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Back Recruitment: Senior Software Engineer
Location: Valencia (Spain)
Published: 16/3/22
Salary: according to experience and knowledge.
Experience: Minimum 2-3 years
Category: Software Developer
Languages: Spanish, English

Avantio is a technology company located in Valencia (Spain) and Miami (USA) that is revolutionizing the vacation rental business.

Avantio's goal is to provide innovative cloud-based solutions for professional agencies that manage large amounts of accommodations. We provide them with the tools to stay ahead of the market to empower their business, maximize their resources and drive their growth.

We are growing our team in Valencia (currently +110 employees of +23 different nationalities) and we are looking for a backend developer who will take a key role in our team and in the company's vision for the future.


What are we looking for?
  • Being a senior profile, we do not have a number of years of experience, as we do not believe in that metric. But we do believe in quality experiences and that is what we are looking for, someone experienced in a work environment like ours, where quality is a maxim in delivery, used to face new challenges, adaptive, autonomous and responsible.
  • Solid knowledge in Javascript, specifically Node.js written in Typescript.
  • Previous experience with high-volume distributed services with queues, events, etc...
  • Solid experience in the design and implementation of REST APIs.
  • Knowledge and experience in object-oriented programming: abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism.
  • Experience in the use and modeling of relational (SQL) and documentary (MongoDB) databases.
  • Knowledge and experience in testing, linting and good code development practices in general.
  • Familiarity with agile methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban.
  • Experience in other languages such as Go and Python.
  • Experience developing software in microservices oriented architectures
  • Experience with AWS services such as SQS and SNS
  • Knowledge of Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Knowledge in the use of continuous integration tools.
  • Passion for technology
  • Entrepreneurial attitude

As a Senior profile you will participate in the following horizontal missions to the department:

- Support the technological transformation of the company.
- Work on the cloud landing in AWS.
- Define global architecture roadmaps.

- Maintain and evolve the shared components and microservices of the Avantio stack.
- Support the other teams in the area as needed: architecture design, validation of technical approaches, mentoring, validation of technical approaches, technical mentoring, resolution of bottlenecks, proposal of refactors or bottlenecks, the proposal of refactors or changes in case of performance or memory problems, new designs from scratch, etc..

Initially, you will join Avantio's horizontal engineering team, during your stay in this team you will get a global vision of Avantio's technological stack which will allow you to you will get a global vision of Avantio's technological stack, which will allow you to get by fluently when you land in the target team, which in this case will be Connectivity.

The Connectivity team is in charge of maintaining and evolving the different services and integrations that, among other things, distribute the hosting to the main internet portals. The use of good engineering practices, such as the correct design of architectures is key due to its high traffic and transactionality.

What will you do?

The stack you will be working on will be Node.js, mostly written in Typescript. Although we have some microservices made in other languages like Python or Go.
In terms of database we have something for everyone (relational, document, kv, time series...) depending on the need, although everything is more focused on the document part
with MongoDB. We are quite non-conformist and we like to consider what will be the best solution to a problem in each development, deciding the best architecture depending on the needs.

All the code that is generated in Avantio is tested and deployed through CI/CD pipelines to our Kubernetes cluster. It is very much taken into account for code maintainability, best practices and testing.

Your responsibilities

● Design, develop, deploy, maintain, monitor and evolve back-end services and their supporting tools.
● Identify, propose and implement enhancements to current components, services and systems.

● Design and implement scalable, sustainable and innovative architectures.
● Implement metrics and develop ways to improve them.
● Document and design processes, as well as update existing ones.
● Participate in brainstorms on new ideas and ways to improve delivery and quality of different products.
● Produce clean, consistent and well-organized code by adhering to good development and deployment practices.
Provide value by supporting everyone in the Avantio team, with the goal of fostering an environment where knowledge flows.

What we do offer?

When and where you will work

At Avantio we understand that each person has his or her own pace and personal circumstances, that's why the working day is flexible, and you can work from 8:00 to 10:00, which is usually the time of the day. In summer we make some changes and we work in an intensive schedule from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.

In short, we are looking for people who are organized according to the objectives and work to achieve them.

You can work from our offices in Valencia, equipped with chill-out spaces, table soccer, ping pong, arcade and sofas. Where you will have daily fresh fruit service and also coffee and tea at your disposal.

But if you prefer you can work remotely from wherever you like, the only condition is to come to the office a couple of times a month (one day every two weeks as a reference), to deal with certain specific issues.

What do we offer?

● Participation in technology events.
● Equipment adapted to the needs and tastes of the employee.
Access to training.
● Team building days.
● Full-time contract.
● Immediate incorporation.

● Competitive salary according to experience and knowledge.

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