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Airbnb metrics every Airbnb host should keep track of

airbnb kpis

Have you seen that you can now monitor the property score and view Airbnb metrics on the Airbnb connection in our Channel Manager? You can now access the Overall Rating for the company and the property metrics from your property management software.

Whether you are an experienced Airbnb host or new to Airbnb, comprehending the fundamental Airbnb metrics is crucial for establishing and maintaining a thriving business. 

Unsure of where to begin? In our blog, you will find the perfect guide to the vital metrics and Airbnb metrics you need to keep an eye on to ensure you are making progress toward your short and long-term business goals.

What are Airbnb metrics and why are they important?

Airbnb metrics are measurable values that reflect a business’s success in achieving its core objectives. In the context of Airbnb, metrics are crucial for property performance management and progress of your property listings. 

By monitoring these KPIs, you can gain valuable insights to identify trends, assess your progress, and make informed decisions to improve your vacation rental business. Whether you’re a seasoned host on Airbnb or just starting, understanding and tracking these Airbnb metrics is essential for optimizing your business and achieving your goals.

Why tracking Airbnb metrics is crucial for your business?

As an Airbnb host, monitoring the performance of your property is just as important as attracting new guests. Tracking accurate data through Airbnb success metrics provides quantitative evidence that helps you gain a realistic view of your business’s health and growth potential. 

Tracking Airbnb metrics allows you to make strategic decisions based on facts rather than gut feelings. These indicators enable you to identify areas that require improvement, optimize your processes and operations, and maintain business efficiency and growth.

In addition, utilizing vacation rental software such as Hospitable can further enhance your Airbnb business’s efficiency. With Hospitable’s automation capabilities, you can streamline daily hosting tasks, improving Airbnb metrics across the board. 

You can maximize your business’s potential and achieve your short-term and long-term goals by keeping track of your Airbnb success metrics and using tools like Hospitable

Essential Airbnb metrics for short-term rental hosts and property managers

To succeed as an Airbnb host or property manager, it’s crucial to monitor key metrics that can indicate the health and performance of your business. Understanding and tracking Airbnb metrics can help you make data-driven decisions and stay ahead of the competition. 

Here are some of the essential Airbnb metrics you should measure to ensure the success of your short-term rental business:

Occupancy rate:

This metric indicates how often your rental property is occupied and can help you determine the optimal pricing strategy and promotional activities to improve your rental income.

Average daily rate (ADR):

This metric measures your rental property’s average price per night and helps you understand your revenue potential. It helps hosts understand how much guests are willing to pay for their short-term rental property during a specific period. By tracking ADR, hosts can determine their earnings potential and identify seasonal trends in their business.

To calculate ADR: divide the total revenue earned from bookings for a specific property by the total number of nights booked. If the ADR is low, it may indicate that prices need to be adjusted. Hosts can consider upselling or cross-selling additional services to increase their ADR and boost revenue.

Revenue per available room (RevPAR):

This metric provides a more comprehensive picture of your property’s financial performance by factoring in occupancy rate and ADR. It’s one of the most commonly used metrics in the hospitality industry, as it considers both the occupancy rate and the average daily rate. To calculate RevPAR, multiply your average daily rate by your occupancy rate.

By tracking your RevPAR, you can compare your property’s performance to your competitors and assess your own performance across different rental properties. By analyzing this metric, you can make strategic pricing decisions that help maximize your revenue while maintaining optimal occupancy rates.

Guest satisfaction score (GSS):

This metric measures your guests’ satisfaction with their stay and can impact your overall rating and future bookings. It can be determined by conducting post-stay surveys, gathering guest feedback, and analyzing guest reviews. This score can provide valuable insights into the areas where a rental property is excelling or struggling, helping hosts identify opportunities to improve the guest experience. The GSS can also impact a host’s overall rating on Airbnb and other platforms, as well as future bookings and revenue.

Response rate and time:

These Airbnb metrics track how quickly and frequently you respond to guest inquiries and can affect your overall guest experience and rating. Both metrics are essential for maintaining good communication and providing a positive guest experience. A high response rate and fast response time can lead to better reviews and increased bookings.

By monitoring and optimizing these key Airbnb metrics, you can improve your guests’ experience, increase your revenue, and grow your business over time.

You can efficiently track your hosting performance using Airbnb’s professional hosting tools if you manage multiple Airbnb listings. One of these tools is Insights, which provides a range of Airbnb metrics to help you monitor your progress as a host.

Ways Airbnb metrics can impact your business and revenue.

Ratings and Reviews:

The ratings and reviews left by guests are one of the most critical quality Airbnb metrics. Hosts with high ratings and positive reviews are more likely to attract new guests and receive more bookings. Conversely, hosts with low ratings and negative reviews may struggle to attract new guests and may even see a decrease in bookings.

Response Time:

Another important quality Airbnb metric is response time. Hosts who respond quickly to guest inquiries are more likely to receive bookings, as guests prefer responsive and attentive hosts. Airbnb also prioritizes hosts with fast response times, which can increase visibility and lead to more bookings.

Accuracy of Listings:

Accurate listings are essential for providing a high-quality experience to guests. Hosts who provide detailed and accurate information about their properties are more likely to receive positive reviews and repeat bookings. On the other hand, if a listing is inaccurate or misleading, guests may have a negative experience and leave negative reviews, which can harm your business.


Cleanliness is a critical Airbnb metric. Guests expect a clean and well-maintained space, and hosts who prioritize cleanliness are more likely to receive positive reviews and repeat bookings. Conversely, hosts who neglect cleanliness may receive negative reviews, leading to a decline in bookings.

In summary, quality Airbnb metrics such as ratings and reviews, response time, accuracy of listings, and cleanliness can significantly impact your business and revenue on Airbnb. By prioritizing these metrics and providing a high-quality experience to guests, you can attract more bookings, increase revenue, and build a successful Airbnb business.

Are you trying to improve your website’s KPIs too? Our website design team provides various levels of packages, ideal for any property manager looking to get their website in front of their potential guests.

Sustainable Tourism Statistics: 2023 Ultimate List Statistics and Trends

Sustainable-Tourism-Statistics 2023 Ultimate List-Statistics and Trends

Three years on from the start of the global pandemic, the tourism sector is going from strength to strength. With the push to make up for lost time, a new profile of sustainable traveler has emerged, with environmental and ethical considerations now key factors in travel decision-making. In fact, 69% of tourists plan to travel sustainably in 2023.

