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Our channel manager that works with Airbnb allows for two-way connection, this means that we will synchronize property info, rates, availability directly from our VRMS and the portal is able to return booking info including messages. 

Multi-Unit Feature 

This is a great feature because it allows you to have more properties available in your calendar at the same time without blocking it, so you have more flexibility. 

And since you have more availability your visibility will be higher in guest´s search results while giving them more options. 

Just take into account that this only applies to apartments and residential properties. 

  • Updating Rates & Availability
  • Automatically Synchronize the inventory room type
  • The content api we have with Airbnb will allow you to distribute your units faster and more accurately. 

Automatic Listing Import from Airbnb Account

Having to manually input your properties from your Airbnb account into a PMS can be a time consuming process, especially if you have a big inventory. 

With this tool you will be able to automatically create the property from existing listings in your Airbnb account in our VRM. 

What type of information will be imported? 

The information pulled out from your listings automatically will be

  • Property characteristics 
  • Description Texts 
  • Fotos 

Channel Manager Multi-Account Feature 

The multi-account features lets you connect to more than one Airbnb account (through Channel Manager that works with Airbnb and many other channels) and you can associate it to a limitless number of accounts as ¨host¨.

Having a multi-account can be very useful if you have more than one type of property (Eg. Luxury Villas and Urban apartments), using this feature you will be able to better target your different audiences according to your property typology. 

Another benefit is that if you have an account created which has lots of good reviews, you are able to create new listings in that account without having to lose your high score reviews. 

Weekly and Monthly Stay Discounts 

With staycations on the rise, the average length of stay has increased and so it is worthwhile using Airbnb´s weekly and monthly discounts to incentivize bookings. 

Furthermore, by applying this type of promotion for guests that book between 7-27 nights or more than 28 nights Airbnb will offer benefits to your property add. 

For example if you offer a 10% discount to your guests, the discounted price will be highlighted in the following way: 

  • Strikethrough prices highlighting the discount in the search results (1) and in your ad (2).
  • A new line in the final price where the discount offered also appears (3).

It is very easy to set-up these types of discounts through our Channel Manager or Vacation Rental Property Management Software

Through our Channel Manager you can add directly a discount or you also have the option of synchronizing the discounts in the VRMS. 

And these discounts are applicable at all times so that gives you the chance to apply them according to the seasonality and guest demand. 

These are just some of the features which you can take advantage of in order to boost your bookings, but we have more which you might be interested in. 

If one of your main listing sites is Airbnb, or you look for a Channel Manager that works with Airbnb, then we would be happy to offer a free consultation with one of our experts to show you the rest of the features.