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Personalized Proposals

Individual Promotional Actions

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Increase your conversion rate by offerring special promotions and discounts to your guests.

Direct Reservation Option in One Single Click

Making a reservation is just one click away. The guest will be able to book directly through a link within the personalized proposal.

The agent will be able to send personalized proposals via e-mail and convert opportunities into bookings.

Increase Team Productivity

Retain loyal guests by providing excellent service through the follow-up of special requests of the tourist, and sending personalized proposals created exclusively for booking conversion.

The tourist's experience starts from the first moment he contacts the agency. That's why we want to help the reservation agents so that the service is impeccable from the first moment, and they can turn customers into loyal recurrent guests.

Improve the Guest Experience

Improve Your Team´s Productivity

Centralize All Information

Connect and Maximize Performance

Transparency in sales teams is key. A complete view of request statuses will be available and everyone will be able to access the information, maximizing their productivity.

Increase Direct Bookings

The efficiency of your team translates into more time to sell. You can organize requests for reservations, status and enter notes to align your teams.

Controlling and tracking all requests from a single, unified view improves the performance of booking agents.

Manage booking requests through a single view and follow-up so you don't miss out on business opportunities.
And with the internal note option, you can align your team.

A team's productivity directly impacts results and sales. With the Opportunity Manager you can organize your team  so that they are all aligned, maximize their management time and generate more direct sales.

Increase Your Direct Bookings Through Personalization

Business Opportunity Manager

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