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We’re happy to announce the latest update to our vacation rental software Vacation Rental Management Software  just in time to kickstart the new year.

New developments include:

The “Invoices” section is now called “Accounting”

Now that additional functions have been added to the section, it’s no longer just for invoicing. We’ve also made the internal menu more user-friendly.

Dynamic management of received and outstanding reservation payments

We have added a new module, Manage Payments, under the Accounting section, which provides the following functions:

  • Received payments listing, which can be filtered by dates, payment method, client, booking reference number and more.
  • Outstanding payments listing, which can also be filtered, with the option of inserting partial or total payments received without leaving the page.

The client’s email address is no longer compulsory

Due to popular demand, we have made the client’s email address an optional field when inserting reservations from the backoffice.

Check-out listing with comments

We’ve added a new filter to the Bookings section, under more options, which allows searches based on check-out dates.

This allows you to generate listings, for example after a determined check out date, which you can export to .csv or Excel to access more information about the bookings, including comments.

New amenities and features in the Accommodations section

You can now load more information about your accommodations, including the distance and name of amusement parks and water parks under Surroundings and Distances, and under Main Information you’d find selections for window screens, mosquito repellents, number of appliances, fans, alarms, tennis, squash, padel tennis, sauna, playground and gym.

More control over cleaning and services

For each service provided, you can now specify the date on which it should be performed. For example, it is possible to schedule an extra cleaning service to occur on the 3rd day after check-in for a determined reservation. At this time this has to be applied reservation by reservation, but we are looking into further automating the function by adding it to the Extras section.

You can now also specify a provider for each service provided. This allows you, for example, to assign each cleaning service to a specific person.

To help you take full advantage of this update, we have expanded the Cleaning and Services report, adding fields and filters for the date of the service as well as the provider.

Updates to the Customers list

We have added new fields showing address, post code and state/province.

Updates to the Occupancy by Day report

The report now shows only the guests effectively staying at a given accommodation on the dates selected.

Editing of Terms & Conditions. Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy

You can now edit these to meet your specific requirements.

Additional improvements

  •   We have made some improvements to the template editing system: it is now easier to modify and customize the documents generated by the program including vouchers, invoices etc.
  • Faster Reports generation.
  • The user signature editor has been improved: it’s now easier to customize the signatures of each user of the system, improving personalization of system-generated emails and documents.

We hope these improvements will help you bring in a happy and highly productive 2015!