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Importance of Touchless Technology

Even before COVID19, touchless technology was already a rising trend seen within the travel sector. Many travelers had already become digitally savvy using technology before, during and after their trips. 

But the recent events we have been living in have further increased the necessity for property managers to implement this type of technology. Not only to offer the guest a positive and safe experience but also to lower costs and become more efficient in their daily business operations. 

This is even more so the case for the short term rental sector with the operation of properties being more complex than other hospitality businesses such as hotels or B&Bs where all services are centralized. 

As CEO Michael Driedger explains, “self check-in has been preferred by the majority of travelers for several years now, but in 2020, the desire for a contactless experience has become that much greater. And property managers who can satisfy that demand are going to see higher occupancy rates as a result – and lower their costs at the same time.”

The Story Behind Operto Guest Technologies and its Smart Stay solution

Founded in 2016 by Michael Driedger, Mark Baxter and Jason Lam with headquarters in Vancouver, Canada – Operto started out with the idea of helping short term rental businesses become environmentally sustainable while saving energy costs at the same time. The goal was to help the industry create a unified guest experience to meet the rising expectation of guests moving from hotels to the vacation rentals.

Further down the line, they realized that another problem facing many busy PMs was the often significant amount of time having to be spent giving access to guests. This led the Operto Guest Technologies team to evolve their product to offer an additional efficient solution for streamlining the check-in and check-out process with keyless entries for guests. 

Operto is now available globally, helping property managers automate their vacation rental homes through their operating system which offers a complete Smart Stay solution including keyless entry, energy savings, and noise monitoring technology – all easy to remotely manage through a single platform, saving valuable time and resources while increasing guest satisfaction. 

“When the coronavirus hit Japan in January of this year, it was very hard to instil confidence in bookings. Literally, no one wanted to have any personal interaction with our team. Thankfully we already had Operto’s keyless entry system installed on all our properties. The ability to rent properties with no need for a human ‘check-in’ has allowed us a booking volume 5 times the average on Airbnb, according to Airdna” – 
COO Breakfast Inc. Edward Hsieh

The mix of Avantio and Operto Guest Technologies

With this new partnership, short-term and vacation rental property managers now have the opportunity to start taking advantage of the latest technology.

As per Manuel Giner, CEO of Avantio mentions ¨We are very excited to have partnered up with Operto, a top ranking and award winning platform which will truly bring value to our clients by offering the latest vacation rental property technology¨. 

Easy access for the guest, less headaches for your agency

With Avantio´s online check-in and Operto Guest Technologies you have the perfect package that will help you gain total control of your check-in and check-out procedure, save time & resources, and offer security for the guest. 


  • Remote online check-in that saves you up to 30 mins per arrival & departure.
  • The main occupant can send the rest of the guests their check-in. 
  • Total control of the guest’s time of arrival and departure.
  • Chat option to help you communicate directly with the guest.

Operto Keyless Entry 

  • Unique entry codes given to guests so you do not have to worry about changing them after each departure. 
  • Alerts you when your guests checkout so you can clean your properties faster. 
  • Codes for each team member so you can have a log of all the entries for enhanced security.

Home automation to keep guests happy and owners worry-free

More and more Property Managers and Homeowners are already using home automation to enhance the guest experience, saving on energy bills and helping the planet by becoming more sustainable. 

Operto also helps the vacation rental community by offering noise and occupancy monitoring, alerting property managers if there is too much noise or over occupancy, which can create problems for neighbours and the reputation of the VR community as a whole. 

Touchless Technology: A worthwhile investment with a lasting 360° positive impact 

There are many benefits of using technology that help your business, the community and the planet:

  • Lower costs and increase your yearly revenue. 
  • Save resources so you can invest in other areas of your business. 
  • Keep your guests happy with an impeccable arrival and departure experience. 
  • Help the vacation rental community by building a good reputation of the industry. 
  • Become a sustainable business with a positive impact for future generations. 

If you want to begin seeing the many benefits of using our combined software, Avantio and Operto will be excited to help you reach those goals.