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Active from 27/06/2017 after 3pm (CEST) : Being able to control your payments is essential for your vacation rental agency. Within the Avantio Vacation Rental Management Software you can configure the payment collection policy of each portal that you work with. So you can run your business in confidence that the payments for each reservation are being collected in the way that best suits your agency.

The feature allows you to indicate exactly how and when the reservations and extra services are charged, what amount and if it is the company or the portal who charges the guest, according to the portals condition of payments. We know that the way you work with each portal may be different, and as such, how you wish to receive payments may also vary. This feature offers the option to indicate your business rules on a portal by portal basis, completely free to elect different rules for each portal!

Once you have made the set-up, the reservation in the vacation rental software will automatically reflect the payments received or to be received, the dates and who has charged or has to collect.

This offers some important benefits for managing your vacation rental agency:

  • Save time: no need to enter payments and deadlines manually for each reservation.
  • Fewer errors: the system sets the payment rules automatically according to the portal through which the reservation arrives.
  • More flexibility: choose if you want to edit the entered payments manually.
  • More control: access a detailed breakdown of the amount that portal is due to pay

How to personalise all payments from portals

The development of this feature in the Avantio vacation rental software (VRMS) has been created entirely to support our clients in their vacation rental business. If you are not yet a client and would like to see how Avantio can help you grow your business, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For further information on how to set up this process, please refer to the Avantio Support page.

Avantio is focussed on improving the businesses of international vacation rental agencies managing large numbers of properties. One of the ways we do that is through keeping ahead of the market. Read about our new developments for more details.

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