This evolution in mindset comes at a time when responsible travel is urgently needed. Whether that means reducing your energy consumption or preserving the culture of a local community, sustainability is no longer a choice, but an imperative that will impact our society and the vacation rental industry in the years to come.

This needn’t be a struggle for vacation rental professionals, but instead is an opportunity to future-proof your business. With the global sustainable tourism industry valued at 181.1bn USD, it’s time to take steps towards an environmentally sustainable vacation rental business.

In this article, we’ve put together some of the most important sustainable tourism statistics and trends to help professional property managers to be at the forefront of the hospitality industry.

What is ecotourism?

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) describes sustainable tourism as “tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment, and host communities”

This type of responsible travel, also known as ecotourism, has become increasingly popular in recent years, with reports showing that 81% of travelers worldwide believe that sustainable travel is important.

For property managers seeking to align with traveler values and appeal directly to this sector – undertaking sustainable habits is a crucial step. 

Which countries are most sustainable?

According to the 2022 Sustainable Development Report, the countries with the highest overall performance on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were:

    1. Finland
    2. Denmark
    3. Sweden
    4. Norway
    5. Austria

While these results are mainly due to proactive governments that develop protective policies and regulations against climate change, they can still be used as inspiration by countries whose decision-making representatives have failed to take action.

In Finland, for example, people have a deep appreciation for nature and connect with it at a very early age. This mindset is intensified in their adult life and results in a population that fights to protect their environment and preserve natural resources.

As stakeholders of global tourism, property managers can take small steps towards promoting this mentality to guests by starting a garden or recommending a variety of nature escapes that focus on the biodiversity of the area. 

Sustainable Tourism Statistics Shaping the Travel Industry

Sustainable Tourism Statistics Shaping the Travel Industry

We’ve gathered relevant sustainable tourism statistics and trends that are quickly shaping the vacation rental industry and tourism sector.

Professional property managers around the world can use this knowledge to boost their vacation rental business. That’s because, aside from taking care of your surrounding environment, economy, and society, sustainable actions also increase your vacation rental profitability by targeting an emerging group of conscious global travelers.  

1. Guests need clarity on sustainable travel

Recent stats suggest that 61% of travelers are interested in learning more about ecotourism, whereas only 46% feel clear on how to actually arrange sustainable trips. This is where property managers can help out. By making it clear which steps have been taken to make your vacation rentals more eco-friendly, you’re helping guests to make informed decisions about their travel. 

If in doubt about where to begin, consider seeking guidance from vacation rental sustainability experts, who can offer free resources to help you go green. 

2. Guests are actively seeking eco-friendly accommodation

A survey of travelers’ plans for 2023 saw that 78% planned to stay in eco-friendly accommodation this year. 

Further, recent studies suggest that pro-sustainable tourists are prepared to pay more for green stays. This not only suggests the potential for increased revenue at sustainable vacation rentals, but also the opportunity to offset any costs associated with switching to more green practices. 

Communicating what steps have been made to make a property eco-friendly will help your vacation rental business stand out from competitors and increase bookings. Whether that be on your website or in listing descriptions, be sure to clearly highlight what efforts have gone into this sustainable experience.

 To kick-start your inspiration, here are just a few simple things you can try to reduce the carbon footprint of your rental properties. 

  • Make eco-friendly changes such as using energy-efficient appliances
  • Invest in smart home technology to reduce energy waste
  • Make recycling options clear
  • Provide bicycles and other sustainable transportation options (a big plus for any luxury vacation rental)

For more tips on how to go green, check out our article on how to guarantee a sustainable vacation rental.

3. Here’s what they expect from you:

According to’s latest Sustainable Travel Report, travelers expect more from accommodation providers and property managers than ever before: 

    • 35% believe that air conditioners and heaters should be controlled by keycards or energy-saving sensors.
    • 32% think that accommodation providers should offer information on local ecosystems, heritage, culture, and visitor etiquette.
    • 27% want to be able to opt out of daily room cleaning to reduce water usage.
    • 27% would only like to use reusable plates and cutlery for meals and room service.

While some of these adaptations can be applied immediately, such as cutting out single-use products, others may require more time, effort, and money. For the best results, work on changes that are feasible at the moment and create a long-term sustainability plan for improvements that you’d like to achieve in the future. 

4. Guests are prepared to go off-peak and off-path

40% of travelers are now prepared to travel exclusively outside of peak season, and 64% are willing to consider less-popular destinations to reduce overcrowding and adverse environmental impact. This indicates a step away from busy resort vacations, and a preference for quieter, more authentic experiences, in harmony with sustainable practices. 

However, 42% of prospective travelers state that it can be difficult to find uncrowded destinations, and 34% have struggled to find sustainable options, suggesting an opportunity for travel providers to highlight and promote sustainable properties which are worth visiting outside of standard seasons. 

Sustainable Tourism Statistics Prioritizing immersion in nature and local culture

5. Prioritizing immersion in nature and local culture

As travelers seek to avoid mass tourism and the environmental consequences that come with it, 80% are now expressing a desire to learn about the local culture when on vacation and 76% would like to feel that they’re reconnecting with nature.

Property managers could appeal to this emerging profile of guests by offering the option of:

  • A local area guide with insider tips and recommendations for authentic restaurants, hidden gems, cultural tours, and events.
  • Partnerships with local companies and responsible tour operators that offer a variety of activities such as bike tours, cooking classes, and language exchanges
  • Easy-to-follow routes and maps for approved nature trails that guests can use to explore the area on their own. 

6. Guests’ environmental concerns vary

When we think of the environmental impact of travel, CO2 emissions are usually the main concern. However, only 29% of travelers have cited this as a source of worry, compared with 30% who are concerned about overtourism, 38% who are conscious of threats to wildlife and natural habitats, and 46% worried about creating excess waste.

Vacation rental professionals can offset this biggest concern by taking steps to reduce the waste associated with a guest’s stay. Consider installing a water filter to avoid plastic bottles, provide eco-friendly and reusable shopping bags, and create a list of local produce markets in the area that guests can visit for a plastic-free experience.

7. Partnering with local businesses is the way forward

During their travels, 42% of people make a point of shopping at small businesses to support the local economy.

