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Vacation rental property agencies are interested in increasing the number of bookings. This 2-part article will look at what important features could be included in the Airbnb descriptions to attract target customers and maximise sales.

The first aspect to consider: who are your target customers?

It is key that as the vacation rental property owner or agency, that you should what type of customer you want to attract. The type of customers that can be attracted depends on the property style, layout, location and accessibility. Do you have a property which best suits couples on a romantic getaway, or is it suitable for families with young children, or for large groups renting a vacation rental property for a hot summer week, or for people with disabilities?

For the properties to be booked all year long, it may be better to attract a couple of different types of customer groups, who may have different requirements. It is a valuable use of time to define who your target customers are, and consider the value of including an untapped niche market. 

And then: what facilities do your target customers need?

Once you have chosen your target customers, you need to identify the amenities they will need in the vacation rental property to meet their specific requirements: a well-equipped kitchen, a terrace with a barbecue, a baby chair etc. Providing and promoting these facilities will attract those customers and then ensure they feel their needs are met while in your property. If you already have the amenities, do not forget to list them! Remember that a detailed list always captures guests’ attention and reduce uncertainties.

Now you can add features on your Airbnb descriptions to attract your target customers

Here are four aspects to consider adding in your property descriptions which can be included within your listing with Avantio vacation rental management system:

no smoking

Indicate Smoking or Non-Smoking properties. Smoking in the apartment is an issue that needs to be clear between the owner and the guest. If you prefer no smoking guests, you should specify ‘No Smoking’ in advance in the property listing instead of communicating it when the guests arrive. Some guests are deliberately looking for a ‘smoke-free property’, which can be as essential as hot water or internet connection.

Tour 3D

Use 3D technology to offer a new perspective on your property. 3D tours are videos which give potential guests a modern view of your property, and allows them the opportunity to see how your property meets their individual needs.

Using categories

Tag the features of your property which are most of interest to your target market. This will allow your target customers to quickly find the property with the feature most important to them and will increase your Google rankings for those keywords. For example, tagging appropriate properties with important features like ‘Toddler-friendly property’ or ‘Romantic views’ or ‘Private Swimming Pool’ means that customers searching for this feature will be able to find what they need.

WiFi connection

Wireless Internet (Wifi) is essential nowadays. Some guests would prefer Wifi to cable connection and this can greatly affect their choice of accommodation. If you have different internet connection options, prioritise the most popular method, and add the other options available in the description of the property listing.

Avantio vacation rental management software offers many opportunities on how to promote the unique features of your property portfolio so you can maximise bookings. For any further information please don’t hesitate to contact us, and come back to see the next article on property listings, available next month.