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If you’re a property owner or a property manager and you’re on the hunt for the top vacation rental platforms to showcase your listings, you’ve landed on the right page! In this post, we’ll dive deep into your most pressing questions and arm you with the insights you need to pick the best vacation rental websites out there.

Which are the Top 7 Best Vacation Rental Platforms?

For property managers, pinpointing the ideal platform to list vacation rentals is crucial for enhancing visibility and drawing in a discerning audience. At Avantio, we recognize the weight of this choice. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer you an in-depth analysis of the market’s premier vacation rental websites.

Every platform has its distinct set of benefits and standout features. We’re here to steer you in the right direction, ensuring your choices resonate with both your needs and the desires of potential tenants.

Let’s dive into our curated list of the Top 7 global best vacation rental platforms:

  • Booking
  • Airbnb
  • Vrbo
  • TripAdvisor
  • Expedia
  • HomeToGo
  • Kayak

So, whether you’re new to the vacation rental scene or looking to fine-tune your existing strategies, read on! The Global Vacation Rental Platform

booking vacation rental platform

Founded in 1996 in the heart of Amsterdam, has now become a major player in the realm of online bookings, specifically for accommodation. With its renowned reputation for reliability and its global reach, Booking provides travelers from all over the world with a robust and user-friendly platform to bring their travel plans to life.

While Booking is famed for its extensive selection of hotels, it also provides options to book vacation rentals, further broadening the array of choices to cater to travelers’ needs and preferences. utilizes a commission-based model. This commission, typically ranging between 15% and 20%, allows property owners to gain increased visibility amongst a global audience of travelers seeking quality accommodations.

The vacation rental platform,, offers its services in no fewer than 43 languages, streamlining communication and interaction between property owners and travelers. With a selection of over 28 million accommodations worldwide, presents a diverse range of options for all kinds of travelers, be it for urban getaways, beach stays, mountain adventures, or luxury experiences.

According to research conducted by Statista in 2021, 70.6% of Europe’s relative market share was held by, clearly dominating this market.’s Strengths

Property owners can benefit from the site without any registration fees, making the listing process entirely free. Moreover, travelers aren’t subject to any booking fees when using the service. Registration is swift, and the platform is straightforward and user-friendly. Support is reliable and available 24/7 in multiple languages. is widely used for business trips and couple getaways.

Airbnb: The Leading Vacation Rental Platform

airbnb vacation rental platform

Launched in 2008, Airbnb revolutionized the way travelers plan and experience their stays by introducing a unique peer-to-peer vacation rental approach. With its intuitive website and swift booking process that won over travelers worldwide, Airbnb has cemented itself as a staple in the accommodation sector.

In 2022, with around 393.7 million nights booked (according to Statista), Airbnb maintained its leading position in the peer-to-peer vacation rental sector. However, despite its growing popularity, Airbnb has faced criticism and concerns in various cities around the world. Accused of contributing to housing shortages in city centers and driving up real estate prices, numerous cities globally have voiced their discontent with the platform.

The fees tied to the platform break down into two primary categories:

  1. Shared fees for hosts (roughly 3% based on the booking subtotal) and for travelers (around 14% of the booking subtotal).
  2. Service charges for hosts, typically ranging from 14% to 16%.

Security deposits are managed through the AirCover insurance program, providing both property owners and travelers peace of mind throughout their stay. This helps bolster trust in transactions between hosts and guests.

Airbnb’s Strengths

One of Airbnb’s standout strengths is its large variety of accommodation options, from private rooms and apartments to quaint vacation homes and unique lodgings. The website’s user-friendliness and swift booking process make Airbnb a go-to choice for many. Additionally, the vacation rental platform showcases in-depth reviews and transparent property owner profiles. Lastly, the typical Airbnb user tends to be younger and urban-based.


vrbo vacation rental platform

VRBO (Vacation Rental By Owner) has carved a significant niche for itself in the vacation rental industry. Established in 1995, VRBO was among the pioneers in connecting property owners directly with travelers online. In 2006, it joined forces with the HomeAway group, bolstering its reputation and reach in the sector. Over the years, through various acquisitions, including platforms like Abritel in France and Fewo-Direkt in Germany, VRBO expanded its global footprint, ensuring travelers worldwide have diverse and quality lodging options at their fingertips.

This vacation rental platform also has a compensation structure based on commissions. Typically, they are calculated as a percentage of the rental price and can range between 5% and 15%.

VRBO stands out with its exceptional portfolio of over 2 million vacation rentals across 190 countries. This global reach is enhanced by extensive collaborations with travel agencies worldwide, diversifying the array of vacation rentals available on the platform. Prioritizing diversity and quality, VRBO showcases properties of all types, from beach houses to chalets, cottages, castles, and apartments.

The VRBO family includes:

  • VRBO

VRBO’s Strengths

One of the standout features of VRBO is its vast international reach. By listing a property on VRBO, owners ensure global visibility for their properties, as they are listed across about fifty sites affiliated with the group. Moreover, VRBO specializes in family stays, providing an ideal platform for families seeking the perfect vacation rental.

