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Time is an expensive commodity for property owners and managers, and the process of completing paperwork can eat into precious time which could be better spent developing the business or building relationships with the customers. Vacation rental software features which reduce paperwork are highly valued and free up time. One such gem, is the ID document scanner.

When a customer checks-in to a property, their information is often needed for the company records. In addition, by law, the police in some areas of Italy, Portugal and Spain require customer information of all customers staying at the property within 24 hours of arrival. Failure to do this can lead to fines. This trend in police data collection is already Europe wide in hotels, and looks to spread for rental property. Both company requirements and this law require the time consuming process of manually updating records with identification details of all customers staying at the property. For customers checking into the properties, waiting for this process to be completed is a boring start to their stay.

Time is precious, repossess yours with an ID document scanner

A scanner offers a quick and easy way to reduce this process, by offering an automated data upload through a simple swipe of the identification card or passport. The set up process of the scanner is simple, and only needs to be linked to the Channel Manager software. However not all scanners are created equally, and it is in the details where value can be added. Our software offers;

  • the ability to store the identification file as an image which can be sent to the police.
  • the ability to link the scanner up to numerous computers meaning one office can use the same scanner with multiple users.

Scan of an ID card

The check in process is shortened greatly, offering the customer a smoother transition from arrival to enjoying their holiday property, and giving the property manager more time to welcome the guests, whilst staying compliant with local legislation.

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