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Synchronize the reservation processes with the allocation and management of digital keys. Automate these processes from your VRMS account. We make it possible for Avantio’s clients thanks our collaboration with STAYmyway (Lock Up).

Self Check-in with Remotely-controlled key delivery

You don’t have to hand over the keys to your guests anymore, neither worry about insecure systems. No key, fob, card or door code is necessary. With security of our clients’ properties in mind we developed a new solution.

How do Self Check-in work?

The process begins with the installation of the STAYmyway devices in the accommodations. Once this is done, the reservations that enter into VRMS automatically detect if the accommodation has STAYmyway available and the tourist receives the email to download the mobile app. With this app and the digital keys, the tourist has access to the apartment.

The main objective of the integration of STAYmyway is the release of workload and automation of key delivery processes and self check-in of tourists, reducing the hours dedicated to these jobs, optimizing resources and making the company more profitable and productive.

The Property Managers will be able to:

  • Control and manage the reservations received from the VRMS, carrying out activation and deactivation of digital keys,
  • Monitor guest entries and departures,
  • Check the tourists’ status from VRMS, whether they have or have not installed the app yet,
  • Activate and desactivate digital keys,
  • The PM will be able to see reports regarding the type of door opening (remote or physical) for each of the reservation, including the date, time and who made the openings.
  • Another key feature is the remote door opening. The property manager can open the doors remotely, from the VRMS, in case the client does not have the app, or if there is any problem with its functioning.

Avantio and STAYmyway’s integration gives  managers the ability to allow guests to go through each stage of their travel journey using only their smartphones.  Their travel experience starts from checking in remotely and unlocking access to the main entrance of the building via the STAYmyway app. Guests then access their apartment unit and once inside, STAYmyway RFID cards are provided as well, giving guest’s a secondary key option during their stay. This whole process is completed without the need for onsite managerial presence, thus leading to significant management efficiencies and labor cost reduction.

In what is being hailed as truly innovational, vacation rental companies will be able to synchronize the reservation processes with the allocation and management of digital keys, automating this processes from their online vacation rental management system.

If you wish to receive more information, please contact STAYmyway (Lock Up), who will provide you with the details of the connection process.