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Do you know how remote self check-in can improve your daily business tasks?

At Avantio, we are always looking for ways to improve and make our connections faster, more responsive, and efficient. We look for the same in all the partners that we collaborate with, to promise the best connections and relationships through our property management software. 

Our collaboration with Chekin, reflects just that. Sharing the same goals, to provide an efficient and intuitive solution, Chekin improves and optimizes your guest experiences by providing an automated check-in system to your properties. Through this process, you can offer an innovative and safe self check-in system for the owner, property manager and your guest.

How does Chekin redefine the remote self check in-process

How does Chekin redefine the remote self check-in process?

At the forefront of innovation, Chekin stands as a pioneer in automated check-in systems. Gone are the days of tiresome queues and cumbersome paperwork. Chekin’s user-friendly platform has revolutionized how travelers access their accommodations. It offers a swift and hassle-free self check-in experience that lets guests maximize their stay from the get-go. This translates to efficient guest registration, time-saving, and reduced manual administrative tasks for property owners.

What is a remote check-in?

A remote self check-in system allows guests to access the property alone instead of a traditional in-person check-in where guests meet an owner or property manager to receive the keys and get a walkthrough of the property.

The most common methods of remote self check-in include:

  1. Keyless Entry Systems: Vacation rentals equipped with smart locks or electronic keypads allow guests to enter the property using a unique code or mobile app. The code or access details are typically provided to guests before their arrival, and they can use it to unlock the door.
  2. Lockboxes: Some vacation rentals use lockboxes placed near the entry door. Guests receive a code to unlock the lockbox and retrieve the key to the property inside. 
  3. Digital Access Cards: In larger rental properties or complexes, guests may be provided with digital access cards that allow them entry to the building and their specific unit. These cards are activated for their stay and automatically expire after checkout.
  4. Mobile Apps: Some vacation rental companies or owners have dedicated mobile apps allowing guests to manage the check-in process, communicate with the host, and access the property using their smartphones.

What are the advantages of remote access?

Convenience and time savings

Remote access self check-ins mean property managers can skip organizing check-ins and meeting guests at the property. It also means that check-ins can coincide, allowing multiple check-ins to happen simultaneously. Remote access also provides for when guests are delayed or need an “out of hours” check-in. 

Improving your guest experience

Guests can self check-in at their convenience, online, before their arrival. You can provide a positive guest experience through remote access and offer clear instructions and relevant information regarding the property. Reduce the stress of the arrival process and checking in for your guests.

Improve compliance and security

Many automated check-in systems come with ID verification and digital documentation features. Property managers can request guests’ documents remotely, ensuring stay security. It can also help property managers keep all relevant paperwork for each booking organized, consistent, and legally sound.

How does Chekin improve the self check in process

How does Chekin improve the self check-in process?

Online Check-in

Chekin offers a comprehensive automated check-in system. Allowing for contactless registration, long-winded registration waiting times are reduced and the guests first impression is positive. 

How does it work?

  • Your guests receive a registration link.
  • Through this link they then confirm their reservation and identity (optional), then sign the contract.
  • You will then have the option to give guests access to extra services and experiences you offer.
  • Finally, once the process is complete, you guest will have the option to pay safely, easily, and quickly.

Self Check-in

Chekin offer 3 types of remote self check-in for your properties:

Smart Lock: Once your guest has completed the online check-in and registration process, a link will be sent automatically, with the virtual key and instructions. As property manager, you choose how and when to send it.

Smart Box: Through the Smart Box, your guest can collect a physical key to the property. Once online check-in and registration are complete, a code is sent to your guest with instructions on how to open the Smart Box. Guests can leave the physical key in the box when they leave.

Key on hand: With this method, your guest can collect physical keys at a nearby store. When your guests have completed their online self check-in and registration process, they will receive an email with a code, instructions, name and address of where to collect the keys. They will then need to show this code to the store, collect the keys and drop them off at the same store at the end of their stay.

Guest verification

You can now remotely verify guest identity through a secure and contactless process. 

How does it work?

  • Your guest takes a photo of their photo ID
  • The guest then takes a selfie in ‘real-time’
  • Chekin’s software compares both the photo ID and the real-time photo to ensure it is the same person
self check-in

The Avantio and Chekin integration

Our robust integration with Chekin’s automated check-in system allows property managers to access Chekin’s services directly from the Avantio platform. With everything accessible from the same dashboard, switching between multiple platforms is unnecessary. Giving property managers a streamlined guest registration and access management.

Through the intelligent automation that drives the seamless integration between Avantio and Chekin the platforms communicate seamlessly. There is no need for manual intervention with automatic access code generation and delivery to guests when necessary.

The future of remote

As technology continues to shape the vacation rental landscape, we are committed to leading the way in providing innovative solutions that improve both guest experiences and property management operations.

Avantio’s collaboration with Chekin brings together the best of both worlds: our comprehensive property management solutions and Chekin’s pioneering online check-in and remote access platform. Through this integration, property managers can offer their guests a contactless and efficient self check-in experience, setting the stage for an unforgettable stay.

As the vacation rental industry continues to evolve, Avantio remains committed to staying ahead of the curve and delivering innovative solutions that exceed the expectations of both guests and property managers. Together with Chekin, you can improve your daily business efficiency and your guest journey.