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Due to continued growth we are pleased to announce a new office in Miami, led by Head of Business Development José Vázquez, to support and grow Avantio’s client based in the American market.

Exceptional service, through the provision of a local base

With the new location we can better serve our growing U.S client database, as the move is a response to our clients’ needs. The Florida office complements the European Headquarters and significantly strengthens our worldwide growth.

This unique space will provide an ideal venue for meetings and the office space will house the specialized team for the North American clients.

We opened the Headquarters in Valencia in 2001, and built a strong European client base, before launching internationally to the North American and Canadian market. Avantio has a firm commitment to the growth of vacation rental agencies through the provision of local support, training and events.

José Vázquez, Head of Business Development leads the Miami office, supported by a team of local specialists dedicated to supporting the development of the local market. His leadership and experience will undoubtedly only provide a smooth strategy for the expansion, and enhance our customer experience within the North American vacation rental software market.

The opening comes at a time of significant growth in the vacation rental market, and Avantio will strengthen its existing relationships within the industry to partner with the most important agencies in the American market.

José Vázquez said “We believe it is important to provide face to face and local support to our existing and new clients in North America to supplement the technological solutions that we offer. We believe this is the optimum time for our new office in Florida as our local team will allow us to have greater contact with our growing number of North American clients and provide a significantly better service.”

The office expansion was a natural step to meet the evolving needs of our customers. We thank you for your continued support.

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