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What is Content Marketing?

The difference is one of the key principles to get the most out of the conversion funnel in an ever-increasingly competitive sector such as vacation rental.

How does one achieve that distinction? Through a content strategy that is optimised and adapted to its objectives

« Vacation Rental Content Marketing, or how to rank higher than your competitors through interesting material, valued and deemed attractive by Google »

It’s about an approach that encompasses all actions of creation and distribution of highlighted, valuable material that is focused on a defined audience, with the objective of securing its conversion and increased content engagement. This could vary depending on the destination of the content (web traffic, request for information, branding, sales etc)

The blog of any website is one of the absolutely vital elements in gaining visibility. Articles can achieve this and are a natural and logical way to promote your products and services.

The end goal of a Content Marketing Strategy? Offer useful information which creates a need among the public towards the brand.

Content Engagement as an Ultimate Goal of Your Marketing Strategy

1. Attracting and creating high content engagement

Through blog articles we can reach our target audience, offering them relevant information and position ourselves as the local experts.

2. Improving your brand’s image

Regular blogging helps establish this and creates credibility and trust among your potential customers, new and repeat alike.

3. Visibility

SEO and organic positioning in Google is fundamental for any website. Statistics show that every minute 3.8 million searches are made, where users seek to obtain the required/desired information and at the same time, discover new brands that can cover their necessities. It’s vital that you have a clearly-defined vacation rental SEO strategy to stand any chance of being found organically in such a highly competitive sector.

4. Profitability

In what is effectively a free way of gaining visibility, corporate blogs allow you to combine useful information with the promotion of your services and brand – publicity organically produced over the long-term, for free.

How to gain content engagement truly reflected by Google and it’s users?

The vast majority of the users are able to detect information that has been written with the objective of adding value, or on the other hand, one that merely focuses on SEO ranking.

Google’s algorithms change, but consistent, quality content is always a winner.

In the short-term this kind of Content Marketing can help increase the number of visitors to your website. However, quality must not be compromised by the desire for quick results – we must find the right balance between optimised SEO writings and a good user experience.

Defining a content strategy

1. Knowing your public

You know what the typical questions and enquiries are for tourists coming to your area, and therefore what is key in providing relevant content to your public.

2. Choosing the right tone

Whilst your communications should be directed at a particular audience, it’s important that the tone be aimed at a majority. That way, it’ll be easier to connect with a larger number of people who may not have much knowledge of a topic.

3. Research the needs of your target audience

Understanding the needs of your audience and their potential interests on Google helps to build content appealing to them.

4. Key words optimization

The key words for your area, properties and services should appear in all your content. This is obvious but it’s important for your SEO, and the reader can quickly and clearly identify your content as relevant and expect the same of the rest of your content.

Why is Content Engagement important for the vacation rental sector?

How a vacation rental is found and booked has changed radically and irreversibly in the recent years. First port of call is almost always a Google search. In fact, it’s estimated this figure is as high as 75%.

How to be visible amongst an avalanche of results? Through a good content strategy, directed towards 3 groups:

  • Those who discover your brand for the first time
  • Your current guests
  • Guests who might come back and stay with you again

Ideas of content for the vacation rental sector?

  • Expert local insight: You have the local knowledge: you know the local area and can answer important questions about the best places to visit, eat, and see, and this is invaluable for your potential new clients.
  • Answering typically asked questions: Answering typically googled questions in your content is naturally a good way to get people onto your blog and therefore, onto your site.
  • Graphics and infographics: Keeping the text concise and short is important, especially for mobile users. That’s why it’s important to combine snappy text with images, graphics and infographics. They tend to keep the content engagement quite high.
  • Sharing Guest Experiences: Very important in giving credibility and a human touch to your brand and to add to your image of trust and quality.

« A positive image of a website creates curiosity, good content marketing creates necessity »

Attract more traffic via your website’s blog and with it, increase your direct bookings. Still don’t have one?

Avantio offer a corporate Blog, as part of our Online Booking Websites. Combined they can help you attract and convert direct bookings.

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