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5 Nov 20 COVID-19 Resources

Airbnb simplifies prices and bets on health, new trust, reliable guests, and safety standards for travelers

What is the Airbnb simplified pricing and what’s changing? On Dec 7, 2020, simplified pricing will be applied to all your listings. Simplified...
6 Aug 20 COVID-19 Resources

Vacation Rentals in Europe Saved by the Bell

Despite the trials and tribulations for the vacation rental sector from February to May due to covid-19 restrictions, our data showed a surge...
13 May 20 Business tips COVID-19 Resources

What is Cross-Selling and How Can Your Vacation Rental Agency Benefit From This Strategy?

Cross-selling can be a great option for vacation rental agencies to expand their inventory. Here we offer a complete guide about VR cross-selling.
9 Apr 20 Business tips COVID-19 Resources

Keep Communicating With Your Guests Through Empathetic Marketing

Even though the Vacation Rental industry is going through some rough times, and travel has completely stopped, this does not mean you should...
7 Apr 20 COVID-19 Resources

How to Maintain a Perfectly Clean and Disinfected Vacation Rental Property

Now more than ever, having a clean and disinfected vacation rental property is of utmost importance.  Guests will be placing a higher emphasis...

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