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2 Feb 21 Business tips

4 Touchless Technology Touchpoints Where you can Make Your Guests Feel Safe (+ List of Touchless Tech Examples)

The adoption of touchless tech to manage vacation rentals remotely is a good investment in the long run. Find out how and why.
27 Jan 21 Business tips New features

Quick Guide SAFT-PT 2021. Keep up to Date Your Fiscal Declarations With Avantio.

SAF-T is a standard file that exchanges accounting and tax information. Avantio´s software is adapted for SAF-T files. Here´s a quick guide.
18 Dec 20 Business tips

Make Extra Money From Alternative Business Opportunities

Make extra money from alternative business opportunities. Here’s a list of extras or services that Property managers are offering. Read more.
16 Dec 20 Business tips

The Excellence of Team Work Towards Success

Florida Keys – Colorado Canyon – Napa – Orlando, all these destinations are fantastic, famous, and successful, but have you ever thought...
11 Dec 20 Business tips

Why cooperation and synergy are positive for the sector and how they reinforce the idea that sharing a mission and vision leads to success.

Avantio and VRBO are old work mates. We have been working together and providing the best technology for our mutual customers for over...
10 Dec 20 Business tips

PSD2 Legislation – what will change and what do I need to do?

Most likely you are somewhat familiar with the PSD2 legislation (Payment Service Directive) which will come into effect in 2021, but perhaps you...
24 Nov 20 Business tips

5 Tips to Improve your Properties’ Occupancy

It is time to maximize your property occupancy, especially now that the demand is low. The US market is still active, and despite...
7 Oct 20 Business tips

Professionalize your Property Care in Travel’s New Climate

– Tips for Optimizing Service Delivery During the Pandemic – The pandemic has highlighted the importance of maintaining high-quality, safe...
6 Aug 20 Business tips

Vacation Rentals in Europe Saved by the Bell

Despite the trials and tribulations for the vacation rental sector from February to May due to covid-19 restrictions, our data showed a surge...
13 May 20 Business tips COVID-19

What is Cross-Selling and How Can Your Vacation Rental Agency Benefit From This Strategy?

Cross-selling can be a great option for vacation rental agencies to expand their inventory. Here we offer a complete guide about VR cross-selling.

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