TripAdvisor: A Vacation Rental Platform Built on Reviews

tripadvisor vacation rental platform

TripAdvisor is a globally renowned platform that has transformed how travelers plan, share, and experience their adventures. Established in 2000, this American endeavor has grown to become the world’s largest travel platform (Jumpshot for TripAdvisor Sites, worldwide, November 2019), distinguishing itself by its commitment to delivering genuine and straightforward travel information and reviews directly from consumers.

TripAdvisor’s influence is truly remarkable, drawing an average of 463 million unique visitors per month during the peak season of 2019 (Q3). With a scope spanning 49 markets, in 28 languages and across more than 190 countries, TripAdvisor has become an essential go-to for travelers seeking trustworthy recommendations and insightful advice to shape their experiences.

TripAdvisor provides free listing, eliminating any sign-up or subscription fees. Hosts pay a commission of 3% per booking. For travelers, TripAdvisor typically charges booking fees ranging from 8% to 16%.

It’s important to highlight that while TripAdvisor isn’t primarily known for vacation rentals, its acquisition of several key brands in this sector has propelled it to a leading position in the industry.

TripAdvisor’s Strengths

TripAdvisor stands out with its vast array of choices, encompassing around 8.3 million options ranging from accommodations and restaurants to unique experiences, airlines, and cruises. The platform provides robust support for both property owners and travelers, with 24/7 assistance available. The customer review system adds an engaging element, as positive reviews often lead to more bookings, naturally prompting hosts to uphold high-quality standards. Lastly, on its 26 affiliated sites—including FlipKey, HouseTrip, HolidayLettings, Vacation Home Rentals, and Niumba—TripAdvisor ensures all property listings are automatically translated, broadening its global reach.

Expedia: A 100% Comprehensive Travel Experience

expedia vacation rental platform

Since its inception in 1996, Expedia has been one of the best vacation rental websites. Boasting over twenty years of experience and headquartered in the United States, Expedia has made a significant mark on the travel landscape by providing a comprehensive and versatile platform for travelers from all over the world.

With an impressive array of over 500 airlines, close to 3 million accommodation choices ranging from hotels to vacation rentals, as well as thousands of activities, cruise companies, and car rental agencies, Expedia provides a comprehensive solution.

Hosts can effortlessly join Expedia without the burden of registration or subscription fees. Only upon a confirmed booking do they incur a commission, which typically ranges between 15 to 20%, depending on the property’s location. For travelers, the process remains entirely fee-free.

Expedia’s Strengths

Expedia is home to some of the most esteemed brands in the industry, thereby amplifying the visibility and appeal of listings for property owners. Additionally, listings get featured across other travel websites affiliated with Expedia, providing even broader exposure. Expedia empowers travelers to craft every step of their journey, from flight bookings to accommodation selection, including vacation rentals, and much more. All of this is streamlined on a unified platform, making planning and booking a breeze for travelers.

HomeToGo: Comparison and Booking Engine for Vacation Rentals.

HomToGo vacation rental platform

Originating from Germany and headquartered in Berlin since 2014, HomeToGo stands out as an innovative vacation rental comparison platform. Its unique value proposition is centered around comparing prices and offerings from a multitude of online booking websites, streamlining the vacation accommodation search process for users.

Boasting a global footprint, HomeToGo operates through localized apps and websites in 25 countries, spanning Europe, North America, South America, Australia, and the Asia-Pacific region. This expansive reach also encompasses affiliated brands such as, AMIVAC, Casamundo,, e-domizil, EscapadaRural,, and Wimdu.

A standout feature of HomeToGo is its listing syndication functionality. By choosing this option, property owners can enjoy visibility not just on the main platform but also across a suite of sites affiliated with the HomeToGo banner. This function echoes the role of a seasonal rental channel manager, streamlining listing management and broadening its reach.

HomeToGo does not finalize booking contracts with travelers; rental agreements are directly established with partners and/or accommodation owners. HomeToGo operates on a commission-based model either per booking (15%) or via generating a search or click.

HomeToGo’s Strengths

HomeToGo simplifies the search process with a wide range of vacation accommodations and a user-friendly search tool. With just a click, it presents the best options based on specified criteria, along with pricing and availability details. By aggregating listings from trusted providers like, Vrbo, and TripAdvisor, HomeToGo ensures travelers have plenty of choices to meet their needs.

Kayak: A Key Player in the Travel Industry

Kayak vacation rental platform

Kayak, one of the undisputed leaders in flight and transportation comparison, is also a versatile tool for comparing hotel and vacation rental offers. Since its establishment in 2004, Kayak has redefined how travelers search, compare, and book their travel options, offering a comprehensive and enriching experience.

In 2013, Kayak became a part of Booking Holdings, further solidifying its position as a key player in the online travel industry. This strategic union opened up new opportunities for Kayak, enabling it to develop advanced services such as Accommodation + Transportation bundles.

The platform handles over 6 billion annual travel searches, showcasing Kayak’s undeniable international presence through seven global brands: KAYAK, SWOODOO, checkfelix, momondo, Cheapflights, Mundi, and HotelsCombined. These renowned brands provide travelers with a wide array of options and tools to enhance their travel choices.

