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We are happy to connect this year with some new portals, and one of these portals is Expedia who will be participating in The Avantio Partnership events in Italy, Spain, and Portugal! 

Discover more about one of the top online travel portals that offer travelers an extensive selection of accommodations, activities and travel services at competitive rates.

What are the benefits of connecting to Expedia through our Channel Manager?

Travelers shop where they can find the largest selection of accommodation and travel products. Expedia Group offers choice and the ability to book everything easily and in one place. A collaboration with Expedia Group drives a multitude of benefits for your business, not only as a way to attract new customers or a platform to connect to but as an incremental source of revenue to build up your bottom line. ​Together, we bring the world within reach.

​By joining the Expedia Group platform, you will have the opportunity to reach travelers from around the world, display your property on our 200+ websites, and leverage our marketing tools to boost your visibility and target the travelers you want, when you want them. 

What will Expedia share with us at the event?

As the vacation rental space continues to evolve, we too continue to broaden our vacation rental supply and introduce Property Managers to the Expedia Group travel platform. 

Our Property API and Product API are now available for connection with Avantio Channel Pro; this will have a positive impact for Property Managers working with both companies, allowing them to synchronize property attributes, images, policies, and fees as well as room types and rate plans. Thanks to this, it will be simpler and faster to have your property online and ready to sell with the best content.

We have also launched the new Multi-Property application that enables our travel partners to view and manage their entire portfolios more easily.

What is Expedia most excited about participating in the Avantio Partnership?

At Expedia Group, we’re most excited about the opportunity to connect in person with our travel partners. We have lots to discuss! From strategies for the year ahead to demos of new Expedia Group tools and features. We’ll also enjoy the opportunity to grow our network by meeting potential new travel partners and suppliers. 

Not only an excellent place to network, Avantio 2019 Conference will also provide an opportunity to learn about new industry trends. The travel landscape is continuously evolving, and the conference will be a great place to share ideas and innovations as well as to spot new opportunities.

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