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The old adage ‘prevention is better than cure’ has never been more true than in the vacation rental sector. Addressing last-minute repairs and correcting issues can be costly – both financially and for the reputation of your business. Disruption caused by maintenance issues can severely impact the experience of your guests. The added expense of reactive or emergency vacation rental maintenance is also not going to be popular with the property owners. 

Fortunately, it’s easy to stay one step ahead, with Breezeway’s preventive vacation rental maintenance checklist. Completing checks and tasks periodically and systematically can help to ensure that your maintenance is never an emergency – giving you control and your guests and property owners peace of mind. 

Your vacation home maintenance checklist also keeps standards high. Rather than approaching maintenance tasks afresh each time, automating processes make sure that nothing gets missed. 

To get started with preventive vacation rental maintenance, you’ll need to break down tasks by frequency and plan them across the year. Your maintenance checklist will vary from property to property, but here’s our template to give you a head start. 

Where to begin

Before diving into the checklist, set yourself up for success by ensuring your vacation rental business requires the minimal maintenance possible. 

Firstly make sure your vacation rental guest rules are designed to prevent damage. Make it clear to guests how to enjoy your property without causing unnecessary wear and tear. This will make your job much easier in the long run.

Your guest welcome book should also include guidance on how to look after and properly use the amenities of the house – from electrical appliances to pool rules. This is a simple and effective way to avoid breakages within your property. 

Avantio clients can benefit from our partnership with Breezeway, a comprehensive platform making preventive maintenance tasks a breeze with automated scheduling, operational management, and all tasks managed from one location. 

You can also manage all operational and maintenance tasks directly within the Avantio software, thanks to our operations module. 

Vacation rental maintenance after each check-out

After each guest checks out of the property, it’s important to conduct some routine maintenance. This extends beyond just cleaning, although your vacation rental cleaning checklist is a crucial part of preventive maintenance. 

  • Check the property for any damaged or missing items as a result of the previous guests. 
  • Survey the property for any other issues that may have arisen, checking plumbing and appliances for faults or breakages.
  • Make sure all cupboards, closets, drawers, and doors open and close smoothly without sticking. 
  • Check all windows and external doors open and close as intended. Check any smart locks. 
  • See if the Wifi connection is still strong, and that any devices in the property are connecting properly. 
  • Check all devices and tech (TV, sound systems etc) are working properly. Check remotes and replace batteries if necessary. 
  • Check all light fittings and lamps. 
  • Ensure security systems like cameras or alarms are working.
  • Test smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. 

Monthly preventive maintenance

At least once a month, make sure you check these preventive maintenance items off the list. 

  • Check that any pest control units are present and correct.
  • Make sure that first aid kits are fully stocked, and that any emergency information is still clear and accurate.
  • Check fire extinguishers and any other fire safety equipment is present and correct. 
  • Check all outlets appear to be in working order. 
  • Maintain outside or garden areas by trimming lawns, plants, and shrubs where necessary. 
  • Check gutters for any build up of leaves, ice, or other debris.

Seasonal or biannual preventive maintenance

There are certain tasks which may be necessary depending on the season, or need to be done more frequently than once a year, but not every month. Here are some of the seasonal or biannual preventive maintenance tasks to keep in mind. 

  • If you change your property’s decor according to the season, be sure to schedule this as part of your maintenance.
  • Change the filters in your furnace, air conditioner system, dryer, dishwasher, and ventilation systems. 
  • Arrange for a general deep cleaning of your property at least every six months.
  • Check for any areas of worn paint or wall marks and touch up if necessary.
  • In warmer weather, ensure that garden sprinklers are working properly.
  • Check all kitchen items and appliances, including utensils and tableware, replacing any as necessary. 
  • Review the condition of all furniture in the property, and schedule repairs or replacements if required. 
  • Every six months arrange a deep clean of any external amenities, such as barbecue, hot tub, or private pool.
  • Check that any external spaces like balcony or decking are free from rot or damage.
  • If your property is in a cooler climate, remember to inspect pipework to prevent cracking and leaks. 

Annual vacation rental maintenance

Some preventive maintenance tasks only need to be conducted annually, but it doesn’t make them any less important! Be sure to add these annual tasks to your vacation rental maintenance checklist. 

  • Arrange for a professional service of fire extinguishers and any other fire safety equipment. 
  • Get cooling and heating systems professionally serviced.
  • Schedule a check-up of all plumbing and electrical systems. 
  • Arrange a pest control review to ensure current systems are effective. 
  • Get the roof and exterior of the property surveyed to detect any potential damage.
  • Arrange a maintenance visit for any large trees or bushes on the property. 
  • Maintain and fertilize any other plants on the property.
  • Get pool, hot tub, and any other special amenities professionally inspected.
  • Check all linens, towels, and soft furnishings in the property, replacing as necessary.
  • Get hard flooring or carpets professionally cleaned. 
  • Repair or replace caulk, and check grout in kitchen, bathrooms, and any other tiled areas. 
  • Repaint and finish any high-traffic areas of the property. Repaint external walls or gates as necessary. 
  • Review the decor of the property, consider making updates to stay current. Consider working with a professional vacation rental interior designer
  • Upgrade technology and appliances as necessary, including review of internet speed and entertainment systems. 

A step ahead

Being proactive and strategic with your vacation rental maintenance saves time, money, and protects your business reputation. Start by using the operations tools available through Avantio and Breezeway, as well as creating your own version of this preventive vacation rental maintenance checklist. 

As the leading operations & services platform for short-term rentals, Breezeway helps Avantio users seamlessly sync reservation data to better automate operations, drive quality, and elevate the experience at every property. Their latest update to Auto-Scheduling tools helps you save time and customize property service down to the stay, guest, and property type. To learn more, book a customized demo to see how it works HERE.

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