To further encourage this trend, you can buy toiletries, kitchen essentials, bedding, and furniture from independent, local businesses instead of ordering online or opting for mass-producing chains.

Drive extra revenue by upselling services and experiences like group yoga sessions or snorkeling tours. All it takes is a partnership with a local company to positively impact the economy and earn more money.

8. Travel companies are expected to step up

When asked about who is accountable for making positive environmental changes regarding travel, 26% responded with the government, 23% said tourism authorities, and 20% mentioned themselves, 8% said accommodation providers, and 6% said online travel agents.

Travel companies have already started taking action, which can be seen through the Future of Tourism Coalition. This coalition was formed by six non-profit organizations to create a set of principles that will enforce sustainable growth within the international tourism industry.

Sustainable tourism statistics for a greener future

Staying on top of the latest trends and keeping up to date with vacation rental statistics, is a crucial part of any successful property manager’s job, especially when it comes to sustainable tourism. With the right information based on sustainable tourism statistics, you can implement conscious changes that help your business grow and also leave a positive impact on the environment, economy, and society.

Avantio: the best property management software for US businesses

Why is Avantio the best property management software for USA-based property managers?

As recently described in our ‘Global but Local’ France blog, at Avantio we’re dedicated to providing maximum value to our clients across the world. Our ecosystem of vacation rental management tools is specifically adapted to the needs of professional property managers in the USA.

Join us as we break down how we help our American clients to streamline and optimize their vacation rental businesses.

All-in-one solution

You may have seen that we describe our vacation rental software as ‘all-in-one’. What do we mean by this? 

We have created tools that perform all the tasks associated with effectively managing your vacation rental properties – and they’re all perfectly integrated with each other. 

Our property management software is purpose-built for vacation rental properties – from our multi-calendar feature to our revenue planning tools.

Our channel manager enables you to synchronize your properties’ content and booking calendars across all connected channels – straight from the data you’ve set up in your PMS. 

Combining these two powerful tools with your own custom booking-engine website gives you the autonomy and flexibility to increase your direct bookings with minimum effort. 

Having a single tech partner to collaborate with for all these major business functions is a major boon for our US clients. Valuing the peace of mind that all of your tools are specifically crafted to perform together, and the simplicity of having one point of contact for all support needs. 

Partnered with the top OTAs

We know that our US clients value products which come with a seal of approval. Reassuringly, our software has been awarded ‘preferred partner’ status by the top three global online travel agents: Airbnb, Vrbo, and

This prestigious accolade is granted thanks to technical standards of our software and the quality of our integrations with the global platforms.

These top three vacation rental sites are also connected to our Unified Inbox. This feature enables you to manage all guest, owner, and service provider correspondence from one platform, so you never have to worry about missing a message.

Finance integrations

We know that payment processes can be one of the more sensitive points of the guest journey. Avantio Payments is our vacation rental payments software, created to ensure secure, frictionless transactions. 

Our software offers nine different payment gateways, including Stripe, one of the top gateways in the US. This gives our clients peace of mind that payments will be processed swiftly and securely, avoiding any hiccups as guests make reservations.

When it comes to the routine administration of business accounts, we’ve partnered accounting platform Quickbooks, so that you can continue managing income, expenses, taxes, and all transactions within your preferred bookkeeping system.

Custom booking-engine websites

Increasing direct bookings and reducing reliance on the middle-man is one of the top priorities of many of our clients in the States. Our custom websites enable clients to browse and filter your properties and reserve directly through your site in just three clicks. 

Your website is the store window of your vacation rental business, so we know how important it is to have a design that will capture and engage your target market. When you choose an Avantio website, your project manager will work with you to create a website with design and features to set you apart from your competitors. 

Our digital marketing team is also on hand with the latest techniques to help you build your online presence. This helps to position your website in search engine results, and also to establish your brand as a leader in your niche.

Flat monthly rate

Unlike many US-based PMS or channel managers, we just charge a flat monthly rate based on the number of units you are managing with the software. We also charge zero commission on bookings through our channel manager. Our US-based clients tell us that our simple and transparent pricing structure is incredibly competitive and one of Avantio’s major draws, making us the best property management software.

Third-party integrations: best property management software

We know that many of our clients in the US value tools that perform additional functions for their businesses. Whether it’s dynamic pricing software that provides deep data insights, or home automation tools to make property access and management a breeze, our marketplace features leading companies in the vacation rental sector. These partners have fully integrated with Avantio, meaning our products work seamlessly together to help you get maximum value from your business.

The best property management software for US clients

We know that our clients with ski chalets in Colorado have significantly different business models and administrative processes to those with condos in Miami or lofts in Seattle. Our US-team’s deep knowledge of the quirks and characteristics of the vacation rental sector in your area ensures that we’re supporting you to get maximum value from your properties.

Discover what makes Avantio the best property management software and sets us apart from the rest. Contact us for a discovery call today.

How Avantio helps you manage your French vacation rentals

France vacation rental home

Here at Avantio, we proudly describe ourselves as ‘Global but Local’.

But what do we really mean by this?

As a vacation rental software company with clients across the world, we’re conscious of remaining as valuable and in-touch with our clients in the UAE or Mexico, as we are with those in France or Malta. 

So, how exactly is Avantio’s expansive ecosystem carefully adapted to the needs of our valued clients with properties in France? Let’s take a closer look at how we help clients manage their France vacation rentals!

We speak your language

Firstly, we know the importance of both understanding and being understood when it comes to business. 

From your first discovery call through to onboarding, customer care, and your dedicated account manager on our Partner Success team – we not only speak French – we have a deep understanding of the nuances of your market. 

Beyond our French-speaking team members, we also have all of our software and tools available in French, can create your vacation rental website in French, assist with French-market digital marketing, and ensure all client correspondence templates are available in French where necessary.

Owner invoicing

Although available to all markets, we know that our French clients in particular value the option of managing owner invoicing directly from Avantio’s software. Whether you’re invoicing owners or making payments to them, you can monitor activity in the owner’s account and automatically issue remittances, statements and invoices accordingly. 

You can also set up automatic transfers, so owner payments are taken care of without a second thought. Being able to automate these administrative tasks frees your team up to focus on other priorities. 

Channel manager

Our French clients have incredibly varied business models, with different seasonality and target markets. From Cote d’Azur holiday homes that are packed in the summer months, to Paris city escapes that see peak bookings at weekends, it’s vital that our clients are able to get the most out of their properties with an intuitive and effective Channel Manager.

