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Channel Manager Connection Apartmentdock with Avantio

Holiday apartments & villas

Apartmentdock is an Australia based company servicing travel agencies worldwide with a strong and unique access to Australian travel agencies.

Dedicated to simplify operations with an instant booking confirmation system, it takes care of currency exchange complexity for its customers, making life easy for both customers and property managers.

Apartmentdock offers properties for all budgets, however their best performing properties are in the higher-end of the market.

Benefits of apartmentdock with Avantio Channel Manager
Visibility in the Asia-Pacific market

Working with Apartmentdock will bring your company more visibility in the new markets, such as Asia-Pacific and, in particular, Australian.

Instant Booking

Apartmentdock provides 100% confirmed bookings with the instant booking system making life easy for both customers and property managers.


They only work together with professional agencies, to increase the industry reputation of quality accommodation in the Asia-Pacific market.

Most of the bookings received are for France, Italy, Spain and the UK and due to high demand Apartmentdock is now opening its inventory to Asia-Pacific and the US market.

Top destinations of Apartmentdock include France, Italy, UK, Spain, Australia and USA.

Apartmentdock works on a mark-up model with property managers. You provide your net prices on which Apartmentdock adds its booking fee, credit card fee and currency exchange fee.