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All you need to know about marketing luxury accommodation

If you are the lucky property manager of luxury or premium villas and apartments, it is not an easy task to market to the high demanding luxury traveler. 

Designing a true luxury accommodation experience requires patience, attention to detail, dedication, and creativity to craft memorable and unique activities. 

Furthermore, being a very particular niche, you have to find distribution channels with rigorously curated lists that meet the high expectations of the guests. 

But don’t worry, we have put together the following guide to help you attract luxury travelers and get more bookings for your high-end villas and apartments and rise your vacation rental profitability.

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How can I spot Travelers looking for Luxury Accommodation

Let’s be honest, not everyone can afford a luxury accommodation: whether it is an apartment or a villa.

This means that the traveler profile is usually a buyer persona that has a demanding job with high levels of stress, and their main concern is to have a free-worry travel experience.

They will look for an impeccable and personalized service from start to finish, with experiences that are exclusively designed for them.

Privacy also plays a crucial role at the moment of choosing the property, as well as the location. 

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Luxury Accommodation Marketing: Get the right mix to meet their high expectations.

As per the study made by Amadeus, you will find above the Hierarchy of Luxury Travel Needs which you need to consider when promoting your premium listings: 

Privacy & Security 

As mentioned beforehand, privacy is one of the top priorities as well as security. Focus on highlighting items such as: 

  • Items that will make them feel safe (alarms, security cameras, safety deposit boxes, etc.)
  • Highlight information about the neighborhood if it is a well known and reputable location. 
  • Mention the privacy settings of your listings. 

Tailored Activities with a Unique Edge 

Here’s where you have to take into consideration the individual interests to get that wow effect from your luxury accommodation. 

Ask the luxury traveler as many questions, so you can get to know him/her better; communication is key. They might just surprise you. 

And while some prefer great adventures, others just prefer a relaxing activity such as an on location spa or dinner served by a professional chef. 

Individual Service & Attention to Details 

When we refer to individual service this means that you will make them feel that they come first. 

They will await the best advice from a specialized agent who will be their go-to person at every point of the journey, and door-to-door services. 

The key is to make them feel special. Leave a personalized note and a brochure with information of top Michelin star restaurants or couture shops in the area, leave them a basket of local specialties you know they will like. 

Where can I list my units? Luxury Accommodation Websites 

While you might be tempted to list your properties in big OTAs , it is not particularly recommended because this type of niche is not devised for instant bookings. 

Our recommendation is to find high-reputable niche portals with curated listings, that will bring value to your properties and inspire trust. 

In turn, you will find the type of profile that you want to reach for your premium tier rentals. 

A good example of this type of portal is Marriott Homes and Villas, which launched in 2019 and reported by Travel Weekly had a good number of incoming reservations from their Bonvoy Members in 2020. And it has grown from 2,000 listings to 25,000 in just a year’s time. 

I set it as an example because they do a good job of having only highly-curated listings and being a known global brand. Having your luxury accommodation here will give you prestige, as well as the typology of guests you want. 

Another renowned luxury site that might be worthwhile giving it a shot to promote is the Condé Nast Travel Website

Even though it is not exactly a portal, it has a section where they list places to stay and you can redirect them to your site.

There are many more options that you can find out there,  here’s a good list from Rentals ScaleUp which I suggest you have a read through Ultimate List of Luxury Vacation Rental 

Just remember to filter well and choose the right option according to the Hierarchy of Luxury Travel Needs mentioned above and research the site´s reputation. 

Now that we have given you an overview of the luxury traveler you are now ready to enchant and make your future upscale guests fall in love with your dream destinations and luxury accommodation. 

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