Welcome to Avantio’s brand universe.

Below we outline the components of the Avantio brand, including what we stand for, what sets us apart, why we chose the words we use and how we have chosen to present ourselves to the world.

Defining our brand

  • The Beginnings
  • How to describe us
  • Brand values

Design elements

  • Logotype
  • Typography + colors
  • Resources

· Defining our brand  

· Defining our brand  

· Defining our brand  

· Defining our brand  

· Defining our brand  

Over the past two decades our ecosystem and products have transformed significantly. What’s remained consistent is our deep commitment to the vision that our CEO had when Avantio was formed. 

Avantio was born from its own necessity. Our CEO, himself a vacation rental property manager at the time, discovered that the software needed to manage his business didn’t exist. 

So, he set about creating it.

What started as a small software company serving the Spanish market has grown to a global enterprise, with clients across the world. We’re a truly multicultural company, meticulously adapting our products and services to specific regional markets, while maintaining our global perspective.

At Avantio we’re committed to being eternal students. Our clients are our best teachers, and by actively listening to their needs, we’re able to consistently innovate and create products that transform the vacation rental sector. 

And we already have over twenty successful years of doing exactly that – growing sustainably with the needs of the market.

As a result, our company was born with – and will always maintain – the integrity and authenticity of striving to create products that truly help vacation rental businesses to grow. Because we know first hand what that takes.

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The Challenge

The world of vacation rental or short-term rental property management is incredibly labor-intensive. 

Each property has unique qualities, each portal has unique requirements, and each day, week, or season brings a unique client profile. Performing management tasks manually to stay on top of this takes time, resources, and puts the company’s integrity at risk. 

The Solution

Intuitive, powerful, consistent software that automates vacation rental management processes from marketing, to the guest’s first inquiry, to payments and operations. 

The Result

Processes are automated, leaving your team to focus on other priorities. Time and resources are saved. Guests are delighted. Revenue-boosting tools help you to sustainably grow your business.


We know that together we’re better, stronger, more powerful. That’s why we’ve formed strong collaborative relationships with key industry players, from the top OTAs like Airbnb, Booking.com and Vrbo, to professional associations who work to support and advocate for our clients.


To our clients and partners we bring deep and extensive industry knowledge, with more than twenty years in the sector. Our multicultural, multilingual team actively listens to our clients and to the changes of the industry, to ensure we’re both proactive and adaptive to clients’ evolving needs.

Forward Thinking

Staying ahead of sector developments and anticipating client needs enables us to be consistently innovative. We create disruptive, dynamic products that change the way we think about short term rental management. Through a vision of sustainability and simplicity, we’re shaping the future of the vacation rental sector.

· Avantio’s voice 

· Avantio’s voice 

· Avantio’s voice 

· Avantio’s voice 

· Avantio’s voice 

How does Avantio speak when sharing messages across different platforms?

If you create any written or spoken content for Avantio, you’ll need be familiar with our spirit. 

Avantio’s brand voice and tone is rooted in our history of innovation and evolution, our clients at the core of all we do, and our deep experience in the sector.

In summary, we’re authentic, knowledgeable, client-focused, forward-thinking, optimistic, and collaborative. 

Explore how we bring these qualities to life with our brand voice and tone guidelines.

The “Voice and Tone Brand-guideline” is for the exclusive use of the Avantio team, the password is the same as “team Avantio”. If you have any questions, please contact us at marketing@avantio.com.

Voice and Tone Brand-guideline

· Design elements 

· Design elements 

· Design elements 

· Design elements 

· Design elements 

avantio Brandbook 2023

The Avantio mark is a composite type mark. It will always be used together with the symbol, only in the reduced version will the “symbol” version be used.

avantio preferred-partners

Avantio is so proud to be preferred partner of AirbnbBooking.com and Vrbo, that we have incorporated this recognition into our brand universe.’

icono avantio

A simplification of the Avantio logo. Used only for icons and social media profile images

avantio brand guidelines security area

The security area of the Avantio logo is represented by the 50% size of the Avantio in the logo.

Color versions of the logo.

The Avantio trademark may only be used in black and white and corporative orange. We will always use the logo in white on coloured backgrounds or images.


avantio typography Inter


Inter is Avantio’s standard typeface. It should be used for both text and headlines.

Designed by Rasmus Andersson

Inter features a tall x-height to aid in readability of mixed-case and lower-case text. Several OpenType features are provided as well, like contextual alternates that adjusts punctuation depending on the shape of surrounding glyphs, slashed zero for when you need to disambiguate “0” from “o”, tabular numbers, etc.

avantio typography source

Source Serif Pro

Source Serif is the typeface to use when you want to highlight a concept within a title or text.

Designed by Frank Grießhammer

Source Serif continues Adobe’s line of high-quality open source typefaces. Designed for a digital environment, the letter shapes are simplified and highly readable. Its historical roots, combined with expert guidance give the typeface a strong character of its own that will shine when used for extended text on paper or screen.

mix typo avantio

Inter + Source Serif Pro

Avantio Planet expresses itself typographically with “Inter”, when we want to highlight a word or a headline we will use the font “Source Serif pro”.

When we use the font “Source Serif pro” together with “Inter” in the same sentence, we will increase the size by 10% in relation to the size of the font “Inter”.

Core Color

HEX → #F15F41
RGB → 241, 95, 65
CMYK → 0%, 61%, 73%, 5%

Secondary colors

RGB255, 202, 96
CMYK0%, 21%, 62%, 0%
RGB→28, 15, 230
CMYK→88%, 93%, 0%, 10%
RGB68, 211, 210
CMYK68%, 0%, 0%, 17%

Visual resources


Google Slide Template

The official Avantio template to be used in any Avantio presentations.

In it you will find different types of layout and infographic resources that you can adapt to the needs of your presentation. Remember that in this same guide you have the icon and illustration libraries.

Before you start preparing your presentation, remember to work from a copy of the template.

Download Avantio Google slide
avantio property management system

Avantio illustrations library

Our illustration style is a simplification of Avantio’s products. It was created to clearly highlight the solutions and processes provided by the different products and is mainly used in digital communications as well as on our website.

View all illustrations
avantio icons library

Avantio’s icon library

Avantio’s icons are used at different brand touch points: from marketing to the brand environment. They provide symbolism, conceptual clarity and visual interest in simplistic shapes and forms.

View icon library
OTAS + Marketplace + Vacation Rental associations

In this section you will find Avantio partner logos in transparent PNG format.

avantio Brandbook infographics

Visual resources to simplify ideas and processes

avantio Brandbook mockups
Device Mockups

A selection of devices to enhance Avantio interfaces

Avantio photo gallery

A selection of photographs to enhance Avantio keynotes

View library
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Avantio video gallery

Audiovisual product resources in your language

View video library