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Update July 2017: Avantio has been growing and adapting to the needs of our customers for over 16 years, evolving each year, to make improvements and seek excellence in both the provision of Vacation Rental Management Software and the care of vacation rental agencies using it.

Avantio has always opted for a customer service structure adapted to the real needs of our customers, providing a B2B service in real time, from Monday to Friday in uninterrupted hours from 9am to 6pm (CEST). Due to international expansion and the high number of new customers using the Vacation Rental Management Software, Avantio has reviewed its internal structure, to evolve and improve it.

New Customer Service in Avantio

In 2015 there were 4 people in technical support and two engineers responsible for connectivity, taking care of customer service and managing communication. In 2017 we have decided to expand the Customer Service team to 8 people + 4 engineers in connectivity, for the vacation rental channel manager support and developments. Avantio now has a much superior team in the number of operators and specialized support. Since June 1 2017, the new Avantio Customer Service team has 12 members, comprised of more than 5 different nationalities and 9 languages, including French, English, Portuguese, Italian and German, and our customers are attended by native speakers.

To give a better attention to our customers, we have created 4 new areas of customer service and new services to meet the needs in an organized way. The Avantio Customer Service department will be composed of the following sections;

  • Communication and Telephone / Email and Chat
    • This section responsible for responding to customers on a daily basis, will investigate the different issues and work to resolve any incidents raised by the customers, except for system bugs or failures that will be attended to by the team of technicians within the department
  • Onboarding: To connect new customers, develop new web pages and connections in our Channel Manager.
    • This section is newly created, although it incorporates in it the existing team who coordinate the development of the new Avantio websites. From this new section of Onboarding we will give training to new clients and we will organise all theoretical and practical needs required to connect to new portals and channels through the Avantio Channel Manager.
  • Technical issues and technical reports.
    • Technical incidents and / or technical reports usually require more time for analysis and resolution, so this section will have 3 specialized engineers whose mission will be to try to resolve technical issues in less than 24 hours.
  • After sales service and activation of new products.
    • This section will respond to the needs of existing customers who want to contract new products or require commercial information about a product.

We have put these changes in place to reduce the management time and resolution of incidents, requests for information, activation of channels, new products etc.

Together with the restructuring of this department, we are also developing a new online help and information platform. We have started a comprehensive remodeling of the online help system for the day to day running of the vacation rental management software, incorporating new training techniques with video, screenshots and practical examples to encourage a greater understanding for our clients.

At Avantio, there is no additional charge for the support or training offered to our new customers – this service is included in the monthly fee. In order to preserve the quality and efficiency of our services, Avantio requires its customers to use this new service responsibly and adequately, since the final objective is to optimize the resources and provide a timely service to our customers. We are sure that together with the collaboration of our customers, we will be able to continue to provide a high quality of customer service and that we will optimize the resources, to provide the best service to our customers.

July 2014: We have introduced some changes to improve the quality of our customer service, which is one of the most important points for Avantio.

New assistance management system

All email inquiries remain registered and we are committed to respond in a short period of time. Also, when you submit a query or issue, you will receive an email with a case number. This number will allow us to track in a better way your query and streamline the customer service. Support inquiries can be made by mail to  or filling the form contact.

Chat for direct attention

We also remind you that you have a chat service at your disposal, in which the technical service can connect to your computer if it is necessary. Chat is accessible at the top of and directly from our vacation rental software.

Satisfaction surveys 

From now on we will send satisfaction surveys randomly after an incident or request, to learn more about the status of our management and to incorporate further improvements.

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