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Fully compatible with the following payment gateways:

Simplify your payment transactions with
Avantio Payments


Secure payments for you and your guests

Protect your business with Avantio Payments

Security is vital when it comes to the payment process of your agency. With Avantio Payments you will be able to have peace of mind that your business and clients are protected.

  • Credit card encryption
  • Automatic card verifications and fund checks
  • Card details are encrypted and saved securely


Simplify your payment process through automation

Effortless payment processes with Avantio Payments

Avantio Payments adapts to your business model so you can choose how you want to automate and handle your payments.

  • Set up charges, refunds and deposits of your direct bookings and incoming reservations from other portals
  • Choose the date and ztime you want to perform payments and notify guests
  • Select multiple payment flow options for failed payments
  • Quickly and easily configure payment reattempts
  • Check all payment statuses in a single view


Transparent transactions
= optimal guest experience

Go a step further with Avantio Payments

Of all the touchpoints of the guest experience, handling the guest’s payments can be the trickiest.

So why not make it as transparent as possible to avoid any misunderstandings?

With Avantio Payments you can configure automatic notifications to your guests of each credit card transaction performed in the system, assuring your guest and boosting your brand reputation.


The first PMS and Channel Manager connected to 9 Gateways

If you have property in different regions and need to use more than one payment processor, Avantio Payments adapts to your business needs.

You have the option to connect with:

  • Syspay
  • Stripe
  • Comercia Global Payment
  • Ascent
  • Worldline
  • Amazon Payment Services
  • Axerve
  • Redsys
  • First Atlantic Commerce

More connections available very soon.

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