Avantio’s Channel Manager offers a complete connection, eliminating the need to create listings both within the software and for each portal. Both flexible and incredibly powerful, it’s easy to adjust rates for different portals, set discounts or supplements according to specific conditions, and use the ‘stop sell’ feature to block chosen periods within your calendar at peak times, to encourage more direct bookings. 

Niche portals for France vacation rentals

At Avantio, we understand that a successful distribution strategy combines global portals with local and niche channels. We have outstanding connections with three of the biggest global portals – Airbnb,, and Vrbo. We’ve also been awarded ‘preferred partner’ status by each, for the strength and quality of our connections. As France has been Airbnb’s biggest market outside of the US, it’s clear that strong portal connections are essential for success in the country. 

Our local and niche portals enable you to showcase your properties to the ideal market – from ski resorts to city breaks. For our French market, our portal connections include Le Figaro, Google Vacation Rentals, Locasun-Leboncoin,, Magicstay, Groupe TravelFactory, My home in, Ingénie, Likibu, and Ovo network. 

We’re continuously working hard to add more portals to the portfolio – listening to our clients to ensure we have all necessary connections to make your business run optimally. 

Payment automation

We know that money transfers can be a sensitive subject when it comes to managing vacation rentals, but collecting guest payments needn’t be a hassle. Automate the collection of guest booking payments, including deposits, with the tools and partners of Avantio’s ecosystem. 

Our partner Swikly is specialized in the French market. Their software makes it simple to collect security deposits from guests, offering peace of mind for all involved. 

Avantio’s integration with the Syspay payment platform offers a special rate of just 0.9% for payments made from France – enabling our clients to save money on payment transfers. Furthermore, our partner Ingenico can operate as an intermediary and connect with almost all French banks.  

We’re also fully integrated with Quickbooks, in case that’s your accounting software of choice.

Multi gateway

We are fully aware that French vacation rental business models can vary, with the Conciergerie model being popular with many of our clients. Our multi gateway function means that owners can collect booking payments directly from guests. You can then issue an invoice to the owner, with full NF525 certification compliance. 

Operations management

Task management is a core part of our clients’ workload, and our French market is no different.

Avantio’s Operations Management Tool transforms the way you communicate with and manage your service providers. This function enables you to create different types of tasks and assign them to internal team members or external service providers. 

Internal team members can take full control of their assigned tasks via the Avantio system. Meanwhile, external service providers access all task details in the intranet directly from the web app.

It’s also possible for all users to add photos to tasks, keeping all stakeholders informed on the progress of tasks. 

Clients with France vacation rentals

We know that our property managers in the Alps have significantly different businesses and processes to those with seasonal properties in Cannes. Deep understanding of what drives our clients’ France vacation rentals businesses forward enables us to continue evolving our software accordingly. 

We’re not just creating tools to help you to monitor and manage bookings – we help you to generate more bookings. Check out this interview with one of our French clients to find out how working with Avantio helped them to grow their business. 

Your complete preventive vacation rental maintenance checklist

Preventive vacation rental maintenance checklist

The old adage ‘prevention is better than cure’ has never been more true than in the vacation rental sector. Addressing last-minute repairs and correcting issues can be costly – both financially and for the reputation of your business. Disruption caused by maintenance issues can severely impact the experience of your guests. The added expense of reactive or emergency vacation rental maintenance is also not going to be popular with the property owners. 

Fortunately, it’s easy to stay one step ahead, with Breezeway’s preventive vacation rental maintenance checklist. Completing checks and tasks periodically and systematically can help to ensure that your maintenance is never an emergency – giving you control and your guests and property owners peace of mind. 

Your vacation home maintenance checklist also keeps standards high. Rather than approaching maintenance tasks afresh each time, automating processes make sure that nothing gets missed. 

To get started with preventive vacation rental maintenance, you’ll need to break down tasks by frequency and plan them across the year. Your maintenance checklist will vary from property to property, but here’s our template to give you a head start. 

Where to begin

Before diving into the checklist, set yourself up for success by ensuring your vacation rental business requires the minimal maintenance possible. 

Firstly make sure your vacation rental guest rules are designed to prevent damage. Make it clear to guests how to enjoy your property without causing unnecessary wear and tear. This will make your job much easier in the long run.

Your guest welcome book should also include guidance on how to look after and properly use the amenities of the house – from electrical appliances to pool rules. This is a simple and effective way to avoid breakages within your property. 

Avantio clients can benefit from our partnership with Breezeway, a comprehensive platform making preventive maintenance tasks a breeze with automated scheduling, operational management, and all tasks managed from one location. 

You can also manage all operational and maintenance tasks directly within the Avantio software, thanks to our operations module. 

Vacation rental maintenance after each check-out

After each guest checks out of the property, it’s important to conduct some routine maintenance. This extends beyond just cleaning, although your vacation rental cleaning checklist is a crucial part of preventive maintenance. 

  • Check the property for any damaged or missing items as a result of the previous guests. 
  • Survey the property for any other issues that may have arisen, checking plumbing and appliances for faults or breakages.
  • Make sure all cupboards, closets, drawers, and doors open and close smoothly without sticking. 
  • Check all windows and external doors open and close as intended. Check any smart locks. 
  • See if the Wifi connection is still strong, and that any devices in the property are connecting properly. 
  • Check all devices and tech (TV, sound systems etc) are working properly. Check remotes and replace batteries if necessary. 
  • Check all light fittings and lamps. 
  • Ensure security systems like cameras or alarms are working.
  • Test smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. 

Monthly preventive maintenance

At least once a month, make sure you check these preventive maintenance items off the list. 

  • Check that any pest control units are present and correct.
  • Make sure that first aid kits are fully stocked, and that any emergency information is still clear and accurate.
  • Check fire extinguishers and any other fire safety equipment is present and correct. 
  • Check all outlets appear to be in working order. 
  • Maintain outside or garden areas by trimming lawns, plants, and shrubs where necessary. 
  • Check gutters for any build up of leaves, ice, or other debris.

Seasonal or biannual preventive maintenance

There are certain tasks which may be necessary depending on the season, or need to be done more frequently than once a year, but not every month. Here are some of the seasonal or biannual preventive maintenance tasks to keep in mind. 

