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Vacation rental website designs from scratch to your specifications

Creating a custom website for the vacation rental market requires a strong team of web experts who fully understand the history of the industry and the direction it is taking for the future. Avantio’s highly skilled and knowledgeable team has a depth of web development capabilities to create the best design for you. Fully supported - Web Onboarding Team During the entire process you will be fully supported by our Web Onboarding team. They will work closely with you (or your marketing agency) to analyse your business needs, to precisely identify the features and tools you need. They will also focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), to ensure that customers can find your site easily in the Search engines like Google and Bing. Fully supported - UX/UI team You will also work closely with our UX/UI team who are the experts in crafting custom websites. They develop the best customer experience for your visitors and maximize opportunities for high conversion rate optimization, to increase the amount of visitors that become your guests. And at the end... you will have a stunning, custom design. It will stand out from your competition, will work behind the scenes to give you maximum SEO capacity to drive visitors to your site and will give you a strong online presence to help you to achieve outstanding business goals with our vacation rental website designs.

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Benefits of the Avantio Vacation Rental Website Design

Custom designs to fit your brand needs
  • Create a custom website from scratch or personalize a beautiful web design.
  • Incorporate your brand design, photos, texts, videos and logos to create a unique web design.
  • Choose from any of the designs, all which are fully responsive for mobile, tablet or computer.
Attract visitors to your Vacation Rental site
  • All our designs are SEO focused, with a fully editable blog to enable higher Google rankings.
  • Partner with peers using the reciprocal agreement module to expand your distribution network.
  • Work with our SEO team for strategies and services to increase search engine positioning.
Attract international customers
  • Distribute to over 60 portals worldwide through the integrated Channel Manager.
  • Reach more markets with a choice of up to 8 languages for your website.
  • Add the currency converter to work in the local currency in countries of reference.
Showcase your properties to encourage sales
  • Add 3D videos to entice guests by presenting your properties more attractively.
  • Categorize all properties for easy searches according to the features you want to highlight.
  • Provide interactive maps to help visitors search for exactly what they need with ease.
Maximize the number of online bookings you receive
  • Incentivize booking and sell added-value products and services.
  • Use tailored booking forms to increase conversion rates.
  • Provide 2-step conversion processes to increase booking rates.
Protect your company and your guests
  • Protect your websites and reservation services with SSL certificates of data encryption whilst boosting Google rankings.
  • Follow PCI DSS compliant processes, to store and access data of credit card numbers and CVCs securely.
  • Use secure point of sales connections for clear payment transactions, identifying high risk transactions and reducing fraud risk.
Reduce the resources needed to manage the pre- and post-sales processes
  • Save 15 minutes per check-in and improve the guest experience with an Online Check-in. How much time will you save?
  • Provide all important property and location information in the Guest Area to keep the guest informed before and after their stay.
  • Benefit from the automated tools to correspond with guests, chase outstanding payments and have guests check-in online.
Minimize the time to set up and manage your account
  • Automate descriptions in up to 8 languages with algorithms for maximum impact.
  • Set rules for your prices, property descriptions and portal arrangements.
  • Integrate with the Avantio vacation property management software, with no need to work with external suppliers.
Boost business results by using integrated marketing tools
  • Promote special offers on the homepage and a dedicated offers page.
  • Increase the number of guest reviews and automate personal responses to create loyalty and maximize the impact for repeat sales.
  • Use social media and Mailchimp to encourage shares and drive traffic to your website.
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