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Facing customer expectations by creating new cooperation models 


Solo Affitti Brevi specialized in managing Italian rental companies since 2017 as a response to the boom of short-term rentals which came about after the EXPO in Milan in 2015. The company was born out of the initiative of Massimo Magni, a successful entrepreneur of real estate in the province of Lecco, Italy who wanted to provide the high-quality and professional management services of the Italian rental properties with the desired profits with security and maximum reliability.

Since 2019 Solo Affitti Brevi Brevi has been cooperating with Avantio on the basis of the franchise agreement. This contract was implemented to drive new and diverse types of business models in the short-term vacation rental industry.

The franchise model is an innovation that allows the Property Manager to acquire Vacation Rental Software, Channel Manager, both with many sub-accounts and pay a fee according to the number of accommodations in the account.


Solo Affitti Brevi had to tackle the challenging management task of the activation and coordination of the 60 VRMS accounts of their franchisees with the master Avantio VRMS account. The whole network of properties depends heavily on the constant exchange of data that need to be immediate and accurate. To deal with this unique challenge Solo Affiti Brevi chose Avantio software because they believe that working with a company specialised in this sector for more than 20 years that offers great products and has a professional team gives them peace of mind.

Would you like to see the whole interview with Solo Affitti Brevi? Visit our YouTube Channel. There you can find this interview subtitled in your language.



Choose the right VRMS and Channel Manager for Italian Rental Properties

As the short-term real estate market started to grow, there arose a need for tools that would facilitate the property management in terms of home automation, related services for holidaymakers/owners, home staging and everything related to the best guest experience. Solo Affitti Brevi needed to manage the network of 60 VRMS accounts and decided to employ Avantio for that purpose. The thing that the company values about Avantio software is the capacity to adapt the product in a very clear, fast and intuitive way especially because of the interconnections between affiliates and the centralisation which contributed immensely to achieving success at a functional level. Solo Affitti Brevi also mentions that they decided to choose Avantio because of its commitment in the functionality, the updates and specialised vision of what is a software, and what it should do.


Facilitate the day-to-day tasks with Avantio

Solo Affitti Brevi puts the emphasis on the company’s vision and development. Avantio Vacation Rental Property Management Software helps them to support and optimize the work of our Property Managers in their day to day, but also to look forward and have a long-term technological structure so that they can make the most out of the new opportunities, and technical procedures, and put them into practice. Moreover the willingness of Avantio to know the company and play a part in its success is highly appreciated, as well as the fact that Avantio is a product made “in-house” by a company specialised in doing so and is purely dedicated to that.The company chose not only to employ Avantio´s VRMS, but also to use the Channel Manager and have a vacation rental website specifically designed for short-term rental industry which allows them to capture more clients and display property portfolio in an appealing and user-friendly manner.


About Solo Affitti Brevi

The company initially started out as a branch of the real estate franchising Solo Affitti Spa to become in 2018 an independent project that covers all the Italian market. Today Solo Affiti Brevi manages over 1,000 Italian rental properties and multiple side projects among which is the booking portal Solo Affitti Brevi Travels.


What makes Solo Affitti Brevi successful?


  • Rental market experience,
  • Extensive knowledge about legal regulations,
  • Network of Italian rental properties all over country,
  • Functional operating model with webinars, one-to-one consulting, tutorials and exclusive operating manuals.

Avantio can also uplift your business. Want to know more details? Contact with us today.

Would you like to see the whole interview with Solo Affitti Brevi? Visit our YouTube Channel. There you can find this interview subtitled in your language.

Would you like to see the whole interview with Solo Affitti Brevi? Visit our YouTube Channel. There you can find this interview subtitled in your language.




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