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Avantio’s commitment to help you grow your business alongside the highest technological tools is stronger every day, that is why we are happy to announce the upgrade to version 2.0 of our Guest Area feature.

The Guest Area is a new feature available for our Avantio customers, which adds more service to the customer through a simple, attractive, dynamic interface with valuable information. The star feature of version 2.0 is the sale of extra services, which will allow you to increase your revenue and simply the guest relation.

Guest Area 2.0

This new tools will make you stand out from your competitors while adding extra value to your guests. Using the Guest Area you can improve the communication towards the tourist, offering an own page where they can manage their reservations, find important information, like house rules, key collection instructions and recommendations on what you can do in the area once they arrived.

What is included in Guest Area?

  • NEW! Sales of extra services: The tourist can see the services included in the reservation as well as purchase new ones that were not included
  • NEW! Organisation of arrival details (type of transport, date, hour, additional information)
  • NEW! Link Credit cards: the possibility to associate credit cards and purchase services.
  • NEW! Improved and extended booking details: you will find new elements such as detailed price information with the access to check-in, cancellation policy, payments, contact the company (the agency will receive an email), credit card details.
  • A summary of their previous and future reservations
  • Accommodation information
  • Local area information and activities to get involved in
  • How to arrive information
  • Instructions and guides for the vacation rental accommodation, to aid the guest experience
  • A communications area, to send direct emails to the agency
  • Smooth process to re-book your properties
  • A check-in online feature, to streamline the arrival process and get your guest in holiday mode faster including a time of arrival button.

The agency will receive email notifications when tourists request new extras or make changes in the arrival time information.

Now you can provide a better holiday experience for your guests even before they’ve arrived at your property. Increase customer loyalty and positive reviews while simplifying processes with the Guest Area.

If you wish to receive more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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