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Do you have the right data to optimize your property performance management?

We know that there are many tasks at hand that you have to take care of as a Property Manager, one of the most important one is to market your properties in order to reach your yearly sales targets, increase your vacation rental profitability and keep the owner happy. 

Having that said, the objective of our Channel Manager Pro, is to optimize the property performance to maximize revenue with features that will allow you to make the right decisions and steer your marketing and commercial efforts in the right direction.

Knowledge is Power: More Property Performance Management Data = Better Decision Making

Key Data and Metrics

Without data, you are not able to make strategic decisions for your business. That is why we have created a dashboard where you will be able to find key property performance management indicators with sales comparatives. 

Geolocation Information

Do you know from which location your reservations are coming from? Now you will be able to see it in our dashboard. 

This data is important so that you can steer your marketing activities in the right track and promote your vacation rental properties to your targeted audience, based on the country where most of your reservations are coming from. 

Notification Center 

We want to help you make the best use of our channel manager, so we have created a notification center that will alert you of any action you need to take, in regards to your property activation. 

Improve property performance management with our Channel Pro Performance Center! 

So that you are able to get positive results from OTAs, the information that you provide them has to be up-to-date and of high quality, otherwise you will not see the return of investment that you have made in order to be visible on their online booking platform. 

We know that taking care of all these details can be quite time consuming, which is why we have created a new feature within our Channel Pro to keep you updated and improve your ranking and visibility within the different channels. 

The Performance Center, with its high-end technology is able to analyze property performance management within each channel that you are connected to and offer the opportunity to make improvements, through notifications. 

How can the Performance Center help me with my VR Business? 

The Channel Pro Performance Center´s aim is to help the vacation rental agencies with the following:  

  • Increase visibility of your properties within the portals. 
  • Grow your business and boost sales. 
  • Enhance the guest experience. 
  • Increase your repeat guests. 

What property performance management improvements can I make? 

Our Channel Pro Performance Center takes into account the following 9 categories when analyzing the improvements that you can make and gives you the best tips to rank higher within the portals: 

  •  Increase your availability
  •  COVID-19 | Additional improvements
  •  Ranking position
  •  Reduce your workload
  •  Increase loyalty
  •  Property visits
  •  Decrease your cancellations
  •  Conversion
  •  Others

We know that keeping up to date with this list can be quite daunting, but it is necessary because at the end it is a win-win-win situation. The OTA is up to date within their portal, you will give the guest a better experience when they book your property by providing the information that they need and in turn you get ranked higher because you went the extra mile to keep everything tidy. 

We are constantly innovating to fit your needs 

The Channel Manager Pro and the Performance Center are designed having in mind the needs of the Property Managers. 

We know that having the right data can make a big difference for you to make difficult commercial decisions, so we designed a user-friendly and visual dashboard for you to see the property performance management of your business. 

Plus, we understand that keeping up to date with all the specifications of your properties in the channel manager can be a hassle, so we wanted to save you time and resources with our Performance Center. 

If these solutions sound just right for your vacation rental business we will be happy to help you out. You can book a free consultation with our expert team.