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It has never been so easy to set up this promotion now from Avantio Channel Manager.

The travel industry will see vacation rental marketing and mobile devices go hand in hand. With this in mind, you need to start making mobile marketing a priority and keep mobile users front of mind with mobile-only strategies.

Mobile rates are exclusive prices offered to guests searching on mobile devices. This can be on either the app or mobile browsers). Setting up a mobile rate means offering an exclusive discount of 10% or more for mobile users. Once you set up mobile rates, a special badge appears next to your property in search results and on your property page. Mobile rates give properties greater visibility and can ultimately increase bookings from mobile traffic by as much as 28%.

How do mobile rates benefit properties?

The majority of reservations on are made using mobile devices, so offering a Mobile Rate helps you tap into this large group of potential guests. Mobile Rates can also help you target millennials, who make up over 65% of bookings on our mobile channels.

When you offer a Mobile Rate, a special badge appears next to your property in the search results, on your property page and during the booking process. has found that all of this helps to improve your conversion with mobile device users. Mobile Rates are active throughout the year, and you can choose a maximum of 30 blackout dates when they don’t apply.

Mobile Rates apply to all of your rooms and Rate Plans. The Mobile Rate discount is on top of any Genius discounts you offer and any other promotions you’ve set up, except Country Rates and Limited-time Deals.

Attract more bookings

Offering a mobile rate drives more potential guests to your property page.

Stand out in searches

A special badge will appear next to your property in search results and on your property page.

Better price, better reviews, better ranking

Two-thirds of mobile bookings are made by millennials – who write more reviews than any other traveller segment. Attracting these bookers can positively impact your overall ranking on

Setting your Mobile Rates

You can choose to offer any discount amount of at least 10%, but for the best results we recommend a discount of 15%. We’ll only offer this discount in our app, or both on our app and on our website in mobile browsers.

By activating Mobile Rates on both our app and mobile website, you can reach 30% more potential guests compared to on the app alone. Targeting mobile users is more important than ever, since increasing numbers of travellers use mobile devices when both thinking ahead to future trips and booking spontaneously.

Maximise app and mobile web users

When you offer a mobile rate, you can choose to target only iOS/Android app users, but you also have the option of including bookers who use the mobile web browser on their phone instead of the app. By offering both, you’ll reach a much larger audience:

A bigger target: making your offer visible to Chrome, Safari and other mobile browsers can help you reach 30% more phone users 

Brand-new bookers: first-time bookers use a mobile web browser to book 7 times more often than those who choose to download the app

Repeat bookers: repeat bookers gravitate to the convenience of booking within the downloadable app

By giving app and mobile web viewers the option to see your mobile rate, you’ll reach new customers looking for their first great deal, as well as loyal bookers who come back time and time again. If you change your mind later, you can change this option at any time.

If you are already an Avantio customer, configure the new mobile tariffs in your Channel Pro.

If you are not yet a customer, request more info here.


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