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The Importance of Reviews

What do you think? Is Rating a good feature for both Guest and Host?

Reviews are extremely important on Airbnb. Having good reviews will increase the number of bookings you get as a host and increase the chances of you getting accepted by a host if you are a guest looking for an Airbnb. Take a look below to discover the importance of reviews.

The importance of reviews on Airbnb

How reviews work?

After each stay, hosts and guests have the opportunity to review one another. Both parties  have 14 days following checkout to write a review, which remains hidden until both host and  guest have submitted their reviews. After that, the reviews are published on the guest’s profile  and host’s listing and profile pages. 

Reviewing guests 

Leaving a review for your guests is a chance to show your gratitude and provide helpful  feedback—it also reminds them to review you. This might help you increase guest reviews  for your listings.

● Don’t wait for the review—stay in touch with guests and ask for feedback early so you  can resolve any issues.

● View less-than-perfect reviews as opportunities to improve your listing or hosting style.

Why should every host strive to gain a five-stars rating?


Creating trust is one of  the hardest components to be achieved. Not to mention that as a host you’re accepting a stranger to your door while a traveler is entering a completely foreign place, so thanks to the rating systems, now trust can be built based on the real experiences, comments from guests and the response of the host.


No one in the entire world likes the feeling of being cheated. Having an accurate delivery of products and services definitely is able to boost the trust for both parties. Hosts are able to judge a guest based on the review from the other hosts. While the guests are able to make their decision based on the ratings that previous guests provided.

Reliability And Credibility

When it comes to purchasing things, no buyer would want to procure a product that has a rating of less than 3.2 out of 5, but if any product has a rating of more than 4,2 or 4.5, he will obviously get inclined to that item.

The same is the case for the Airbnb business. You can upload the best pictures of your place and write a good listing, but if your rental has low Airbnb ratings, then you will have a hard time scoring bookings of your rental home.

Having high ratings means your previous guests have enjoyed their stay and your services and amenities are exemplary. Similarly, your low ratings depict that your place isn’t as much of a top-notch as you have described in your listing and shown in pictures. This can affect the credibility of your listing in the long run.


Airbnb grants a superhost status to those hosts that have successfully gathered a 5-star Airbnb rating and have 80% positive reviews. This status will be visible in the form of a badge on your listing.

For many people, vacation trips are special, and they don’t want any hustle when they are enjoying their time. Therefore, many guests tend to choose superhosts only because they are confident that they will offer the best place to stay and exceptional services. Least to say, superhosts are the most reliable hosts on Airbnb.

What is the Response Rate on Airbnb? 

Improve your Airbnb Response Rate and ensure your success 

Response rate is one of the most crucial areas for success on Airbnb and one of those elements  that can help you boost your listings’ search placement, resulting in more exposure and higher  visibility, that’ll potentially increase the number of views and bookings your listing. 

Response rate on Airbnb measures how quickly you respond to guest inquiries. It’s the  percentage of new guest inquiries you responded to within 24 hours in the past 30 days.

What to do to improve your response rate? 

If a guest sends you an inquiry—a question, or any kind of message via Contact Host, always  make sure to respond to that first inquiry within 24 hours to maintain your response  rate % high, and remember that fast responses to your guest throughout the conversation are  key for good reviews. 

Responses to guests’ initial message after 24 hours count as a late response, which will  decrease your response rate and increase your response time.  

Your response rate isn’t affected by follow-up messages between hosts and guests. You don’t  have to send the final message in a conversation to maintain your response rate. 

Please check your response rate on Airbnb and work towards improving it, if needed. You can  find your response rate here. 

Reviews and ratings are crucial in the vacation rental business. They help both the hosts and guests know about each other, their reliability, and credibility.

Giving your property off to a stranger is something that needs trust. Similarly, when you are in a foreign place, you would want to stay at a safe and trustworthy place. Airbnb ratings help to build up the trust between hosts and guests and show them what others have experienced dealing with them.

If you want to boost your Airbnb occupancy rate, make sure to respond in a conscientious way and stay in direct communication with your Airbnb guests. If past and future guests see that you actually care, it will make all the difference on your

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