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Short-Term Rental Events of 2019

Now that we are close to the end of the year it’s time to look back and see all the amazing Vacation Rental Events that we have had the opportunity to attend, and also held, during the past 2019.

Events that have given us the chance to share knowledge and experiences with our partners and customers. Unique occasions to network, build strong partnerships, generate new opportunities and,  most importantly, empower the Vacation Rental Industry.



This 2019 FITUR celebrated its 39th edition with 10.487 companies from 165 countries, 142,642 professionals attendees and 110.848 visitors. 

A unique event in which we had the opportunity to be present as one of the most innovative companies in the industry. A few days during which we were able to show our robust technology with our latest developments, talks, workshops with leading partners and portals.




BIT MILAN 2019 - Vacation Rental Events

We didn’t miss the chance to attend the world-known fair, Fiera Milano, and present all our innovations at this event that reunited 1,300 exhibitors from 72 countries and 46,000 visitors from 128 different countries. Also, all the attendees had the occasion to listen and talk with some guest portals and participate in our informative session about our Channel Manager PRO and the major challenges of the industry in 2020.


Short Stay Show London


We made the most of this one day event in which participated more than 1.000 visitors. An excellent opportunity to support the host of the short-term rental event, the Short Term Accommodation Association (STAA) and show commitment to empower the Vacation Rental businesses in the UK.


ITB Berlin (International Tourism Berlin)


This year that is about to end, brought us an important partnership with ICEX (The Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade) which gave us the chance to attend once again the ITB Berlin. A significant fair that provided us the possibility to show our software to more than 100.000 professionals from 180 countries and 6 continents.


BTL (Bolsa Turismo Lisboa)


BTL Lisbon Avantio 2019

Alongside ALEP – Associação do Alojamento Local em Portugal, we support the current promising growth of the Vacation Rental businesses in Portugal. 

The BTL (Bolsa Turismo Lisboa) short-term rental event was the perfect occasion to show it!  With our team presenting the software and its features and our round table with ALEP and 8 key leaders of the Vacation Rental market from Portugal, it was a great success. 


Florida VRM XTravaganza


As a global company, we could not be absent from the Florida VRM Xtravaganza Fair! 

Our US Team proudly presented the system and the robust company behind it. A powerful software backed up, not only by an important technical team but also by a caring and efficient support team. 


VRMA, New Orleans (Vacational Rental Management Association)


The VRMA in the USA is an important referent in the sector. 

Our USA Team joined by our CEO and some European Team Members enjoyed this event full of networking, talks, informative sessions, etc. Another incredible chance to show our system and the real meaning of native compatibility.




In October we were proud to be sponsors of the VITUR SUMMIT in which our Head of Business Development, Paul Castro, talked about the VR Tendencies. 

VITUR 2019 - Vacation Rental Events

It was a great occasion to share knowledge with other stakeholders of the industry and continue supporting the Spanish vacation rental sector.


WTM, London (World Travel Market)


Once again, this past year we had the opportunity to continue to strengthen the Vacation Rental business in the UK through our presence at the WTM. Three days in which we had the pleasure to talk with some of our clients and also show Avantio to more than 50.000 professionals. 


RENT, Paris (Real Estate and New Technologies)


One of the lasts stops of the year was Salon Rent in Paris. An exclusive event in which we had the opportunity to show all our 2019 developments both at global and national levels.


The Avantio Partnership 2019


The Avantio Partnership 2019 - Vacation Rental Events

The last, but of course, not the least, we want to do a special mention to our Avantio Partnerships. 

The short-rental events included Informative sessions, debates, talks, networking and special moments shared between our customers, our partners, and our team. 

Continue learning and growing together is the essence of the business. That is why the upcoming year, and decade, is coming full of new Short-Term Rental Events that we cannot miss, and of course share with all the people involved in this sector.




Again, this year, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity of taking part in the 40º anniversary of this global event.

  • Date: From 22nd to 26th of January
  • Meet Avantio: Pavilion 10, stand 10F20




  • Date: From the 9th to 11th of February


ITB Berlin


  • Date: From 4th to 8th of March
  • Meet Avantio: Stand 106 – Pavilion 6.1


BTL Lisbon


  • Date: From 11th to 15th of March
  • Meet Avantio: Stand 3F15 – Pavilion 3


Short Stay Show London


  • Date: 12th of March
  • Meet Avantio: Stand 33


European VRMA Lisbon


  • Date: From 15th to 17th of March
  • Meet Avantio: Market Place #2


VRMA International Conference


  • Date: From 18th to 21st of October




  • Date: From 6th to 7th of November




  • Date: From 4thto 6th of November
  • Meet Avantio: Stand #43

As Henry Ford said: “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” Therefore, we invite you to participate with us on this new amazing year full of short-term rental events, because every step of the way counts to build together a strong Vacation Rental Business.

Stay tuned! We’ll be updating the list in the following months. So, don’t miss out on our packed calendar 2020 full of new and exciting opportunities to empower together the Vacation Rental Industry!