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What is the Supply Flow?

Supply Flow involves flow of the goods, services or products between suppliers and customers. In the case of Property Managers it includes all the services you can offer to your guests.




How to measure the Supply Flow of your properties? has introduced the Supply Flow Score, a measure that will help you evaluate the quality of your supply. You can access this metric from the Connectivity Hub.


How to improve the Supply Flow of your properties?

In order to maximize the Supply Flow of your properties, you have to keep in mind a few simple rules.


Make sure your properties are ready to welcome travellers over the coming months


  1. AVAILABILITY. Don’t wait until the next season to open new vacation slots. Do it now and you won’t miss out on potential bookings.


Travellers can’t book what they can’t see on []


  1. LIMIT STAY RESTRICTIONS. Shorten the length of stay restrictions and appear in more search results.


A significant proportion of [] searches are for stays of one or two nights


  1. ADAPT YOURSELF TO GUESTS’ NEEDS. Offer more short-booking-windows, as the popularity of these has increased during COVID-19.


How do restrictions limit the supply flow of your properties?

There are many factors that influence the Supply Flow of your properties. Some of them are external, these are the ones you cannot control. Others are possible to be shaped by your decisions. One of these factors are restrictions. More than a half of the partners are keen to loosen up the stay restrictions if it would guarantee the increase in the bookings. See how restrictions limit the supply flow of your properties:


  • Your properties are nowhere to be found in the search results.
  • The visibility of your properties is reduced.
  • Travellers who look for a stay outside of your stay restrictions’ range, won’t find your apartments.
  • Limited brand awareness.
  • The properties of your competitors are more bookable.

Want to know more about Supply Flow Score? Find the answers to all of your questions in this guide prepared by

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