  • If you change your property’s decor according to the season, be sure to schedule this as part of your maintenance.
  • Change the filters in your furnace, air conditioner system, dryer, dishwasher, and ventilation systems. 
  • Arrange for a general deep cleaning of your property at least every six months.
  • Check for any areas of worn paint or wall marks and touch up if necessary.
  • In warmer weather, ensure that garden sprinklers are working properly.
  • Check all kitchen items and appliances, including utensils and tableware, replacing any as necessary. 
  • Review the condition of all furniture in the property, and schedule repairs or replacements if required. 
  • Every six months arrange a deep clean of any external amenities, such as barbecue, hot tub, or private pool.
  • Check that any external spaces like balcony or decking are free from rot or damage.
  • If your property is in a cooler climate, remember to inspect pipework to prevent cracking and leaks. 

Annual vacation rental maintenance

Some preventive maintenance tasks only need to be conducted annually, but it doesn’t make them any less important! Be sure to add these annual tasks to your vacation rental maintenance checklist. 

  • Arrange for a professional service of fire extinguishers and any other fire safety equipment. 
  • Get cooling and heating systems professionally serviced.
  • Schedule a check-up of all plumbing and electrical systems. 
  • Arrange a pest control review to ensure current systems are effective. 
  • Get the roof and exterior of the property surveyed to detect any potential damage.
  • Arrange a maintenance visit for any large trees or bushes on the property. 
  • Maintain and fertilize any other plants on the property.
  • Get pool, hot tub, and any other special amenities professionally inspected.
  • Check all linens, towels, and soft furnishings in the property, replacing as necessary.
  • Get hard flooring or carpets professionally cleaned. 
  • Repair or replace caulk, and check grout in kitchen, bathrooms, and any other tiled areas. 
  • Repaint and finish any high-traffic areas of the property. Repaint external walls or gates as necessary. 
  • Review the decor of the property, consider making updates to stay current. Consider working with a professional vacation rental interior designer
  • Upgrade technology and appliances as necessary, including review of internet speed and entertainment systems. 

A step ahead

Being proactive and strategic with your vacation rental maintenance saves time, money, and protects your business reputation. Start by using the operations tools available through Avantio and Breezeway, as well as creating your own version of this preventive vacation rental maintenance checklist. 

As the leading operations & services platform for short-term rentals, Breezeway helps Avantio users seamlessly sync reservation data to better automate operations, drive quality, and elevate the experience at every property. Their latest update to Auto-Scheduling tools helps you save time and customize property service down to the stay, guest, and property type. To learn more, book a customized demo to see how it works HERE.

What to include in an Airbnb cleaning checklist

Airbnb cleaning checklist

Even with the most luxurious or unique vacation rental property, property managers know that it takes consistent hard work for the five star reviews to keep coming in. Guest expectations are high, and it doesn’t take much for satisfaction to be compromised and ratings to drop. One of the more common offending issues that crops up in negative reviews is cleanliness. Fortunately, this is relatively easy to address. Enter: the Airbnb cleaning checklist.

Whether you contract cleaning services out to an external team, or have your own in-company cleaning crew, it’s imperative that your Airbnb cleaning checklist is flawless. Here’s what you need to include in your vacation rental cleaning checklist.

Why do you need an Airbnb cleaning checklist?

Keep standards high

If the same cleaning team is coming into the property every few days, it can be easy for standards to start to slip. A cleaning checklist reminds the team what’s necessary for each visit, and ensures everyone knows where they stand. After all, if you’re setting guest expectations with your Airbnb house rules, it’s imperative that you set the standard!

Staff changes

If your outsource your cleaning, you may have a different team visiting each time. Or it may be that your usual cleaners are not available for a period. Your vacation rental cleaning checklist makes sure that anyone who’s cleaning the property knows what they need to include. 

Owner trust

Having a clear outline of cleaning expectations puts your clients, the property owners, at ease. They know that the upkeep of their property is being looked after. 

Streamline processes

If your property management system has an operations module, you can manage all cleaning tasks and communications from within the system. This makes it easy for all stakeholders to stay up to date on the cleaning of the property. 

What cleaning supplies should I have in my vacation rental?

For efficiency, it’s recommended to keep a full cleaning supply kit in each of your properties. This means the cleaning team can arrive and get to work without having to bring their own products. It also means guests can easily clear up after any incidents. Here’s what to include:

  • An all-purpose cleaning spray for surfaces.
  • Disinfectant suitable for bathroom and floors.
  • A good-quality vacuum cleaner, suitable for carpets and hard floors. Make sure it has different shaped nozzles to make it easy to pick up dirt from awkward spaces. 
  • A mop with appropriate heads for the different hard flooring in your property. 
  • Glass cleaner for windows, mirrors, and shower screens. 
  • Plenty of scrubbing pads and microfibre cloths.
  • A toilet brush (plus a spare). 
  • Wood polish.
  • Different sized trash bags. 
  • Any specific maintenance products eg barbecue cleaner, or long-handled duster for any properties with high ceilings. 

Living Area

Whether your property has a cozy lounge or a large open-plan living space, there are certain cleaning points that need to be on every checklist. 

  • Wash all pillow covers and throws.
  • Vacuum sofas, including under and between cushions.
  • Vacuum under furniture, as well as around.
  • Remove all items from shelves and storage racks and clean items, and well as shelves themselves.
  • Clean any devices, like TV, air conditioning, digital entertainment systems. Don’t forget the remotes! No-one wants to touch sticky remotes. 
  • Clean light switches and any other high-touch points like handles and knobs. 
  • Clean any mirrors and picture frames.


As we know, one of the reasons vacation rentals are becoming the preferred choice over hotels is the freedom to prepare your own food and drinks. This enables guests to prepare meals according to their own dietary preferences, as well as sharing special moments with family and friends around the table. Here are the kitchen cleaning checklist items you need to include for a sparkling clean kitchen.

  • Clean in the inside and outside of each appliance, cupboard, and drawer.
  • Clean under the edges and rims of any worktops and the undersides of cabinets.
  • Clean the inside and outside of the fridge, microwave, and dishwasher.
  • Remove all items from drawers and clean thoroughly.
  • Ensure all kitchenware, glassware, and cutlery and sparkling clean.
  • Check that any pantry staples (cooking oils, herbs and spices etc) are in-date and looking presentable.
  • Ensure that there are plenty of sponges, tea towels, and kitchen cleaning products available. 


