guests of scheduled payments each step of the way
  • Configure multiple payment flow options for failed transactions
  • Auto-update booking status when transactions are completed
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Payments By Planet Automation Payments
Payments By Planet Secure payment for your guest

Transparent transactions for the best guest experience

Payments by Planet frictionless payment software enables you to configure automatic notifications to your guests for each payment transaction performed.

  • Display all fees in guest’s own currency
  • Guests are notified and informed about each transaction
  • Guest experience is improved
  • Brand reputation is built on transparency and accuracy
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Profitable Payment Software makes business sense

A savvy business choice, facilitating an expanded customer base and increased revenue.

Process payments in multiple currencies

Convert payments to local currency

All card types accepted

Offer guests alternative payment options

(e.g. mobile payments)

Eliminate time spent on settlement backlogs and verification admin

Open up a new exchange rate revenue stream

Discover what our payment software can do for your business

Multigateway Connections – Quick, Simple, Profitable

The first PMS and Channel Manager connected to ten gateways

Join ‘My Currency Partnership’ Program (MCP*)

and share exchange rate

Multiple Currency Pricing

Seamless native technology

 Multiple on-request gateway options

Automates processes from start to finish

More channels, more bookings, less work

Upgrade task management with our Operations Management Tool

Instant communication with all maintenance stakeholders. Assign tasks to properties, bookings, or service providers. Users can upload photos to the comments of any task to update on progress.

Instant communication with guests, owners, and suppliers

Immediately respond to your guests while checking in with owners and suppliers on the same platform. With Avantio Unified Inbox Keep messages organized with a single inbox.

Payment software for efforless transactions and easy communication

With Payments by Planet, set up adaptable, transparent and secure payments, automate processes and notifications, and improve guest experience.


Why is Payments by Planet a great payment software?

Avantio and Planet understand that a seamless guest experience is vital for your business reputation. Payments by Planet is designed to ensure fast, easy, and seamless payment transactions for your guests.

What is payment automation with Payments by Planet?

Payments by Planet offer automated transactions, meaning that you can ‘set and forget’. Establish the conditions within the settings of the payment software, and that’s all you need to do! You can then rest assured that transactions are being taken care of, without the need for manual administration.

Can I manage properties from anywhere in the world with Avantio vacation rental software?

Yes! Payments by Planet works perfectly with over 100 currencies, so you’re ready to take payments from your guests across the world.

Is Planet the only payment gateway available through Avantio?

No, we work with 9 other payment gateways, so you have plenty of options. However, when you choose Payments by Planet you get the seamless integration with Avantio’s VRMS, the opportunity to increase your revenue through MCP, and the flexibility to charge guests in their own currency. 

How secure is Payments by Planet?

Extremely! Security is of the utmost importance for both Avantio and Planet, and the features of our payment solutions reflect this. For extra peace of mind, you can enable two-step verification. All card details are encrypted and surely saved, and you can also set up automatic fund checks and card verifications.