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Why outsource cleaning services are an unbeatable option today

If you delegate this part of the business, you can focus on other tasks.

Such as optimizing bookings and their prices, messaging with guests, and paying attention to the owners of the properties you manage.

Key actors that, without a doubt, will bring you a return in the medium term.

Many times when we start in the vacation rental business, we tend to want to do it all!

But as time passes and more bookings are received, it becomes more difficult to reach the standards expected by guests.

Particularly, because the guests are expecting to have cleanings with the quality of a hotel in their short term rental.

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After all, we have all grown up with their standards when we are away from home.

At Avantio we understand how important it is to keep a property clean and ready for guests.

And we know that looking for a person to clean your holiday home is not simply finding a trustworthy person.

You also have to count on analyzing labor agreements, registering them, investing in training, paying for their vacations …

Having this in mind, outsourcing the cleanings on your short-term rental allows you to have quality service without the complications that this type of task entails.

Today we share 5 reasons why outsource cleaning services in your vacation rentals may be beneficial for your business model.



Operations management

Outsourcing cleanings allows you to delegate a task that consumes most of your time (and energy!) when managing vacation rental properties.

Passing on this part of the operations will help you raise the quality of your reviews and have a differentiating factor in your property.

Remember that within the management of a vacation rental you will also have to take care of:


  • Almost immediate communication with guests interested in a property.
  • Property price adjustments.
  • Check-in and check out

Among many other tasks!

So delegating this part allows you to be more efficient in your management.

By outsourcing, you also get mechanisms to validate that the cleanings are done correctly.

For example:


  • Receive photos after cleaning by the team
  • Request extra inspection services
  • Get a housekeeper for your properties (Extra service)

All of them are great advantages when managing your properties.



Although you consider yourself a “picky” person in terms of cleanings.

The reality is that this is a profession just like any other.

And outsourcing cleanings means you will have a dedicated team.

Getting a service with professional results.

And also taking into consideration an experienced cleaning company will have:


  • Certifications.
  • Training for the team in the hospitality business.
  • Follow-up of protocols or regulations for short-term rentals.
  • Professional Chemicals.

And all of this will reflect in the guest experience at your property.

Remember that the cleaning of your vacation rental is crucial to have good reviews on the booking platforms.


Get rid of personnel expenses 

Having a cleaning team also generates a number of extra expenses by having them on the staff such as:


  • Social Security
  • Work accident insurance
  • Overtime (If applicable)
  • Vacations costs

Probably the best thing about outsourcing cleaning is that you can hire professionals when you need them.

By hours, by days or even by service.

This means that you will not have to incur these extra expenses mentioned above since the company you hire will do it for you.


Why outsource cleaning service? Save money with it

As we already mentioned in the previous section.

You will not only save on the expenses associated with having cleaning staff on payroll.

There are also other areas where you will also get some savings:


  • Cleaning products
  • Storage units
  • Time! When having to make purchases and inventories
  • Parking and tolls expenses.

The cleaning company is the expert and with their help you will avoid making unnecessary expenses on any equipment or product.

Cleaning companies frequently offer rental of sheets and towels with the laundry service, which generates tremendous savings in purchases, logistics, and warehousing, and above all, a lot of time in calculating stocks.



This is one of the most important challenges in the vacation rental industry.

It is something that has been discussed for a long time, as we seek to eliminate negative perceptions towards short-term rentals.

And not only the negative perceptions of governments and neighbor communities.

Professionalization is the key to keeping up with the hotel sector.

What can professionalizing your property offer you? Why outsource cleaning services may be a right step for you?

By professionalizing your properties, you add a competitive advantage and this has a direct impact on your reservations and on the positioning within the reservation engines.

Professionalizing your management allows you to reach the standards that guests already expect to receive.

Attract more owners effortlessly, let your good reputation speak for itself, and grow your portfolio of tourist flats.

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