One of the first rooms to show the dirt, and not somewhere you can afford to cut corners on. Here are the key areas to include in your bathroom cleaning checklist:

  • Clean the entire toilet, including the base, behind, and any visible pipework.
  • Make sure towels and bath mats are clean.
  • Clean all mirrors, removing splash or smudge marks.
  • Use an appropriate cleaner for the faucet, to remove any build up and leave it shiny.
  • Clean around all drains, and make sure there are no blockages or build ups. 
  • Check all tile and sealant for any signs of mold and replace the silicone if necessary. 
  • Clean the shower curtain or screen thoroughly. 
  • Make sure any toiletries are full and presentable.


It’s important that guests are able to get a good night’s sleep when staying at your vacation rental. Providing a clean and comfortable environment lays the foundation for well-rested guests. Here’s what you mustn’t overlook.

  • Fresh bed linens are a must. If you often have quick turnovers and can’t wash the comforter or pillows between each guest, consider adding an additional dust sheet layer under the covers. 
  • Remove the mattress and clean around and between all bed fixtures and fittings.
  • Wipe down the bed frame and be sure to clean thoroughly under the bed.
  • Dust all surfaces and furniture, including sides and base.
  • Dust all light fittings, any wall art and decorations. 
  • Thoroughly clean high touch points like switches, handles, and remotes.
  • Clean out the insides of drawers and closets. 

Details are important

When cleaning a property, we tend to focus on the ‘big tasks’, like cleaning the toilet, or mopping the floors. This can mean that the little details can be missed, and over time build up dirt. If you’re regularly in a space, you can become blind to these dirt traps, only focusing on the main details. However, when your guests are laying fresh eyes on a property, these spots can stick out like a sore thumb. Here are the areas you must be sure to add to your cleaning list:

  • Door knobs or handles.
  • Light switches.
  • Cupboard and drawer handles.
  • Oven, refrigerator, and washing machine handles.
  • Dust or cobwebs on ceiling lights.
  • Dust and grime between couch cushions or in armchairs.

Don’t forget…

There are a few areas which may not fit neatly on a standard cleaning checklist, but it’s important to make sure they’re not forgotten.

  • Make sure the laundry or utility area is cleaned between each guest. Be sure to clean out the washing machine detergent tray!
  • Windows and doors should get an interior clean between guests, to remove any fingerprints. Make sure windows receive regular exterior cleans as well. 
  • Scent is important, but also quite personal. Avoid using heavy scents or air fresheners in your property, but do make sure that it smells fresh and odor-free.
  • If your property has an outside space, make sure it’s well maintained. Sweep down balconies or porches between guests, and be sure to pull weeds or rake leaves from any other outside areas.

Perfect first impressions

Stepping into a clean, fresh property is the ideal first impression for your guests. Take the time to perfect your Airbnb cleaning checklist, and the battle is already half won.

For more vacation rental property management tips, check out our other articles.

To find out how to get the most out of your property management business, get in touch with us.

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The property manager’s guide to Airbnb house rules

Airbnb house rules

If you’re setting up a vacation rental business, you’ll no doubt have come across the ‘house rules’ section of your property listings – whether on Airbnb or another site. This is a vital part of your vacation rental listing, as it sets the expectation for your guests and lets everyone know where they stand. 

So, where to begin with Airbnb house rules? As vacation rental properties can vary significantly, you’ll probably find that your rules evolve over time in response to experiences with different guests. However, to help you lay the foundations, we’ve put together this guide to Airbnb house rules.

What are Airbnb house rules?

As mentioned, the purpose of vacation rental house rules is to set the expectations between you and your guests, so that everyone knows where they stand and there are no misunderstandings. Setting house rules prevents property damage and protects your vacation rental business from issues ranging from noise complaints to legal issues. 

Depending on the platform you’re listing on, guests will likely see the full list of rules in your property listing. In many cases, they’ll have to read and agree to the rules before making a booking, so this is an opportunity to communicate with guests and set the tone right from the offset.

How to add house rules to your vacation rental listing?

The first thing you’ll need to do is log into your platform of choice and edit each listing individually. 

Of course, if you’re using Avantio’s software, you simply configure the rules per property, and they’ll be automatically synchronised with all your connected portals. 

If you have a welcome book or digital guide book you can add your house rules here too, so guests always have them to hand. 

Keep in mind…

It’s important not to leave anything open to interpretation. Rules should be written simply, without complicated language. They should also be as explicit as possible. Remember, you may have guests who aren’t native speakers of the language, and it’s easy for misunderstandings to happen. 

Try your new rule list out with a few guests and ask them if everything is clear. Your rule list should always be treated as a working document which you can update whenever necessary. 

Example Airbnb House Rules

Set Expectations

Start with a short introduction explaining why it’s necessary to have house rules in place, if necessary reminding guests that they’re in a residential area. Let them know that return of the security deposit may be depending upon whether rules have been followed. Also inform them of any noise-monitoring tech you have in place. 

Of course, guests are coming to enjoy your property, and it’s crucial that they feel welcome and comfortable. Try to strike the balance with the tone of your house rules, so they’re clear but not cold. 


Make sure guests have this information in advance of their stay. If guests are able to park their vehicles at your property, state how many vehicles can be accommodated and where exactly they should park.

If there’s a parking garage, provide instructions about entry and which spaces are for use by your guests. 


As we’ve seen, the demand for pet-friendly vacation rentals is skyrocketing. While it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons of allowing pets in your property, the evidence suggests that it can be a smart business move, attracting more guests for longer stays. 

If you’ve decided to open your doors to furry friends, be sure to clarify which areas pets can access, and any other restrictions you’d prefer to have in place. 

Parties or events

We’ve all heard the horror stories from the early days of vacation rental, when properties were rented out as wild party venues, or worse…

Fortunately, with some clearly stated rules, this can be easily avoided. Let guests know what you define as a party (groups of people, loud music, etc). Also make sure you define how many guests (if any) are permitted at the property.

If you are happy for some events to take place in the property, discuss this with the guest in advance, so everyone is clear on what to expect. 

Additional guests

Related to the events and parties guidance, it’s a good idea to let your guests know of your expectations in relation to any other guests they might invite to the property. While you may have no issue with this in principle, be mindful of who will be liable if any damage is caused to the property. Also keep in mind that some local authorities require guest details to be registered with them, so having unregistered guests may compromise your ability to be compliant. 

