Digitize your company with the help of the Kit Digital program

Do you want to implement management software for your vacation rental business and boost your digital marketing and online bookings?
Now, you have a new opportunity to digitize your company. Discover the Kit Digital.

Consolidate your digital sales strategy with Avantio and Kit Digital

Optimize your daily processes thanks to the “Next Generation EU” European funds, within the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.

The program subsidizes the digitization of small businesses, micro-businesses and self-employed people.

Avantio is one of the few digitalizing agents in the vacation rental sector.

The digital marketing service, the optimization of your website and the implementation of management software for your vacation accommodation management business are some of the services that you can subsidize thanks to the “Digital Kit” of the Acelera Pyme Program.

Promote the digitization of your vacation management company with a subsidy according to the size of your business

More channels, more bookings, less work.

Small and medium companies

(10 to 50 employees)

Up to €12,000

Small companies

(3 to 10 employees)

Up to €6,000

Micro-companies and freelancers

(1 to 3 employees)

Up to €2,000

Take advantage of the Kit Digital to digitize your vacation rental company

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What solutions do we give you for the digitization of your business?

Website and digital presence

Increase your digital visibility.

Expand your online presence by creating a new website and positioning your brand.

With Kit Digital, increase your direct reservations, attract new owners and increase guest loyalty. Strengthen your brand and encourage repeat bookings as guests avoid the search via OTAs and head straight to your site.

From €2,000 to €5,000


Optimize the management of your direct reservations.

Incorporate an online store (booking engine) into your sales strategy.

Save time and resources by integrating an online booking engine into your website – automatically sending information to your property management platform. Centralize all reservation and guest information to have greater control of your business.


From €750 to €3,500

Social media management

Expand your brand channels.

Promote your business on social networks.

Differentiate your properties from others in the area by promoting your services and those of your suppliers via social channels. Your potential clients spend significant time on these channels, start a social media acquisition strategy to catch their attention.


From €200 to €1,000

Customer Management

Guarantee a 5-star digital experience for your guests

Digitize and optimize the management of your customer relationships.

Increase guest loyalty with tools like online check-in, live messaging between owners, suppliers and guests, and sending personalized promotions to encourage repeat bookings in your properties.


From €400 to €2,000

Business intelligence

Increase your income and get the most out of your properties.

Capitalize on your company’s data to optimize the decision-making process.

Examine your properties’ real time occupancy rates and average prices, to stay ahead of the market. Adapt your distribution strategy according to the data analysis offered by Avantio tools.


From €400 to €2,000

Process management

Simplify the management of your processes and optimize resources.

Scale your vacation rental business by saving time on manual and repetitive tasks. Via the Kit Digital you can automate payments, communication and settlements to free up time in your day-to-day.


From €400 to €2,000

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