Kayak’s Strengths

One of Kayak’s significant strengths lies in its network of partners. With over 15,000 affiliated partners, Kayak compiles an impressive amount of information from various sources, providing users with a comprehensive overview of available options. This extensive collaboration is bolstered by a database of over 2 million establishments worldwide, ensuring travelers have a plethora of choices to meet their needs.

Our Selection of the Top 3 Best Vacation Rental Websites in the United States

Finding the right vacation rental in the vast US market can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. With so many options available, it’s easy to get lost. We’ve focused on selecting the top three websites based on reliability, user experience, and variety of listings. Our choices represent the best of what the United States has to offer in vacation rentals. Here’s why we believe these sites stand out in the crowded marketplace.

rent your holiday home through vacation rental websites


Conceived in 2009 along the Washington coast, is now one of the biggest players in the game. One of their biggest advantages over its competitors in the US is its unique blend of technology-driven solutions combined with localized, hands-on care. This approach ensures homeowners maximize their revenue, while guests receive top-tier service and an exceptional vacation experience. With a presence in 35 US states and a portfolio of around 44,000 properties, Vacasa’s vast reach and commitment to quality have cemented its position as North America’s leading full-service vacation rental management company.


The two founders, Brian Egan and Adam Sherry, tapped into the vacation rental sector’s challenges in 2011, leveraging their rich hospitality background to birth Evolve. The company offers a holistic, cost-efficient approach to vacation rentals, serving over 10,000 property owners and delighting more than 3 million guests each year. Unlike many competitors, Evolve ensures seamless experiences for both homeowners and guests, focusing on individualized attention and elevated service standards. Beyond just property management, Evolve is a pioneer, emphasizing enriched vacation experiences in the North American landscape.


VTrips, founded in 2002 by Steve Milo, stands out as a premier property management company with a focus on select locations: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Maryland, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas. Despite having fewer locations compared to other industry giants, VTrips excels in providing top-tier vacation rental experiences for guests and bespoke services for property owners. Their dedicated local teams treat every property as their own, ensuring around-the-clock assistance for guests. With their rapid growth and unparalleled commitment to excellence, VTrips is certainly a rising star in the vacation rental landscape.

How to Choose the Right Vacation Rental Platform? Our Tips.

Choosing the right vacation rental platform involves considering several key factors. Firstly, take a close look at the platform’s visibility. Make sure it has a strong and widespread presence, as this increases the likelihood of attracting potential renters. Additionally, check if the platform aligns with your target audience. Ensure it attracts the kind of travelers you aim to host in your property.

It’s also crucial to understand the kind of audience the platform consistently attracts. Examine the demographic characteristics of its users and assess if they align with your ideal clientele. Likewise, consider the geographical markets the platform covers, as this can influence the reach of your property.

Furthermore, you should examine the platform’s pricing policies. Compare the commissions and service fees to ensure your profit margins are optimal. Also, analyze what the platform offers to both renters and property owners, such as user-friendly booking features, an efficient reservation management system, and responsive customer support.

In general, identify the strengths of the platform in the vacation rental field. For instance, look for features like an intuitive user interface, positive reviews from both renters and property owners, and a strong reputation in the industry. Ultimately, the choice of a successful vacation rental site comes down to striking the right balance between visibility, alignment with your target audience, targeted markets, pricing policies, offered features, and the overall strengths of the platform in the vacation rental domain.

How many platforms should a property manager use?

Determining the optimal number of platforms or websites for a property manager is a frequently asked and intricate question. It hinges on several factors, including the scale of properties under management. It’s crucial to possess a deep understanding of the target audience and the capacity to recognize fluctuations in demand, both high and low, while also acquiring precise industry and area-specific knowledge.

This knowledge plays a crucial role in determining the most suitable platforms to be present on. Furthermore, it’s essential to carefully examine the costs associated with each platform. The main objective is to sell at the right price at the right time. Therefore, the choice of platforms should be based on a thoughtful approach, considering the appropriate timing and the targeted audience to maximize results.

étude des couts des sites de réservation de vacances

Which is the best vacation rental website? Our expert opinion.

César Augusto, our Head of the Partnerships Department, enthusiastically shares his favorite vacation rental website,

According to him, excels at satisfying its end customers due to its ability to provide an optimal experience. The platform stands out for its straightforward booking process and intuitive interface, making it very user-friendly. Moreover, the site regularly features enticing promotions for end customers and boasts some fantastic business agreements. With, end customers can always enjoy the best deals.

However, our expert, César, points out that this approach might not be as advantageous for property owners. He emphasizes the importance of carefully selecting booking portals based on the management period. During peak demand seasons, he advises managers to prioritize other platforms that offer higher revenue and require fewer promotions to attract customers. On the other hand, during quieter periods, remains an appealing option to reach a broader customer base. In any case, strives to ensure the best prices for travelers.

What role does Avantio play in all this?

Have you selected the vacation rental platforms where you’d like to be present? Avantio can assist you in connecting with the different portals using our short-term rental channel manager. This simplifies the management of your properties! Feel free to reach out to us for a completely free demo.