Leisure Amenities

If your property has a pool or hot tub, inform guests of any specific access hours. Also clarify any safety points and if there’s anything they shouldn’t take in the pool (e.g. food or glassware). 

If you have a barbecue or firepit on site, let guests know how to operate it safely, and also how to clean it out after use. 

If there’s any other outside space like a garden, deck, or balcony, highlight any safety concerns and make sure guests know if they need to be conscious of noise when in these areas.


It’s generally advised to make your vacation rental non-smoking. Allowing smoking in the property increases the risk of damage or even fire.  It’s also incredibly difficult to get rid of the smoke smell , which can be very off putting for future guests. 

It’s generally expected that vacation properties are non-smoking, but it’s better to state it clearly to avoid any misunderstandings. 

Food and Drinks

Although you want your vacation rental to feel like a home from home, you don’t want it to be treated like a college dorm. You can avoid stains and damage to the soft furnishings in the bedrooms by asking guests not to eat or drink in there. Although guests may not always play by rules by enjoying a cheeky coffee in bed, they’ll at least know what your expectations are in this respect. 

Laundry facilities

The option to do laundry is increasingly popular with vacation rental guests. It means they don’t need to pack so many clothes and can travel lighter. It’s particularly beneficial for families with small children. 

If you’re concerned about the energy or water consumption in your property, you might ask guests to limit their laundry to once or twice per visit. Be sure to let them know about any quirks of the machine too, to avoid blockages or breakdowns. 

Other appliances

If, like many other vacation rentals, you’re taking steps to be more sustainable, it’s good to remind guests of their energy consumption. Encourage them to switch off appliances when they leave a room or the apartment. Let them know of any energy-saving tech you have in place to help manage this. 

Transparency is key

However you choose to share your Airbnb house rules with your guests, being transparent will help your business in the long run. When guests are clear on the terms of the rental they can truly get the most of the experience, without any misunderstandings And of course, satisfied guests are repeat guests.

For more information on how to streamline your vacation rental processes and get the most out of your properties, get in touch with us at Avantio.

Alternatives to Airbnb: which vacation rental site is best for your properties?

Alternatives to Airbnb

With the vacation rental sector expected to be valued at $119.0 billion within the next few years, the vacation landscape is clearly in a time of huge transformation. Those who have invested in rental properties, or work in the property management sector, will know that Airbnb is the brand most commonly associated with the growth of the sector. The company had led the way in revolutionizing how people search for and book their vacations. 

However, Airbnb are not the only leaders in the sector. Sites like Airbnb are popping up all over the web, each positioning themselves as Airbnb alternatives, and with varying USPs. 

So, which are the best Airbnb competitors? What makes them different? And how do you know if they’re right for your properties? Here we explore some of the top global OTAs and vacation rental search sites, to see which alternatives to Airbnb are going to perform before for your business. 


Key Features

  • Undoubtedly one of the most recognizable vacation rental companies in the world, Airbnb is still reigning supreme, with over 6 million listings globally
  • Airbnb guest profiles typically fall into the Millennial bracket, with tourists looking for unique, characterful properties. 
  • As Airbnb includes the option for hosts to rent out sections of their property (a bedroom or annex for example), many Airbnb hosts offer a more personal, home-from-home experience, compared with a hotel room or resort. 

Airbnb and Avantio

We’ve been connected to Airbnb since 2016, and we were one of the first European channel managers to make the connection. We’ve also been awarded Preferred Partner status by the top OTA for the last three years, in recognition of our consistently successful API connection.

Consider this portal if…

  • You want your properties to be displayed on one of the most globally recognized vacation rental platforms.
  • Airbnbs tend to have longer bookings, compared with for example, so this may be a good option if you’re smart with your pricing strategies
  • You have a unique property with Instagram-ready features, that will appeal to a more aesthetically-driven market.

Key features

  • Another of the ‘top 3’ most recognizable OTA sites, has over 28 million listings, over six million of which fall into the vacation rental category. 
  • is more generally recognized for its hotel listings, but the vacation rental listing function is also very strong. There’s also a very wide range of properties listed, from budget hostel beds to luxury apartments. 
  • The site tends to attract families, or a more mature audience, compared with Airbnb for example. 
  • is known for having a lot of filter and search functions, making it easier for guests to narrow down the many search results to show only specific features, for example parking or breakfast included. and Avantio

We’ve been connected to since 2012, and have been awarded Premier Partner status for the last three consecutive years. 

Consider this alternative to Airbnb if…

  • Your properties offer lots of valuable features that guests may be filtering their searches for. 
  • You have all-purpose (not niche) properties, that can appeal to guests with a variety of rental needs, e.g. family vacations, corporate stays. 
  • You don’t mind competing with hotel rooms.
  • You’re happy to receive shorter bookings. tends to have shorter booking periods compared with other sites. 


Key features

  • One of the biggest global vacation rental sites, and one of the first, predating Airbnb by 12 years. 
  • Vrbo generally features entire rental properties, with no ‘shared spaces’. As a result, there are no hosted experiences, and guests always have the entire place to themselves. 
  • The properties listed on Vrbo are usually on the larger side, and more geared towards family and group vacations. 
  • There are fewer budget-friendly options listed on the site. 

Vrbo and Avantio

Vrbo connected with Avantio’s API in 2013. When we saw how valuable this was to our clients, we were one of the first companies to develop a full content API. We’ve been Preferred Partners of Vrbo since 2020. 

Consider this alternative to Airbnb if…

  • You have family-friendly properties you’d like to present to a global audience. 
  • You’d like to encourage longer bookings.
  • You’d like the option to choose either an annual fee or fee per booking.

Google Vacation Rentals

Key features

  • Google’s meta search feature draws vacation rental listings directly from some OTAs, and some approved connectivity partners. 
  • If your properties appear through an OTA listing, the client will be taken to that site to complete the booking. 
  • If you’ve registered with one of the few approved connectivity partners, you can publish your listings directly to Google. This means that any clicks on your property will take potential guests straight to your website. 

Connected to Avantio since

Google launched the ‘Vacation Rentals’ product in 2020, and we connected the following year.

