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Discover what developments happened in 2016 and how Avantio has strengthened and improved its product, thinking of you, our customers (Click here to see the pdf)

Vacation rental management system (VRMS)

Document scanner

Document scanner module

A time-saving Document Scanner module that scans and automatically enters all the tourist data in the guest records in only 4 seconds. This can be easily exported to the police and authorities of each country at a later time.

User roles and permissions

In the vacation rental management system it is now possible to assign user roles and organize the functions and competencies within the software according to the agency requirements. Users can be assigned as any combination of: Administrator, Receptionist, Accountant, Cleaning Services and Head of Reception. Each role has specific functions and access levels that allow the agency to control more efficiently the roles and responsibilities of the vacation rental management system users.

Contaplus integration

Contaplus v2

This is an export module of all data and accounting activity to Contaplus and SAGE (for Spain).

Custom Brand

Offering the possibility to tailor the brand image and user privileges in the VRMS itself, both for Users and Owners.

Custom brand

Police integration

Police and authorities export

A data export module for the Police, Guardia Civil and Mossos d’Escuadra. This complies with the legal requirements of providing data and filiation of people who spend the night in vacation rental accommodation.

UI Improvements

An enhanced log-in interface to the vacation rental management system with the implementation of a communication system. This details industry news, Avantio software updates, upcoming industry and company events and portal connections to keep users and customers of Avantio informed about essential industry and company news.

UI improvementes

German language

German language

Since August 2016 the Avantio vacation rental system has been fully operational in German, offering our customers the ability to operate and work in German from the platform.

New owners intranet

A substantial evolution of the Owners Intranet which now shows a history of settlements, availability and capacity of up to 14 different types of permission options giving greater management control of owner information.

New owners intranet



A new business automation module for tasks and protocols for all the vacation rental agencies involved in the daily management of reservations and other tasks, owners, customers and suppliers.

This is probably the greatest development that rental agencies were waiting for and we presented it this year at FITUR.

PCI enhancements

Security Enhancements PCI

New protection and identity management of vacation rental management system users using encrypted passwords and security measures to safeguard the tourists data and software data following the PCI DSS guidelines.

The vacation rental management system is now protected with an SSL certificate so all communications and data transfers are encrypted and enabled with maximum security.

Specialist vacation rental websites

Search by map

Search by map

A new feature which allows a property and availability search through an interactive map to enable easier searches to meet tourist demands.

PDF Exportation

A new facility which allows a PDF of selected accommodation to be generated, which can then be sent by email to tourists.

PDF exportation

Categorization of properties

Categorization of properties

Properties could be segmented into categories to promote the accommodation by property types or geographical areas. It is now also possible to create your own categories and organize the properties according to the organizational, commercial or marketing needs of the companies, to suit your products and drive traffic to the preferred property type.

Full SSL Certificates

Our websites and reservation services can be protected by SSL certificates of data encryption so it is possible to obtain tourist credit card data in confidence that all information exchanged through the reservation system is fully encrypted, and boost Google rankings.

Full SSL integration

PCI Wallet

PCI Wallet

The PCI Wallet module offers a way to be able to store and access data of credit card numbers and CVCs in a safe manner, following the PCI DSS guidelines. This is an essential, obligatory and fundamental module when working with portals like and HomeAway, and we see that many other portals will follow their lead.

Credit card data is transferred to a secure environment that can be viewed from the vacation rental management system only by individuals with permission, in reference to specific reservations and specific customers.

3D Tours

Do you want to show your accommodation to the world in 3D? With Matterport technology this is possible using Avantio’s accommodation tabs. Consider the enormous sales possibilities that this feature represents.


New connection sales points

New connections to point of sales tools

More payment and collection management platforms have been integrated in our software. We now have more than 14 real payment platforms, and during 2017 we will introduce SYSPAY, an industry leading payment platform that, in addition to collection management, can help identify fraudulent or ‘low reputation’ payment cards allowing post-departure charges and deposits to be blocked etc.

New languages

Turkish and Danish languages are now available in the online reservation system which can be activated in our reservation system and communications with customers and owners.

Languages aid clear communication and avoid problems of interpretation of conditions. In addition they significantly improve the conversion rate of tourists who access property information and conditions in their native language.

New languages

Channel Manager

Automatic connections

Automatic connection

Connections to portals are now completed automatically within seconds. Simply choose the portal required and accept the connection conditions.

Currency converter

For those clients who want to publish their accommodation in their own currency without having to work in international currencies (EUR, USD and GBP), it is now possible to work and publish in the local currency in countries of reference (eg. Brazil, Mexico, Russia, China, Japan).

Currency converter

Price comparasion websites

Price comparison websites

In 2016 we activated Holidu as our first vacation rental price comparison website and new activations are planned for early 2017.

HundredRooms, Hometogo and Apartum will be the next activations to benefit our customers.

New connections

We have extended our Channel Manager to include a variety of quality portals as ‘included channels’. New this year, we added Airbnb to our platform, a sure sign of the robust nature of the Avantio Channel Manager. In addition we added a significant number of new connections at a local level, connecting our customers to tourists looking for specific destinations through their portals.

New connections

preferred partnership

Preferred partnership program

Our preferred partnership program has meant a significant saving for our clients, as the connections with the portals participating in our program have no connection fee.

In our effort to reduce management costs for our clients, Avantio is working to create connections to the portals at zero cost to our clients.

In 2016 we added a total of 15 new connections available at zero cost, which allow greater distribution of the accommodation portfolios both nationally and internationally.

Avantio is focussed on improving the businesses of international vacation rental agencies managing large numbers of properties. One of the ways we do that is through keeping ahead of the market. Read about our new developments for more details.

Avantio vacation rental software offers many opportunities on how to promote the unique features of your property portfolio, in order to maximise your sales. For any further information on our developments or any other topic, don’t hesitate to contact us.