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The Importance of Airbnb Guest Reviews

How important is the Airbnb Rating feature for both Guest and Host?

As a vacation rental professional, you’ll know that reputation can make or break a business, and the online presence of your vacation company is vital in the digital era. With Americans reading an average of 17 reviews before committing to a vacation reservation, what guests are saying about you online clearly matters. We explore how Airbnb guest reviews and host ratings can influence the success of your vacation rental agency.

Airbnb guest reviews and host ratings

How do Airbnb reviews work?

After each stay, guests and hosts have the opportunity to leave a review for eachother. Both parties have 14 days following checkout to write a review, and reviews remain hidden until both guest and host have submitted their reviews. Once complete, the reviews are published on the guest’s profile and on the host’s listing and profile pages. 

Leaving Airbnb guest reviews 

Leaving a review for your guests is a chance to show your gratitude for their custom and provide helpful feedback. It also serves as a prompt for them to review you, which may help you to increase the amount of reviews on your profile.

Don’t wait for the reviews to roll in, guests can be busy after a vacation and may forget. Instead, stay in touch with guests and ask for feedback soon after checkout. With our Harmony automation tool, you can create a rule to automatically remind guests about reviews a couple of days after their stay.

Unfortunately, less-than-perfect reviews do happen. This is why it’s important to have follow-up contact with guests as soon as possible, so any issues can be resolved. Treat neutral or negative Airbnb reviews as opportunities to improve your listings or upgrade your hosting style.

Responding to Airbnb guest reviews

When a guest reviews their experience of your Airbnb, you have 30 days to reply to their review. This is a great opportunity to publicly thank your guests for their custom, and also add a personal comment about any points they raise in their evaluation. Replying to guest reviews shows that you’re a professional and attentive host, and 77% of travelers say they’re more likely to book with a host that takes the time to do this.

Streamline your Airbnb reviews

As a busy property manager, you’ll know that keeping on top of reviews across different rental channels can be time consuming. With our vacation rental management software, you can now approve, publish, and respond to Airbnb reviews within the Avantio platform – no need to log into the Airbnb website!

In case you didn’t know, this function also exists for reviews.

Why should hosts strive for five-star ratings?

Reviews build trust

It can be challenging to build trust as an Airbnb host. Not only are you welcoming strangers into your property, but the guest is entering a completely unknown place. Thanks to the rating systems, trust can now be built based on the sharing of real experiences and comments from guests, and also on the responses of the host.

Solidify your reputation

Accurate and consistent delivery of a product or service is vital for building a business reputation. Receiving consistently high ratings from guests shows to future guests that the experience you offer hits the spot, time after time. This assures guests that there’s a high likelihood of them also having a fantastic experience at your property.

Become an Airbnb Superhost

Airbnb grants a Superhost status to those hosts that have an average rating of 4.8 or above, among other criteria. This is only achievable if the majority of your ratings are 5! Superhost status awards you a badge on your Airbnb profile and listings, as a stamp of approval for delivering consistently high quality.

Vacations are a special time for making memories with loved ones, and guests want to have the best experience possible. Many guests will filter search results to only display Superhosts, so being on this list will certainly give you the edge.

What is the Airbnb Response Rate? 

A measure of success 

Response rate is one of the most crucial criteria for success for Airbnb hosts. It’s a requirement for Superhost status, as well as helping to boost your listings’ search placement, resulting in higher visibility.

Response rate on Airbnb measures how quickly you respond to guest messages. For Superhost status, you need to reply to 90% of new messages within 24 hours.

How can you improve your response rate? 

If a guest sends you a message via Contact Host, always make sure to respond to that first inquiry within 24 hours to maintain your high response rate. Responses to guests’ initial message after 24 hours count as a late response, which will decrease your response rate and increase your response time.  

Only the initial message response counts towards your response rate, but maintaining speedy responses to all messages will help you to keep guests happy and build up some more positive reviews. As your response rate isn’t affected by follow-up messages, you don’t have to send the final message in a conversation to maintain your response rate. 

Click here to check your current response rate and work towards that coveted Superhost status!

Airbnb guest reviews build your business

Reviews and ratings are crucial in the vacation rental business. They help build trusts between guest and host, and also increase your property visibility. All of which leads to increased property occupation and revenue.

To find out more about how to optimize your vacation rental property occupancy, book a demo with us today.

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