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The Partnership Conference 2017 in Portugal took place on April 26th in Albufeira, and was sensational! We were pleased to have so many businesses attend from the vacation rental sector, who actively participated and gave a real energy to the event. What was key for us was the idea of collaboration and learning from the leading vacation rental portals in addition to experts from other agencies, and Avantio.

Thanks for coming to the Partnership Conference, Portugal 2017

The event started with the presentation of new developments from our Head of Business José Vázquez, demonstrating how Avantio is a software in constant development and improvement, answering to the needs of the local vacation rental businesses.

The attendees also had the opportunity to participate in a live demonstration, presented by our Business Development Manager Paul Castro. The aim of this demonstration was to show some of the functionalities of the Avantio software and present some and top tips, designed especially to help our clients improve their businesses through time and cost savings.

Portals gave presentations about the markets that they cover and how to use their tools to increase vacation rental bookings. All the presentations were very participatory and received positive feedback from the agencies. In addition, we ran successful networking sessions during breaks among portals and agencies, so they could discuss business, new ideas and developments of the sector.

We had the attendance of João Valente, Joana Silva e Rui Ribeiro representing, Stephanie Moutaoukil e Mirco Erdmann representing Traum-Ferienwohnungen, Camille Maciet e Stéphanie Collet on behalf of Holidu, Ricardo Macieira, Nathalia Arantes e Marta Santos representing Airbnb and lastly, Anne Lauret from Muchosol.

Eduardo Miranda, President of the Portuguese association of local properties (ALEP), was with us and delighted us with his presentation regarding legislation and the future of the rental property sector in Portugal. This was a moment of great interest for all of our attendees.

We were very pleased to have two of Avantio’s clients share their impressions and experiences about Avantio. We enjoyed hearing about our strong points from their perspective showing their satisfaction with our company and also, telling us what could be improved from a constructive vision.

We offered a raffle of our new web Enterprise with new designs to all the companies that were attending our event and finally the winner was Pedro Carvalho, representing My Choice Algarve.

We closed this event with a cocktail where companies shared their ideas and questions with other industry experts, portals and the Avantio team.

The Partnership Conference 2017 in Portugal was a success, thanks to the effort and hard work of all the Avantio team, Hotel VidaMar, participating portals, as well as the presence of ALEP and mostly to all the agencies that attended the event.

Avantio participate in, and run many events across the world each year. If you are interested in attending any of our events in the future, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Here is the transcription of the video above:

  • Avantio is a global company operating in more the 24 countries aroud the world and it is the establish leaader in Europe principally in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, The United Kingdom and Portugal.
  • In those countries where Avantio has an important number of customers, each year, Avantio organizes an event of Preferred Partnership.
  • The Preferred Partnership of Avantio, is an event specially designed for the company’s clients to attend network sessions with representatives of portals and companies on a global level, as well as training programs and generally to keep up to date with the lateste tools, news, rules and fiscal legislation and a whole lot more.
  • In this event, the key new features of vacation rental management software are presented, the latest connections with new platforms and portals, and new the web designs of the season.
  • The Partnerships Conferences, last between 2 and 3 days. And in them, Preferred Partners of Avantio, that is to say: portals, comparison web sites or technological providers specialized in vacation rental. Present their products and explain to Avantio customers how to get the best out of their respective busnesses.
  • This year, we celebrated in Albufeira, in the portuguese Algarve our first edition in which Avantio clients and portals have attended. Present were: Airbnb,, Holidu, Traum-Feriumwhonunguen and Muchosol.
  • Next year, during the same dates we will be back demonstrating our commitment to them and presenting the key new features and tools we develop for them and their needs.
  • We look forward to seeing you all again next year. Thank you so much for coming. Best wishes from all the Avantio team.
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