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The 4 Most Powerful Vacation Rental Channel Managers in 2021

For those professional property managers struggling with their vacation rental channel management system, upgrading should be the number one priority before the global travel market surges once more in 2021. 

Typical problems that professional property managers face with their vacation rental software include:

  • Lack of occupancy, double bookings, cancellations, or problematic check-ins that drain human resources and ultimately lead to lost revenue. 
  • Limited direct API integrations with booking channels in a constantly evolving marketplace where tech-enabled property managers find new opportunities beyond established OTAs such as Airbnb,, and Vrbo. 
  • A lack of automation and synchronization within your tech stack – especially between your channel manager and property management system (PMS), stretching your already limited time and frustrating efforts to scale up your business. 

While 2020 was a hugely challenging year for the travel industry worldwide, travelers have not lost faith in exploring the world: now pent-up demand, combined with the global vaccination effort and opening of international borders, is leading to a swell in airline bookings for summer 2021 and beyond. 

And it turns out the post-pandemic travel landscape provides new opportunities for the savviest of professional property managers with short-term rentals officially the preferred choice for travelers when it comes to deciding where to stay. 

Best channel managers for holiday rentals

With so many channel managers out there, and more property management software appearing all the time, choosing which one is right for you and your business can be a daunting task. 

Yet the needs of professional property managers – who may oversee hundreds of vacation rentals and engage with many different channels on behalf of homeowners – are inevitably more complex and more demanding than those of short-term vacation rental owners or small-scale property managers, who might oversee up to 30 or 40 properties using a handful of distribution channels and listing sites. 

As a result, here we’ve summarized and compared a cross-section of channel managers, from the most established, Avantio, to more recent newcomers to the property management software market.  

Comparing best channel managers for vacation rentals in 2021

OVERVIEWFounded over 20 years ago, Avantio is the most established VRCM, exclusively serving professional property management agencies around the world. Guesty is an Israeli company established 8 years ago and focused on small-to-medium-sized property management agencies.With Headquarters in the Netherlands, the company focuses on offering connections to Hotels and Vacation Rentals to the  world’s major booking channels.Barcelona-based vacation rental agency set up in 2015 by three competitors in the mid-sized rental market who joined forces to take on the property rental giants.
Online VRCM solution 
Integration with 60+ Channels and OTAs (inc Airbnb, HomeAway, Vrbo, Tripadvisor, Flipkey)
Real-time analytics 
Live telephone support 
Established over 20 years ago
Global reach, 30+ countries  
PMS integrated with VRCM 
Location-specific expertise – custom laws & regulations 

Vacation rental channel manager software – how to choose

Technology is central to the smooth and increasingly automated running of your professional vacation rental agency and, as a result, choosing the right rental channel manager is a decision you can’t afford to get wrong. 

Here are the key reasons why you should consider choosing Avantio as your channel manager

  • We’re the only vacation rental channel manager built specifically for professional property managers. 
  • Our decades of experience ensure your peace of mind – we’re a safe pair of hands, not a startup who may not be around tomorrow (or taken over by a competitor with different commercial priorities). 
  • We have an in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of each country’s requirements, regulations, laws, and messaging, all of which have been gathered over many years and are incorporated into our software. 
  • We value personal relationships with our customers and offer live telephone support and training – no matter where you are in the world.
  • We have the best two-way API XML connection to 60+ channels, booking sites, and online travel agencies – not just syncing with the most established OTAs such as Airbnb,, and Vrbo but other more niche and new channels as they emerge. 
  • We enable you to eliminate your fragmented tech stack via synchronization of the VRCM and PMS through an integrated, real-time interface. 
  • We also provide all the tools needed for the day-to-day running of your business, from a dynamic booking engine including flexible pricing, ICAL Export, and credit card payment processing. 

02+Avantio+The Avantio Channel Manager: integrated, all-in-one vacation rental channel manager and PMS offers automatic full synchronization with channels such as Airbnb,, and Expedia. 

Why Avantio is the best channel manager for holiday rentals

As independent online review sites consistently testify, professional property managers who use Avantio are enthusiastic in their praise for the company’s vacation rental management system, singling out its ease of use and customer service.

One of the key reasons professional property managers are attracted to Avantio is because it’s the most established vacation rental channel manager in the business, with over 20 years of experience.

It was this that led Rui Le Costa of Feel Porto to switch to Avantio from another software provider in 2017, “Avantio Channel Manager has a strong standing in the industry and experience at forging partnerships with portals. We have found Avantio to be extremely reliable, and it gives us a competitive advantage in our sector.”

Given the dizzying speed at which the short-term vacation rental industry is evolving, professional property agencies who must grapple with this on a daily basis are reassured to have the support of the market leader Avantio. “When platforms such as Airbnb and launched, we created our own software but it was quickly becoming obsolete,” says Rui. “We have worked with Avantio for a long time now, and they have always been very attentive to our needs.”

For other professional property managers, it’s Avantio’s integration of its channel manager with a powerful PMS that really stands out. Professional property manager Oliver Graham who manages 250 property rentals says: “It wasn’t a case of why choose Avantio over other channel managers, it was why not go with Avantio?

“The industry is changing constantly and we couldn’t find another company who could really focus our business the way that Avantio could. We had no doubt that Avantio offered the best service for us.”

Ultimately one of the key benefits of an effective vacation rental management system for busy professional property managers is the ability to automate as many tasks as possible, and for Miguel Ángel Sotillos of Fincas Arenas, Avantio fits the bill: “Avantio allows us to be more efficient and reduce our labor costs in the day-to-day running of the company, so our staff have less manual work to carry out and can focus on doing their jobs.

“We need to deliver what the market is demanding,” says Miguel. “Every year there are new challenges and requirements, and we have to have a technological advantage for us to stay ahead.”

For Emmanuel Pioton, professional property manager of My Flat in Nice, the personal, human touch is what he values most: “We’ve worked alongside Avantio for a long time and have a special relationship with them. They have always been very attentive to our needs as a business, and we have a direct line to them, which works extremely well.”

Whether you value reliability and experience, ease of use, or customer care, our customers tell us Avantio is the clear choice for professional property managers.

Conclusion – Having a vacation rental channel manager that supports your business is paramount

With the world finally starting to reopen again in 2021, and vacation rentals set to be the preferred lodgings for those looking to spend time away from home, huge opportunities await the most prepared and forward-thinking professional property managers. 

If your existing vacation rental channel manager isn’t working for your business then now is the time to put that right. Technology is only going to become more critical in this industry and you don’t want your systems to let you fall behind your competitors. 

In just 14 days you could be set up on the right VRCM with the functionality to thrive in the brave new world of post-pandemic professional property managing. 

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