Referral Program

The Referral Program rewards our current clients for recommending us to other vacation rental companies and also rewards these for trusting Avantio. The double compensation system works as follows:

Compensation to our current client (prescriber / referrer):


When the referred client joins Avantio, the original client will receive 10% of the value of the referred client’s activation fee, plus 10% of the value of the monthly fees for the referred client’s first 12 months* with Avantio.

For this accrual to be effective, the recommendation must be explicit, in writing (letter, email or similar) and Avantio must have written confirmation of the recommendation.

Payments for this referral action will be made every six months from the signing of the new (referred) customer**. Thus, the first payment for the Referral Program share will correspond to 10% of the initial activation fee plus 10% of the first 6 monthly installments. An invoice must be issued to Avantio to receive this payment.

A second payment will take place on the 12th month (at the end of the first year) after the start of activities with the referral. This payment will correspond to 10% of the value of the 6 monthly installments of the second half of the contract with the « referred customer ». An invoice must be issued to Avantio to receive this payment.

In the event that the recommended company withdraws within the first 6 months of collaboration, or does not make the payments in a relevant and effective manner, according to the plan drawn up jointly with Avantio, such compensation by the Referral Program will be suspended indefinitely until the parties resolve the existing irregular situation.

If the recommended company terminates during the second half of the first year of collaboration with Avantio, only the first payment (at the end of month 6) will be made, and the second payment described in clause d) will not be made in any way.

The amounts of compensation to existing clients by the Referral Program may be deducted from their monthly fees, upon their written request, without prejudice to the conditions previously described.

Compensation to the referred client:

The referred client will benefit from a 5% discount on the activation costs and on the fees applied to the first 12 months, with the same accrual scheme, payments and conditions described as for the existing customer or « referrer ».

(*) The above calculations are based on the start-up fees and monthly payments applied to the new customer.

(**) All payments will be made against invoices issued by the recommending company.

This promotion can not be combined with other promotions.

Promotion valid until 12/31/2023.