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At Avantio, we specialize in tools to automate and optimize the daily tasks of vacation rental property managers. Our Harmony tool is one of these creations, designed to facilitate task automation across your vacation rental business.

Harmony is just one of our business automation solutions, designed to form a complete ecosystem of tools, fully adapted to the needs and working protocols of our agencies and managers.

What does Harmony task automation tool by Avantio offer?

Avantio’s Harmony task automation tool enables vacation rental property managers to automate communications with both guests and owners. 

Busy PMs managing a full portfolio of properties with multiple bookings can find themselves needing to send thousands of communications each day. Whether upselling extras, sending check-in information to guests, or notifying owners of new bookings – managing all of this manually each day could easily be the work of several people. 

Avantio’s Harmony tool is a dedicated section of our PMS, within the control panel. From the dashboard, you can see an overview of all the tasks in real time, including those past, scheduled, and future. At a glance, you can see all of the notifications for today (which can be in the thousands!). 

Harmony is an incredibly consistent tool, and very popular with our clients for its automation and time-saving properties. 

Within Harmony, each automated communication is called a ‘solution’, and there are currently three main types: those relating to bookings, customers, and owners. The solutions are highly customizable, so you decide on the settings – what triggers the messages, when they’re sent, and to whom. You can also use the tag feature and apply it to specific properties, booking types, or portals, so that the solutions are only applied to these cases.

Harmony task automation by Avantio

Booking Solutions

As you’ll be well aware, there are a multitude of solutions (communications) associated with each booking your company receives. Harmony can help you to automate solutions according to the booking status, saving hours of manual admin each day.

When you receive a new booking request or payment, you can send automatic confirmation to both the guest and the property owner. 

Set up automated messages to remind guests about due payments, documentation, or any other pending actions. Send guests information or instructions about their forthcoming stays, upsell extras, and schedule notifications about check-in procedures.

Program the time of communications to make sure your guests receive the right message at exactly the right time. 

Within the Harmony dashboard you can see all programmed solutions for each booking, including those which have been sent, are due to be sent, or were not sent successfully. 

Guest Solutions

Once a guest has checked out and their time at your property is over, what happens next? Chances are you have two key priorities – getting a positive review and encouraging the guests to book directly with you in the future. Set these solutions up in Harmony and you don’t even have to give it a second thought. 

Using your branded email templates, you can schedule review reminders to be sent X hours or days after guests have checked out. Set up follow-reminders and thank-you emails to be automatically sent depending on the guest’s actions. You can also offer discounts or incentives for guests to book their next vacation with you directly. 

Owner Solutions

Of course, owners will also need to be kept informed about bookings at their properties, and the extent to which they like to be kept in the loop can vary wildly. Some owners will want to know of every action associated with their properties, whereas others prefer to only receive their monthly invoice and any urgent updates. This is once again where the tag feature comes into its own – enabling you to easily segment solutions and recipients. 

With Harmony, you can improve owner communications and avoid receiving overbookings by keeping owners instantly up to date any new bookings. This ensures that owners are aware when their properties need to be vacant and available for guests. 

Empowering your business with task automation

The development of Harmony in Avantio vacation rental technology has been created entirely to support our clients in their vacation rental business, reduce their administrative tasks and boost their business relationship with the market.

This is just one of the new developments from Avantio designed to empower our clients to run their businesses with the help of the best vacation rental software.

To discover how our ecosystem of tools can help you to automate processes and save time and resources, get in touch

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