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Check-in Online: Improve the user experience while you save time and money

The vacation rental industry is evolving constantly, demanding new solutions and ways of satisfying the tourist. This continuous advancement makes vacation rental agencies update their internal and external processes. 

One of the keys to improvement is the user experience. With the objective of always satisfying the customer so that they repeat their stay in any of the properties. Throughout the process, starting from the reservation until the end of their stay, there are a series of factors that directly impact the experience and that are a fundamental key in the final evaluation of the customer. And the Check-in online process of their Vacation Rental is precisely one of those.

More than just a mere formality that is necessary, having an efficient registration process can greatly improve the experience of the guest. A process that is 100% remote that is fast and easy will end up benefiting the agency and the guest. 

✘ Disadvantages of traditional physical check-in

Having to effectuate the Check-in process physically can suppose a series of obstacles that can ultimately affect the experience of the guest: 

  • Fill in manually all the information.
  • An approximate 30 minutes of Check-In time, depending on the number of guests during the arrival. 
  • Uncertainty of the time of arrival of the guest  (late arrivals, and arrivals out of office hours etc.)
  • Waiting time that can make the guests uncomfortable.

What if you could automate this process and minimize waiting times?
➜ The Avantio check-in online evolves to become aCheck-in, a solution that offers quick and easy registration for all guests.

One of the main pain points for agencies is the Check-in process, having one that is 100% online and that can be done remotely is the perfect solution to improve the experience of the guest, as well as providing simplicity and ease for the Property Managers. 

aCheck-in: Fast, Intuitive and Safe: A remote Check-in Online process that provides beforehand all the necessary documents and will speed up the times of all the formalities

》 Advantages of Simplifying and optimazing the Vacation Rental Check-in Online Process

check-in online Avantio Benefits Time-saving for the guests: When the guests arrive at their final destination, the first thing they want to do is either explore the place or relax. That is why saving time in tedious paperwork is very valuable to the customers. 

check-in online responsive No need for external applications: Fully responsive design so the guest can do it through their mobile or desktop and fully integrated in the Avantio VRMS.

Check-in online by Avantio Benefits Cost-saving for the agency: Lower the cost by needing fewer resources to perform the check-in and key delivery. 

check-in online Avantio Benefits Optimization of the procedures for the PM: Having all the documents prepared in advance and ready to manage with the appropriate authorities allow you to gain time to focus on other important parts of the guest experience: for example preparing a warm welcome that will relax them or be able to manage a greater number of check-ins per day. 

Check-in online by Avantio Benefits Compatibility: Data extraction through the scanner will reduce the error of different regulations and exports that require guest data. The management is controlled and supervised completely by the agency, which is the one that validates or not the Check-In Online. 

check in online avantio automated data collection Automated data collection that upgrades your safety and security standards

》 The New Tendencies of the Sector: A 100% Digital Experience 

The way people travel has evolved thanks to the new technologies, and the vacation rental sector is a key part of this process. The way in which the traveler chooses the destination, their stay and the way in which all the processes are done has changed.

Online reservations prevail in the market, the users search for ease of use at the moment of managing their trip, and offering this is vital to be able to become competitive in the industry. 

It is true that there is a number of travelers that prefer direct contact, nevertheless, for most having a 100% digital solution is an advantage and should be considered. 

How can you offer this experience 100% Check-in online? You just need to have 3 important functionalities:

Check-in online by Avantio
  • Guest Area: A space where the user can always visualize all the details of their stay, as well as where the agency can offer details about the property, give directions of how to get there, personalized experiences etc. 
  • Check-In Online: With just a few clicks the user will be able to check in any time and anywhere. 
  • Digital Keys: The tourist will receive previously all the necessary information to access the property automatically. 

The vacation rental industry is in a constant change and Avantio wants to see its clients advance and have the best tools, so they can offer a seamless quality service. If you wish to get more information about our new aCheck-in, contact us.