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Here at Avantio, we proudly describe ourselves as ‘Global but Local’.

But what do we really mean by this?

As a vacation rental software company with clients across the world, we’re conscious of remaining as valuable and in-touch with our clients in the UAE or Mexico, as we are with those in France or Malta. 

So, how exactly is Avantio’s expansive ecosystem carefully adapted to the needs of our valued clients with properties in France? Let’s take a closer look at how we help clients manage their France vacation rentals!

We speak your language

Firstly, we know the importance of both understanding and being understood when it comes to business. 

From your first discovery call through to onboarding, customer care, and your dedicated account manager on our Partner Success team – we not only speak French – we have a deep understanding of the nuances of your market. 

Beyond our French-speaking team members, we also have all of our software and tools available in French, can create your vacation rental website in French, assist with French-market digital marketing, and ensure all client correspondence templates are available in French where necessary.

Owner invoicing

Although available to all markets, we know that our French clients in particular value the option of managing owner invoicing directly from Avantio’s software. Whether you’re invoicing owners or making payments to them, you can monitor activity in the owner’s account and automatically issue remittances, statements and invoices accordingly. 

You can also set up automatic transfers, so owner payments are taken care of without a second thought. Being able to automate these administrative tasks frees your team up to focus on other priorities. 

Channel manager

Our French clients have incredibly varied business models, with different seasonality and target markets. From Cote d’Azur holiday homes that are packed in the summer months, to Paris city escapes that see peak bookings at weekends, it’s vital that our clients are able to get the most out of their properties with an intuitive and effective Channel Manager.

Avantio’s Channel Manager offers a complete connection, eliminating the need to create listings both within the software and for each portal. Both flexible and incredibly powerful, it’s easy to adjust rates for different portals, set discounts or supplements according to specific conditions, and use the ‘stop sell’ feature to block chosen periods within your calendar at peak times, to encourage more direct bookings. 

Niche portals for France vacation rentals

At Avantio, we understand that a successful distribution strategy combines global portals with local and niche channels. We have outstanding connections with three of the biggest global portals – Airbnb,, and Vrbo. We’ve also been awarded ‘preferred partner’ status by each, for the strength and quality of our connections. As France has been Airbnb’s biggest market outside of the US, it’s clear that strong portal connections are essential for success in the country. 

Our local and niche portals enable you to showcase your properties to the ideal market – from ski resorts to city breaks. For our French market, our portal connections include Le Figaro, Google Vacation Rentals, Locasun-Leboncoin,, Magicstay, Groupe TravelFactory, My home in, Ingénie, Likibu, and Ovo network. 

We’re continuously working hard to add more portals to the portfolio – listening to our clients to ensure we have all necessary connections to make your business run optimally. 

Payment automation

We know that money transfers can be a sensitive subject when it comes to managing vacation rentals, but collecting guest payments needn’t be a hassle. Automate the collection of guest booking payments, including deposits, with the tools and partners of Avantio’s ecosystem. 

Our partner Swikly is specialized in the French market. Their software makes it simple to collect security deposits from guests, offering peace of mind for all involved. 

Avantio’s integration with the Syspay payment platform offers a special rate of just 0.9% for payments made from France – enabling our clients to save money on payment transfers. Furthermore, our partner Ingenico can operate as an intermediary and connect with almost all French banks.  

We’re also fully integrated with Quickbooks, in case that’s your accounting software of choice.

Multi gateway

We are fully aware that French vacation rental business models can vary, with the Conciergerie model being popular with many of our clients. Our multi gateway function means that owners can collect booking payments directly from guests. You can then issue an invoice to the owner, with full NF525 certification compliance. 

Operations management

Task management is a core part of our clients’ workload, and our French market is no different.

Avantio’s Operations Management Tool transforms the way you communicate with and manage your service providers. This function enables you to create different types of tasks and assign them to internal team members or external service providers. 

Internal team members can take full control of their assigned tasks via the Avantio system. Meanwhile, external service providers access all task details in the intranet directly from the web app.

It’s also possible for all users to add photos to tasks, keeping all stakeholders informed on the progress of tasks. 

Clients with France vacation rentals

We know that our property managers in the Alps have significantly different businesses and processes to those with seasonal properties in Cannes. Deep understanding of what drives our clients’ France vacation rentals businesses forward enables us to continue evolving our software accordingly. 

We’re not just creating tools to help you to monitor and manage bookings – we help you to generate more bookings. Check out this interview with one of our French clients to find out how working with Avantio helped them to grow their business. 

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