Consider connecting to Google via Avantio if…

  • You’d like to showcase your properties directly on the world’s biggest search engine.
  • You’d like to increase your direct bookings, with zero commission or fees.
  • You want your company’s logo to appear on the search listings.

Plum Guide

Key Features

  • Plum Guide offers a high-end collection of rental properties, featuring only 1 in every 100 properties in each area. 
  • Each property is handpicked through a stringent vetting process, needing to pass a full checklist of tests to be accepted. Everything is considered, from pillow quality to the shower pressure.
  • The client profile is affluent and prepared to spend for the experience they’re looking for. 
  • The majority of properties listed are currently in Europe and the US. 

Plum Guide and Avantio

We formed our connection with Plum Guide in 2022, and are delighted to offer this exclusive platform to our clients. 

Consider this alternative to Airbnb if:

  • You have outstanding properties that are likely to pass the Plum Guide test. 
  • You’d like to welcome a more high-end audience.
  • You’re passionate about providing an immaculate guest experience. 


Key Features

  • Boasting the world’s largest selection of vacation rentals, HomeToGo is a vacation rental marketplace, enabling guests to search and compare over 17 million properties. 
  • There’s a remarkable variety of properties offered, from single budget rooms to sprawling castles. 
  • The website is available in 12 languages, meaning wide reaching visibility for your properties.
  • Instant booking functionality makes it simple for guests to book properties.

HomeToGo and Avantio

We first connected with HomeToGo in 2016, and now our clients have over 30,000 properties connected to the site at any one time.

Connect to HomeToGo via Avantio if:

  • You have a varied portfolio of properties you’d like to target to different audiences.
  • You want your properties included in the ‘worlds largest selection of vacation rental properties’, with millions of users each year. 
  • You like a ‘low risk’ listing. It’s free to initially list on HomeToGo, and you can choose between split-fee or host-only fee for any bookings received.

Homes and Villas by Marriott

Key Features

  • Marriott launched their rental property brand in 2019, as an exclusive channel for professionally managed luxury properties. 
  • The platform has properties in 45 countries, each with premium amenities. 
  • All listed properties must be registered with one of Marriott’s premium property management companies. 
  • As the name suggests, Marriott only offer private homes – no shared apartments or room rentals. 

Homes and Villas by Marriott and Avantio

We launched our connection in 2021, and have been going from strength to strength ever since. 

Consider this alternative to Airbnb if…

  • You have luxury properties which will meet Marriott’s quality requirements.
  • You’d like your properties to be promoted by an esteemed global brand with nearly 100 years of prestige. 
  • You’re happy to work with one of Marriott’s approved property management companies.

Connect with confidence

Whether you choose to list your properties on one or all of these channels, be sure you’re using the tools that enable you to list in confidence. Choose a channel manager with intuitive functions, zero commission on bookings, and consistently excellent connections to the world’s best vacation rental websites.

How to get more five-star reviews reviews

Vacation rental hosts and property managers know that in a competitive market, anything that gives your listings the edge in OTA search results in a plus. It’s no secret that securing plenty of rave reviews is great for your short term rentals, but how can you keep them coming in? 

If you’ve noticed that your review rates are dwindling, or just want to take your review game to the next level, we’ve put together some tips for you. Here’s how to get guests to leave five star reviews.

Why reviews are important

Before we get into the nitty gritty of bringing in the reviews, let’s take a closer look at why they matter. 

Increase trust

Reviews are one of the few impartial sources of information for your prospective guests. While it’s important for you to provide as comprehensive a listing as possible, it’s the validation from other guests that affirms your descriptions. Guest reviews confirm that what you’re saying about your properties is trustworthy. 

Increase visibility

As you’ll be aware, allows searchers to filter search results from highest rated to lowest rated. There’s also the option to filter according to properties that have received the most reviews overall. Guests seeking a quality ‘Guest Experience’ will prioritize this information over other filters like price or location.

Getting more reviews means more visibility to guests who filter results this way. Getting more 5-star reviews gives you a double advantage.

Keep Content Fresh

Guests don’t value old reviews. In fact, reviews older than three months are generally disregarded by searchers, believing that the reviewer’s experience may no longer be relevant. 

Getting a regular stream of reviews keeps your listing appearing fresh and relevant to guests. 

Boost Income

Guests are more likely to spend on rental properties with 5 star reviews. Getting great guest evaluations can justify higher rates, increase bookings, and bring in more revenue overall. 

How to bring in the 5 star reviews

Give an amazing Guest Experience

If you’ve ever had a hospitality experience so wonderful that you’ve just had to leave a glowing review the minute you get home, you’ll know that it’s the hosts who go one step further who really stand out. This is how you can organically inspire more great reviews.

Offering incredible service at every touch point of the guest experience is the key to happy visitors. Whether this is from quick replies to guest messages, or little extra touches in the property itself – making sure your guests alway feel valued and considered is the best way to spark positive reviews. 

Link from your digital guest book

If your stay includes a digital welcome book, include a link to your profile. This is a smart way to make it easy for guests to find where to leave feedback. 

It means you don’t have to worry about reminding guests, as it’s already part of the communication package. It’s also a more passive approach, if you’d prefer not to ask for a review directly. 

Leave a visual reminder

Leaving a visual prompt in your property is an easy way to remind guests to leave a review. It could be somewhere obvious, like next to the key hook. Or, consider positioning it suggestively next to one of the ‘little extra’ touches you’ve left for guests to discover – like sweet treats in the fridge, or fresh flowers by the window.

Combining the special extras with a visual reminder can be an effective prompt to take action.

Ask at check-out

If you complete check-in and check-out in person, rather than offering keyless door locks, you can use this as an opportunity to ask for feedback.

Inquire with the guests about their experience at your property, thank them for staying with you, and let them know where they can leave a review if they’d like to. 

Send a follow-up

If a few days have passed after the guests’ stay and you haven’t yet received a review, you could send a follow-up message. Using your PMS automated messaging system, create email templates to send X days after check-out.

You can thank them again for their visit, offer them repeat booking discounts, and remind them about where to leave a review. 

Boost your business with more reviews

Follow these tips to get more 5-star reviews and boost the online profile of your vacation rental business! Using all the tools of your vacation rental software will help you to offer a fantastic guest experience, optimize your listings, and also make automating follow-up messages a breeze.

To find out more about how Avantio’s tools can help you manage your vacation rental business, click here

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