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New niche portals

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Dormoa, Housing Anywhere, Continental Traveller, Villa Finder y Rentalia are in the Avantio Channel Manager and may be your answer to the question Where to List Your Vacation Rental Property?.

Expand your European markets. Whatever type of properties you manage, the new portals that we’re launching in the Channel Manager PRO has something for everyone. Diversify your distribution and increase your visibility and get more bookings.

As more and more tourists want to go on holiday, more holiday rentals are popping up and the short-term rental industry is becoming more competitive. To keep your business afloat, it is imperative to focus your efforts on the visibility of your properties. Relying only on direct bookings from your website or the major portals is no longer enough. You need to expand your customer base by publishing on specialised portals or portals designed for special guest needs. 

At Avantio we work continuously to offer you the best tools to expand your business. We offer you connection to the main portals on the market such as Airbnb, VRBO, as well as to the more local and niche portals. Thanks to Avantio’s Channel Manager technology, the number of portals that you can find there is growing considerably, offering more than 50 different portals to connect your accommodations to. In this article we bring you the latest connections: Dormoa, Housing Anywhere, Continental Traveller, Villa Finder and Rentalia. We will talk about the details of these later, but now let’s focus on why it is important to expand your business connections.


The following arguments not only answer that question, but are also a key to boosting your business strategy.

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The more portals you connect to, the greater the visibility of your properties to potential guests. Broadening the base of portals where guests can find you adds additional value to your brand. People are not just looking for a place to stay, they are looking for experiences.  Let them choose you based on their needs, whether they are looking for a luxury holiday stay or short-term student accommodation.

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You will have the power to decide whether you want to import all your accommodations to a new portal or whether you want to choose the portal that best suits your customers’ needs. It provides flexibility and constant adaptation to real market conditions.

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Connect to your chosen portal and you can publish your properties in a matter of seconds. This speed not only helps you, but also gives the guest the certainty of knowing that the offers are always up to date and available.

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The fantastic feature we offer you is the customisation of the profit margin of your properties on each portal. You can set different prices depending on the profile of the portal and its audience.

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Set specific occupancy rules on each portal according to your distribution strategy. Modify prices on a daily basis, without the need to create or modify seasons and only on certain days of the week.


Connecting your properties to all the portals available in the Avantio Channel Manager will not bring you more bookings or more guests. Choosing the right portals will allow you to spread the right message. Here are some tips to consider when deciding which portals you want to collaborate with:

  • Define your audience,
  • Know your competitors in the regions,
  • Find out which portals are specific to your geographic locations,
  • Think about the reasons why your customers visit you (e.g. skiing, rural area) and turn their needs into your advantages.

Once you think about these things, you can start looking for the right portals for your properties. Avantio Channel Manager has 5 new connections. Check if they are right for your business.

Where to list your vacation rental property?

For your convenience, we have segmented the portals according to the geographical location and tourist profile of your properties. Check below the most important information of each portal and see how you can boost your bookings.


Do you manage your own holiday accommodation in ski resorts, lakes or mountains, or in Europe’s most popular coastal areas

The new connection to the Continental Traveller portal will allow you to find guests based on the type of your properties.

Continental Traveller owns and operates a B2B / B2C proptech platform that hosts an ecosystem of niche, vertical and focused channels for holiday and staycation property professionals worldwide. For this reason, if you choose to work with them you will take advantage of the entire ecosystem covering all property types and with the opportunity to sell each channel connected to the others. This means that there is a high level of referral traffic and therefore a higher visibility of the managers’ rental properties.

The Continental Traveller deals with 3 modalities: Mychaletfinder (ski, lake and mountain regions), Myvillafinder (villas, flats and flats) and Mycottagefinder (UK cottages).


Rentalia is suitable for all types of accommodation in Spain, Italy, Portugal, France and Andorra. With more than 15 years of experience in the sector, Rentalia has more than 135,000 accommodations in Southern Europe alone and receives more than 15 million visits per year.

Rentalia is a platform of Grupo Idealista dedicated to the promotion of temporary or short-term rentals, holiday homes and rural houses.  It stands out for being a portal with international visibility.


If villas in Italy, South of France and Ibiza and Mallorca are your thing, then Villa Finder is your portal.

Founded in 2012, Villa Finder offers a hand-picked portfolio of over 3,000 villas and chalets in 30 popular destinations, and first-class concierge services for guests on holiday. Their clients are families and groups from all over the world who enjoy the privacy and luxury of a beautiful villa. All the villas listed on their website have been personally selected to ensure they meet the highest standards of hospitality and comfort.


Do you have your properties in Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain or France and you want to go for a medium-term accommodation?  

Housing Anywhere is your portal. More and more guests are looking for mid-term accommodation, take advantage of this new trend and publish your properties on a leading mid-term accommodation portal.

Housing Anywhere has transformed the rental market since its founding in 2009 by developing the most technologically advanced platform in the rental market. With more than 10 million users, the company opens the doors of a home across Europe for students, young professionals and the new digital nomads to securely rent rooms or flats from landlords and property managers on the HousingAnyWhere platform. 



If you manage properties in Italy or apartments in London or Barcelona, Dormoa could be for you.

Dormoa is one of the principal Italian booking platforms which is used by millions of Italians. As of now, they offer apartments in London, Barcelona and Italy. Dormoa carefully selects the properties and hosts in order to maintain quality and deliver a high quality experience for both the guest and the property manager. Dormoa also has a large client base, with over 500,000 visitors every month, and also has an app for guests for their clients to use during their stay, which gives information about the destination and things to do whilst there (experiences, excursions etc).