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Do you know our integration partner Breezeway?

Breezeway is the leading real estate services and operations platform in the industry!


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The challenges faced by the industry over the past two years have increased the need for detailed property care programmes. With rising expectations from both guests and owners, property managers are under intense scrutiny when it comes to delivering 5-star experiences.

The right technology stack can help managers meet those expectations and achieve their business goals. According to Breezeway’s 2021 Real Estate Operations Report, 53% of property managers use at least four different software systems to manage their business. That percentage is expected to increase by 2022 as managers continue to implement tools that help drive service for both guests and owners and have a positive impact on their business.

That’s why we can count on tools like Breezeway to optimise our operations to meet brand standards at every property and make sure nothing slips through the cracks. Combine this with the benefits you already get from Avantio and you have a dynamic technology stack that can help you grow your business.



Don’t miss out on the benefits of our integration with Breezeway:


  • Synchronise booking data with Avantio : Leverage multiple sources of booking, property and guest data without changing the technology you use.


  • Automate task scheduling : Automatically assign the right job to the right person at the right time using data on staff availability, location and historical task times so no task is left undone.


  • Use customisable checklists and mobile apps : Empower field staff to consistently execute your brand standards and complete higher quality work in the field.


  • Monitor work and coordinate issues in real time: Gain confidence in property preparation by getting real-time updates from field staff on task completion.


  • Share detailed reports with owners: Show the full scope of your management services with owner reporting programmes so you can increase owner satisfaction, retention and acquisition.


  • Communicate with guests: Improve stay satisfaction and deliver deeper service with guest text messaging so you can deliver the best experience and generate more 5-star reviews.

Keen to get started?

Request a demo here and a member of the Breezeway team will contact you as soon as possible to provide a personalised product tutorial and share the full capabilities of the software.