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Payment Processing for Vacation Rental Agency

We know that running a vacation rental agency has a lot of different areas that you need to tackle on a daily basis, but payment processing is one of the most complex of them all. 

After all money is always a delicate matter for all parties involved. 

That is why Avantio has an additional payment processor provider that you can choose so you can automate all your charges, deposits, and refunds. 

But let’s get to know Ascent a little more… 

Ascent Payment Processing Understands your Needs

Ascent Payment Processing officially launched in 2000, after its founders identified a lack of security and technology that could simplify the reservation and reconciliation process for merchants within the industry. 

ASCENT Payment Processing quickly set out to solve these problems for  vacation rental businesses, integrating an omni-solution payment platform into the top vacation rental reservation software providers, lobbying Visa and other card brands for better pricing, better chargeback regulations, better solutions for payment processing to vacation rental businesses, and offering the first customized security and service platform to this growing industry.

ASCENT grew up in the short-term rental space and then set their sights on bringing their signature brand of service, security, savings, and technology to the rest of the alternative lodging industry. They now count traditional vacation rental businesses, as well as serviced apartments, hotels, resorts, short-term rental and long-term rental property managers, condotels, lodges, and inns among their valued clients.  

ASCENT is a trusted partner and provides payment regulation expertise, modern and innovative technology and programs, and customized chargeback and support services for the top reservation software providers and the leading property managers in the alternative lodging space.

What Does Ascent Payment Processing Provide Through Avantio?

Ascent Payment Processing is able to provide credit and debit card processing with net billing: 

  • Training for your team on how to lower your processing fees.
  • Free documentation review, real-time reporting and net billing.
  • No application fee, no set-up or termination fees, no contract length.
  • Monthly monitoring to ensure your cards are qualifying at the lowest rates.

Interested in connecting with Ascent through Avantio?